Friday, February 29, 2008


I was surfing the Internet just now...and look what I came across...made me LOL-ed. XD


I found another one as well just shortly after I posted the first one...haha...sorry to all "L" fans... but this is hilarious...


Sighs, well...I gtg to work at 2pm...its 11.53am now...hmm...won't wanna waste time...IMA GO GAMING! =D

Well...see ya guys. =)

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Ok, I'm sitting right in front of them computer right now with my guitar...coz i'm about to record a song which I composed...(let's see if it works out...=S)

Well, the day started off pretty well...woke up in the morning, then I went to my driving institution...drove on the test road like loads of times...then my driving instructor told me...
"Come, this time...YOU DRIVE HOME." I was like..."OMG?", "WTF?", "ROFL?", "LMAO?", "MEOW?", "WOOF?"...Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you got my point...(I annoy people =D)

It was a bit scary at first...coz all the other cars were like so damn I didn't know the Perling road so well...but of course my instructor guided me along the way la...So, everything went pretty well...except for the parts where my instructor just couldn't stop making me panic...LOL. Don't you just hate it when you're about to do something that the person wants you to do but IN THE END the other person ends up doing it? He practically turns the wheel and brakes for passenger seat has a emergency brake. He'll be like..."Ahh...ok now here turn...*turns the wheel for me* that...OK SLOW DOWN....*presses brake for me* ah like that...
(as good as not driving) haha....

So...I just drove until the JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan) office...then after that he drove. Coz he had to renew some licenses...
Well, I guess you don't get to do everything until you get your license...that's the way it is...for our own good...But when I DO get my license...hehe...


Well, I guess this is all I have to say at the moment...time to make my song work...

Driving Today...

*Yawn* Tired but i'm still online at 1.37am 28/02/2008. LOL.
I'll have to wake up at 7am later...and get ready by 8am...OMG i'm such a no lifer...
Anyways, ima go sleep now...coz i'll have to do my driving lessons later. So...just posting what's coming up next...=)

(Lazy to talk about what happened yesterday(27/02/2008)...haha...)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hey guys, just a quick post coz i'm like REALLY eyes are about to ball out of my *Hmm...why is it that I am always tired? =S*

National Service is on the 19th of March for the second batch...Yes...for those who didn't know I was chosen...I'm telling you now that I was chosen for National Service. YES, I know what question you are going to ask next.....


YES, I can read your mind....I KNOW what you're thinking of asking next...


There you go. =)
Anyways, I'm leaving two parts of my life in JB soon.
1. 10th of March I'm leaving SONY...=(
This is due to my duty call to NS...(sucks man...) So I have to resign and stop earning pocket money...sighs...

2. I'm leaving JB and everything I have in JB.
This due to OBVIOUSLY National Service, and I just got the letter yesterday...and there were like...tons of forms to fill in...what a bummer...*I hate filling forms. Hehehehe...*

So, I'll see you guys in 3 months time starting from 19th March. I'LL MISS YOU ALL...=(
When I come back, i'll be transformed into ONE, TOUGH, HUNK.
Lol. Right now if I stare at people to scare em off, they'll laugh and come beat me up or something. But after NS, I don't even have to stare at them! =D Just look for like 1 sec they'll go....AHHHH!! DON'T HIT ME!! Kekekekeke...XD
Plus, i'll be able to fire a Colt M16 to all who pissed me off better watch out...hehehehe..........when I come look for you...I might....JUST......."bang"...

"Hey! Remember me? I'm Benson, I'm the guy who got his pants pulled down by you in public."
"Umm, oh yea...HI...sorry about that...I found it funny though, HAHAHA...whoa, nice gun..."
"Really? Thanks. Well, I found it funny too...haha...hang on I....I...need to..."
"Whoa dude, don't point that thing at me man..."
"DUDE, get that thing out of my way man!"

Rofl. Kidding....=P
Where am I going to find a Colt M16 ANYWAYS? haha...(maybe I'll get the Super Soaker Replica of it...)

WELL, I guess that's all I have to post for tonight...
See you guys in a bit.
Which would be tomorrow. XD
Cya. =)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh ya! I remember now!

Guys guys, remember I mentioned a song in one of my posts not too long ago? The annoying fished up song? YEA...I know who sang it.

Song title is "New Soul".

Don't ever ever listen to that to the max.
You can if you want to...but you'll be wasting like 3 minutes of your life listening to it...LOL.

K that's all.

Jusco blacked out?


