Tuesday, October 12, 2010


You know, everytime I look at this blog...i just can't find the inspiration to blog about anything. Sigh! It always happens. haha.

So, here's a quick update!

I'm currently on my semester break and I'm back in KL. (yay!) but unfortunately, it is going to end soon. =(
But this is life and we all have to move on so i'm not gonna complain about it. Before I know it, i'll be on my next sem break!

My exam results for my Semester 1 is going to be out anytime now. Not feeling too good about it. I just pray that I pass! If I fail, i'm going to be devasted. Will have to repeat the whole subject. omg.

At the moment, I'm happy...but i'm also not at the same time. It's like a mix of a lot of things actually. sigh...if only things weren't so complicated. But as long as I know I have God guiding me and my loved ones & close friends to encourage/support me, i am contented.

Okay, i've got nothing else to say. and this post is REALLY short... =\


Till the next post,

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I am in misery!

No...i'm not literally in misery. I just like THIS song;


Finals are 3 weeks away. *yikes!* and I haven't made much progress in my revision plan yet. =\
Hmmm okay...what did i want to talk about...

Oh yes.

I am going to Penang! =D
Having a vacation with my family and we're gonna stay there for 3 days and 2 nights. Boy it has been a while since we actually went for a get away trip. I'll be taking a bus up there though..because the air tickets are much more expensive now as compared to the time when my dad booked the tickets. So yeah...they'll be flying and i'll be ridin' solo. But it's alright! Ridin' solo is good, especially when you're on an adventure. =)

The weirdest, most unusual and annoying thing happened at my apartment today. So here I was practicing guitar in my room, and suddenly this...cina beng techno tune started blasting from the front of my apartment...ringing a lot of bells when I heard it.

YEAH...and they were blasting that at full volume.
Apparently, Digi was having this sort of "on the go" roadshow...where there's the truck and Digi cars with promoters going around to promote Digi. After getting almost everyone's attention around the block, a lot of people including myself, Andrew and Kee Ming who were at home found it VERY...annoying and it was disturbing the peace in the neighbourhood. Then some dude started talking through the microphone and started promoting Digi in mandirin.

1. Don't come into a residential area and start blasting lousy techno music at FULL blast to the point where we can't really hear ourselves talking because you may be disturbing people whom are trying to get some rest, like Andrew Tan.

2. Don't speak only in mandirin because that shows how insensitive you are towards your other customers who do not understand what you are talking about, plus you're only adding to the noise.

3. Why on earth are you coming to a residential area to promote Digi? Go to the shopping malls or do it somewhere else with a crowd that's ready to approach you regarding your promotion. Just because your target market is focused on students doesn't mean that EVERYONE staying here are students.

Worse part was...they didn't wanna leave. The guy was still talking and talking for like a good 10-15mins? Guess what I did lol.

Oh well, an eye for an eye...a tooth for a tooth.
Okay...maybe I exaggerated a bit about Andrew with the "xD" face...but he laughed so yeah...ALMOST accurate la yeah. haha.

It was REALLY loud lol. Speakers were at max volume, but the volume on my netbook was just 70%. Shortly after blasting music from our apartment for like 2 minutes, they turned off their awful techno tune and remain silent until they left haha...serves them right for disturbing the peace here. =]

Other than that!
My day has been pretty good. Had a gastric attack again just now before I ate dinner though...sigh. Don't really know what's wrong with me recently. It's like my stomach CANNOT wait at all! Maybe it's because I had my dinner at 6.30pm yesterday. =\

Last Sunday, I had a gastric attack while I was sleeping at night too. it was pretty bad, couldn't stand at all. Had to sit down and endure the pain while I ate something to feel better. I ate all my meals that day, but i don't know why i still suffered gastric. Probably didn't eat enough during dinner.

But all is good! Ate two plates of nasi lemak for dinner just now so yeah, no more gastric. =)

My bed is calling me.
Goodnight peeps!
Till my next update. =]

P.S: Please leave a piece of yourself in the chatbox so that I know who is reading my blog or dropped by. thx! =)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

With great love, comes great understanding.

Hey readers!

Sorry for the sort of wordless/story-less/no-point-in-posting-at-all recent posts. I have been busy with my assignments and mid term tests. But i'm glad to announce that I'm totally free from it now! =D woot!

Alright I've got some good news, and some bad news.

Good news!

I did very well for my Quantitative Techniques Test 2 this afternoon! It's a maths subject so i didn't expect to do so well. But i guess I don't really suck at maths if I just sit down and try to understand the thing. Luckily, I had answers to my tutorials so it made my studying process easier.

I'm going back to KL next week! =D
Gosh it has been so long since i've been home...like...1 month? haha! But i love my home...i miss my family, and i miss my friends. So who cares what you think? =P

My hair doesn't look so terrible now since it has grown longer..... =D....
Well it's good news for me.

Bad News!


I'm in the May intake, and it seems that ALL the January intake applicants got the loan. This is some unfair S**T!

Apparently, a lot of my friends who applied for the loan this intake DIDN'T get the loan as well. Word has it that the government has decided to be more strict and strip off student privileges of earning a place to study higher education at a less burdening situation.

Okay, other than that...I'm a free bird at the moment. When I come back from KL i'm going to be stuck in a cage again and that is when my finals are 4 weeks away. AWESOME. ok i'm tired.

Gdnite people.