Friday, May 23, 2008

Trying to adapt here...

Sorry for not updating for such a long time...have been busy with stuff. Anyways, here's the trip from JB to KL, and from KL to my University Orientation. =)

19th May 08
Left home(JB) in the evening with Kah May, my Auntie and her boyfriend. Arrived KL at around 11pm.

20th May 08
Woke up pretty early which was about...8am...and my orientation starts at 8.30am. lol. Dad was pretty pissed at me for waking up so late. When we arrived there, I went down the car and and headed to the block where the orientation was held. Didn't wait for Dad to come with me bcoz he was on the phone with his customer or boss...or colleague...but it was a pretty long conversation. The university wasn't really what I expected...the buildings were factory buildings and they were pretty old. But nevertheless, a University.

When I went in, I saw this really long que which continued all the way up the stairs till the highest floor. Honestly, I thought I was missing out a lot and had to wait at the back of the line. Suddenly there was this fat dude, he liked came out from the office...and he starts speaking loudly saying that on behalf of the university, they apologize for making all of them wait so long and bla bla bla...and that the registration today does not affect your acceptance at the University. It was just for confirmation and verification of documents. Was pretty relieved when I heard that. haha. Apparently, the university's WiFi system crashed at around 9am. So even if I did reach earlier, I would be waiting in the long line for nothing.

So I was in time for the Video presentation and the briefing/Introduction of the orientation. But few moments before that, I smsed Dad to tell him that I'm at the PC block which is further down the road from the building where he parked his car. Obviously, I wanted him to come to where I am, but suddenly he calls me and starts yelling at me asking where I am and why I never told him. (but I did) Plus he said some other stuff which really spoiled my mood...few minutes later, Dad came into the Uni. I saw him and obviously he saw me, but instead of approaching me to at least say something...he walked right pass me, despite the fact that I pat his shoulder to call him. When he left, he didn't even looked at me to say goodbye or good luck or whatever that parents would normally say when their children are going to further their studies. I wanted him to be happy or at the very proud of me on the first day I start my University. But he ignored me and just...left.

But even though that happened, I never ever stopped saying thank you to him for paying for my Uni fees and doing whatever it took for me to get into UTAR. Coming back to the orientation, it was...uhh, boring and somehow interesting at the same time. Some stuff they did were pretty lame. Normally I would expect the performances to be entertaining, but turns out that the speech that the Dean of Faculty and President of UTAR gave were more enjoyable. Weird huh? So later on, just took a taxi home...and practically that was it. Oh yea forgot to add, at night I went to the pasar malam with Kah May aka Celine aka my younger sister. K that's all.

21st May 08
The Uni had a Ice-breaking and telematch today. Really wanted to go, but I had no car...since Dad already went back home to JB, which means I would most definitely be late. Still, main objective was to get to University. Had some things to take care of. Woke up at around 6.50am. Decided to try out the bus routes to get to UTAR today. I never knew that the fare for RapidKL buses were so cheap. Just found out that if you buy a bus ticket for a certain type of bus, you can re-use that ticket for the entire day. That day I took 4 buses, but I only paid RM3. lol. Cool huh? But only applies for RapidKL buses. hehe. Tempatan bus tickets are RM1 and Utama buses are RM2. Uhh, its a little complicating to understand my explanation. Maybe you guys can try out the website lol.

So, I assumed that taking a bus wouldn't be so bad to get to my University. Well, I was wrong...haha. It's a really really long journey...bcoz the bus keeps stopping to pick people up, plus after getting down a bus, I'll have to wait for the other particular bus to arrive. To sum it all up, I need to take a Tempatan bus (T219) to get to Jusco which is in Kepong town, and then take a Utama bus (U86) which brings me from Jusco to One Utama, then from there I'll re-use the Utama ticket to take another Utama bus (U82) which heads toward KL central to get down at the Eastin Hotel which is in Petaling Jaya Section 17, and finally re-use the Tempatan ticket to take another Tempatan bus (T628/629) to get to UTAR. *gasp* Man...saying it all over again just makes me feel can roughly imagine what I went through...right? Pfffft~ Oh right, I forgot to mention that in the morning, the U86 bus will move at roughly 10km/h due to the unimaginably, long and winding KL morning traffic jam.

By the time I reached UTAR, I was around 3 hours late. Which means it took me 3 hours to get to UTAR. (OMGGGGGGGGGG~) So that was basically it. =)

22th May 08
Went to the bank with Amma today. (she's my grandmother) She wanted to update her bank book and also settle her ATM card problem. Turns out she forgot her pin number. lol. Then after that, ate Bah Kut Teh at a shop nearby the bank. And that was it. lol.

23th May 08
I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TODAY~~!! Well, I will...later. So basically this is how it has been for me ever since I came down to KL. Sighs, I just pray that God will set things right for me. Hopefully it will all turn out to be pretty good. Alright...I gtg.
Cya. =)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sighs...Goodbye JB.