Well, first and foremost...GOOD LUCK TO ALL SPM STUDENTS. Ahhhhhh...wait, that refers to me...=\ *yikes~!*

Good news one of my previous posts...I said spm results were to come out end of this month...or something like that...BUT GUESS WOT, "The Star" newspaper reported that results are expected to come out on 12th March. (yay~) So...all don't panic...YET. XD
Thanks to Philip for the info. =)

So, anyways...I started work early today as I was morning shift. When I reached the store...did everything I usually have to do...clean everything that is glass (glass table and some glass platforms) with glass cleaner spray, turn on all the TVs, players and etc. Then after finishing my normal routine, Bryan asked me to help him clear and tidy up the store room. Bryan is my colleague/senior in my workplace. He's a nice guy, haha.

So after clearing up a little bit here and there, I decided to finish off what Patrick asked me to help him do few days ago...which was arrange the serviced items with their respective reciepts. Btw, Patrick is also my colleague/senior...and YES...he's a nice guy too. XD

The reciepts were like kinda messed up all over and were not in when customers come to redeem their serviced products, we sometimes have trouble finding the reciept...=S (not good to make the customer wait.)

While I was half-way finishing the last few items...suddenly my surroundings got a little dark..I thought it was just the store room lights, but then I noticed the mp4 that plays in our shop also stopped. So, OBVIOUSLY...something wasn't right. The ENTIRE Jusco blacked out. (kinda interesting actually...)

Few seconds after everything got dark...I could hear some voices from outside our store going...WOOO~~~!! WOI~~~!! WHOA~~~~~~~ which I find very normal as a Malaysian. Basically, Malaysians would just like to over exaggerate even the simplest of other words..."create a storm in a teacup." Right after that, my Manager (Alvin) asked all of us to come to the shop front to guard the entrance. Because in cases like these, shopkeepers are afraid of customers sneaking into their shops and steal anything they can, which happened before. I mean cmon, it so can barely see anything until Jusco turns on the emergency lights.

It was a bit scary being in total darkness for a few seconds...but somehow, I felt that this would be a good experience for me. I mean, how many people actually gets to be in a shopping complex which blacks out in the middle of business hours? I actually thought very carefully about this matter...and my conclusion was...: "If the particular person was in the right place at the right time...HE COULD DO ANYTHING..." If I were that person, I would wanna be in Converse or some expensive shop. (except SONY, for crying out loud...I work there! lol) Maybe I could borrow a few pair of shoes...or maybe 2 guitars or something...haha...XD. I would return it though...hehe...

No seriously...I would...



Owh cmon...I WOULD~~!!!

So yea, black out...everything was dark...stood outside SONY for like 30 mins....then we were back in business...=)

So basically...that was just the highlight of my day...haha. Work was boring as usual. Also have to do the same thing...but one customer made me LOL-ED though...There was this customers who wanted to buy a portable speaker for his handphone because he needed something to amplify his handphone. But the problem was, he never told us the speaker was for his phone.

SONY portable speakers are like mainly just for convenience, not sound quality...and the model that he bought was really not suitable for his criteria...IT IS LIKE...REALLY SOFT...LOL.

RM 79.00

When we wanted to open it and test it for him...he said, "Nevermind, I want to test myself..." So we just opened it for him...and he suddenly took out his handphone...(Sony Ericsson Walkman Model) and plugged the speakers into the handphone jack...and played a chinese song. When we (Me, Patrick and another colleague called Guo Sen) heard the volume...we couldn't help but giggle in our hearts...

The stupid part was...when he heard the volume at its maximum level...he started looking for a volume lever on the speaker...At that point we couldn't help but smile REALLY wide...we were at the brink of an out bursting laughter...We already explained everything to the customer before he bought it...we told him you control the volume of the speaker from the device it is attached to...but he still looked for a volume lever on the speaker....

Then came the worst part.............
He took out the speaker from the handphone jack.
The volume of the handphone speaker was 10 TIMES louder than the portable speaker...and he was like...still looking at his handphone...puzzled at why it suddenly became so loud...(He didn't adjust the volume from the time he bought the handphone) So upon discovering the volume button on his phone right at that moment...his expression told us..."Oh shit...I never knew that..." So he took the speakers, placed it in the paper bag...and left...with a waterfall of regret pouring over him. Poor guy...RM79 gone just like that...=\

Right after he left...we had a good time LOL-ing...couldn't stop for about 5 mins...haha...
So this shows how uneducated some people terms of technology...
Sighs...well...I guess this long post just took enough time from me to finish up my day...
I'll take my leave now.
Till the next time...
Nite all. =)

Friday, February 22, 2008

What a tiring day... so most probably one of the most tiring days I've ever been through. My feet is feeling weak and tired...(and most probably to check for me? XD) My body feels like a wilting plant...but thankfully my brain, eyes and fingers are moving~! =D

Anyways, what happened basically was really hectic and rushing...
First off, lets start with yesterday. I came back home from an afternoon shift from my workplace (SONY @ Tebrau City incase you never knew) at around 11pm. So when I finished eating and taking my bath, I suddenly remembered that Melissa (my elder sis) asked me to play the guitar for her tomorrow morning in her school for Christian Fellowship. But sadly, I was more interested in my game than knowing the songs for the next FORGOT AGAIN. Rofl.

