Monday, April 28, 2008

26th April.

Hmm, the outing with the "Ong sisters" didnt really went as planned...
Turns out that Kimmy got the wrong info...the match ended at 2pm. (LOL) I waited for them (late as usual...haha) inside the school...feeling thrilled and excited, I looked around me. And strangely...the atmosphere in the school was as if something was JUST over...I was a little puzzled. Then suddenly, one guy came up to me and asked in Mandarin:

"Who are you waiting for?"
"Uhh, my friends.*smiles*" I said.
"For what?"
"A volleyball match..." I replied.
"Oh...ic ic...*starts to giggle*"
"Why?" I asked.
"'s just that...oh nvm...just keep waiting, BYE!" dashes out the school.

Now I know what the bugger meant...such an idiot. Didn't had any courtesy of telling me that the match was over. Stupid asswipe.

Well anyways, Kim and Karyn FINALLY arrived. And they were waiting outside...then they told me..."The match is already over."
I was like..."DOT...DOT...DOT..." not that I said it outloud...*sheesh*
But after that, we decided to head on the Segi-empat Bandar (City Square) to hang out. Didn't turn out to be a different way to hang out with friends after all. HAHA. But who cares, had fun hanging out with them. We watched a movie called "Over Her Dead Ass"...oh it her dead ass or...OH! Yes, yes! It's "Over Her Dead Body". Baday. Isn't that how they pronounce it? She's got a fat BADEY...or is it Baday? OMG. I'm being so lame. Forgive me's like 12.23am and I've got my JPJ test tomorrow...i'm going nuts. Depression......UGH.

So after the movie, the girls went window shopping...and I followed them without making any noise...being the good quiet guy who does not interupt girl's while they're are shopping. hehe. But of course I did try to look for a bday gift for Mel...(my elder sis) but didn't find anything suitable. But then I finally did...but Bossini has an issue with sizes...their Medium is like Large, and their Large is like XL...its really an indirect insult. Because by doing this, they're trying to say that...we'll get fat later on or..."Malaysians nowdays are we created sizes which would fit fat people..." But...the problem is...I'M NOT FAT! Plus, they didnt even have "S" size...
I wonder what they're gonna say next...
"Oh, everyone's so fat right now...that there are no "S" sizes! HAh! It's a fashion revolution! So!"
Damn you bossini. I'll never buy your shirts ever again. EVER. Big ass sizes...

So after that, Joanne came along for a while...and after that she had to go...oh well, at least I got to talk to her a little. Guess she got bored of window shopping. LOL.
Then after doing loads of weird and considerably funny stuff, I had to go...=(
Band practice at 7, so I left the girls at around 6.40pm.
Sighs, will miss you both very much! Had fun eating Mcd's ice-cream with yall. At the tall table...thingy...with the tall chair...and....uhh...hmm...umm...

Friday, April 25, 2008

I Heart Paramore...


JPJ test coming up.

Haha...yes people...Benson is back from NS again...but this time...

I'm here for ONE entire week! *wootz*

I'm pretty happy that I actually got my holiday request approved by the commander of the camp...1 week sial...that's like a 1 month holiday for all of the NS candidates...(they'd do anything to get a holiday) =)

So I came back here on the 23rd of April, and I'm leaving on the 29th. And today is already the 25th...sighs...time flies. Well, ever since I got back here...all I ever did was just hang out at home, play the comp, got to hang out with Gopi (we went to our previous school to get some stuff done for our college applications) and basically...that was it. Only this morning I went for one last driving lesson with Mr.Kee *driving instructor* for my JPJ test which is on the 29th. And that was the excuse I used to get my 1 week hol. MWAHAHAHA...

I definitely feel more confident driving now...didn't used to be so sloppy...but my back kept aching non-stop during my lesson...long story on how I hurt my back. But anyways, it happened in camp. Old injury triggered again and I played futsal...ROFL. Stupid thing to do...tore my muscle or something...(according to the medic) So after driving for a good 3 hours...Mr.Kee asked me to drive back home. (hehe..) =D

I just hope I pass my JPJ test...coz I really really don't wanna retake the stupid test again. Moreover waste my time...and $$$. Please pray for me...really need it. =)

Well I guess this is all I have to say for today...
Oh oh! wait, forgot to say that I'm going to a volleyball match with the Ong sisters (Karyn & Kimberley) tomorrow at Foon Yew 1. Hmm, I guess its something new we could do besides going to a shopping mall and spend money...(like we normally do XD) shld be interesting...right Kim/Karyn? =P

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm on holiday...Wee~

3 days long...=)
NS wasn't what I expected it to be...
It can be torturing during the 1st-2nd week.
But it gets better...
Lots of things you do in NS can't be done in the outside world.
Apart from being BALD.
NS is actually quite an interesting experience...
I'm lazy to blog ade...haha.
I'm off.