I was busy playing WoW (World of Warcraft) at around 12.30am later that night when suddenly Mel came in the comp room and told me..."EH, you are playin for me tomorrow but you don't even know the songs yet..." I was like...WOKAY...O_O

So after forgetting twice, I knew I couldn't neglect the responsiblity I accepted. So...played the guitar at around 1am in Mel's room until I got all the chords right. *SIGH* By the time i was done, it was 1.30am.

So in the end, I woke up at 6+am, left house at 7.05am, and travelled all the way to Mel's school, SMK Dato Jaafar. =\

When I got there, it was not really what I expected it to be...I thought they will have it in a hall or something...was afraid that I might have to strum like mad just so the guitar is loud and clear. But turns out it was just in a classroom which was pretty full. =)
So anyways, finished the whole thing at about 7.56am, then I had to take a bus to work...coz mel couldn't fetch me. (she had school...LOL.) So she fetched me to the bus stop.

When I got on the bus, the time seemed a little bit too early...I start work at 9.30am, so...I mean...WHO WOULDN'T go back home first? Besides, I was carrying the guitar since my sister didn't wanna take care of it. SO, I went home. And guess what happened...

Fell asleep.... =_=
In the end, late for work. @.@
SO weird right? Wake up so damn early but can't even make a 9.30am schedule. I'm so pathetic. XD

So...the rest of the day was just boring because NORMALLY, SONY would be packed with tons of customers on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. Hmmm...maybe they forgot to come? =S
On top of that, the whole day was so annoying because there's this stupid song that keeps playing in my workplace..."New Soul" by dunno who the fish...its like REALLY kiddish...with a REALLY kiddish beat and melody. I was like listening to "Stop & Stare" by One Republic...nice song so I started singing along. (everyone in my workplace has this habit...XD)

Then suddenly when song finished...the fished up song play *nice moment was gone*. DON'T EVER LISTEN TO THAT SONG. It sucks so bad...

Sighs, although I came back home and rest...I still feel super duper tired...well...I'm working afternoon shift I can sleep a little bit late...=)

Yawn, i'm getting sleepy haha...need to play games! =D
Well, i'll blog next time guys...
Cya~! =P

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Got A Haircut. =)

Was on the way back from work at around 7pm...
Then I looked in my dad's Volvo's rearview mirror...
My hair kinda its long and niceee....but it was like totally out of shape and I looked
I definitely like what Nelson did with my hair...(He's the hair stylist) What makes it even better is I only pay RM10 everytime I go there...haha...
Now I look better in this hair compared to my previous hair, its uh...more sophisticated...XD

I'll upload a pic some other time...really can't find much time to do anything these days...
Everything is so hectic...

In other news...
Pls pray for me I really need it....sighs...I'm so nervous...=\

Well, I gtg eat now...
I'll post some other time...if I find the time that is...haha.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day.

Basically, all I did for Valentine's Day was...
1. Wake up early in the morning to do my car license theory.
2. Online till 8pm.
3. Watch CJ7 at Tebrau City with friends and elder sis.
4. Blog. that I think about it...that kinda sucks...=S
Didn't really turn out the way I wanted it...
Oh well, Happy Valentine's Day to all.
It's late here, gotta go sleep.
Cya. =)

This pic is to remind noobs not to ask stupid questions.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Going to work now...

TheChroniclesOf....uhh...its just a post.

Argh, I gave up blogging 4 years ago...cant believe im coming back to this shit...
IM TOO EMO... @@
Im just bored...
Well, seems nice to type a lot of stuff to release stress...
Its like a really good exercise for fingers or something.
Its looks fun though...coz u can like put your own title everytime u make a post...
I mean look at mine...=)
I took so much time thinking of wht title to put....
And look at how simple it became in the end.
Stunning simplicity.
Well...this would be my very first post on blogspot, hope all of you who are reading this have a great day ahead. Cya.