Hey guys,
Today...I had a movie marathon with the "Ong siblings" (happy now Karyn?) at their house. It was fun la. Something different. And plus...they made me feel so at home I nearly fell asleep while watching the So lucky to have friends like em. =)
It was pretty cool because...we were like watching the movies in the attic...and its nice to be up there...haha. I know I'm like so jakon, but seriously...they have such a beautiful house. Couldn't be more perfect. I never had movie sessions in an attic before it was a first for me. Plus, aunty bought me "chicken rice" for lunch! That was so nice of her. (help me thank your mom Ryn/Kim for me!)

So after a few movies we were a little bit worn out, so we had a small pillow fight up in the attic...was lame but...better than watching "Shrek 2" all over again lol. Few moments later Shan Li (their little brother) tagged along. But left after a while bcoz it got boring...haha. Poor boy. Had to endure boredom for so long. Here are some snapshots I managed to take during the hang out at their "attic". *they're a little camera shy...=\*

The pillow is always a good protection system from cameras... a said...a good protection system.

Kim and Karyn concentrating very hard to understand what the movie is all about...

Poor Shan Li waking up from his beauty sleep. (Back to boredom Shan Li) *lol*

Then at around 5pm, I had to leave them. =( Coz had to go band practice. sighs. Will miss yall.

And yesterday...I had a game of futsal with my long lost classmates and my best friend (Gopi). Kinda like a farewell game for me...haha. Well here are some pictures of us.

From left to right, Richard, Marx, Me, Sanjeev, Jon, Gopi.

Man...I'm gonna miss you guys. The stupid things we did together in school. lol.

I'll miss you....JB. And everyone else family, friends...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm so stoked! =D

Why the title name?
1. I'm going to stay in KL starting 18th of May for my University studies. (can see my grandmum and younger sister)
2. I'm going to have a movie marathon with the Ong sisters at their house on this coming Sat.
3. I'm going to get my driving license on Thursday.

That's abt it for now. =D

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Happiest Day of My Life in a very long time... practically one of the happiest days of my life...never knew that good things could happen more than once in a day...


It happened so fast that I literally jumped for joy. LOL.
Well, I guess the best things in life come unexpectedly...=)
Alright, time to blog about what I have been going through during the past 1 month and 19 days.

The first day I got to my NS camp, I was a little weirded out because the environment there was unexpectedly....UNEXPECTED. lawl. I thought it was going to be this very ulu-ulu kind of place with the horrible smell of the fishes from the sea...turns out that it was a pretty civilized place. Well...enough buildings for it to be called civilized. So the bus dropped us off at the "Padang Kawad" beside the canteen aka "Padang Kawad B" for registration. All of us on the bus thought we could like relax for a while until everyone from different places arrived at the camp. Apparently, they like to do things really the moment the bus left...this old dude starts yelling..."WIRA DI SINI...WIRAWATI DI SINI...CEPAT, CEPAT!" We were like...what's wira? and what's wirawati? Puzzled and confused, we just stood there and pretend nothing happened...

So the old dude starts yelling again..."LELAKI SINI...PEREMPUAN SINI...CEPAT, CEPAT!" Only then all of us started All of us were divided randomly into 4 companies...namely Alpha, Bravo, Charlie & Delta. So, upon handing over our registration documents...we were required to answered a questionnaire prepared by the medical department of the camp. Too bad I didnt bring my camera there...if not, I would have taken a shot of the questionnaire...LOL. Yea, I know you guys can imagine what they asked asked me stuff like...
"Are you still a virgin?"
"Have you ever taken drugs"?
"Have you ever smoked"?
"Have you ever watched porn?"
"Does anyone of your parents have high blood pressure/heart diseases/cancer?" and etc etc...
It was a really short questionnaire, but everyone took at least 30 minutes to finish it up...It was very awkward to answer so many questions that I've never been asked before. Its like too much to handle all at once...a Mental Nuclear Bomb.

So after that, we were welcomed warmly *cough cough* by the TRAINERS/JURULATIH of the camp. It was soft and first. Then it got a little scary as they started shouting at everybody for no particular reason. I got scolded by them because I sneezed...isn't that a little harsh? TRUST ME PEOPLE. I've never been punished so badly in my entire life...and I've got to say...they are professionals at humiliating you in front of everybody. Every small mistake you make will cost you heavy judgement. One that I would never forget would be the time I touched the CPR dummy which was on stage 30 minutes before the CPR session started. I got an agonizing 10 push ups on the tar road. But in the end, we all figured out that they were doing this because they wanted to scare us...which was pretty much true. 3 weeks after that, the trainers were soft as *whispers* (I still don't like their cotton candy faces). =x

The classes that they organized for us were....OK. Sometimes boring and lame. Well, most of the time. After that, I got used to it. The name of the curriculum we were learning was Kelas CB Modul 1 & 2. The first module teaches you to know yourself and bring out the best in you as an individual. The second module teaches you to bring out the best in others. Most of the Malay & Chinese people in the camp didn't like the class...but somehow the Indians love it. I guess its the girls...XD

During the camp, I represented my company (DELTA) in the inter-camp level "Kayak and Raft" competition. I took part in the Kayak singles category and... we won. =)
Then I also took part in this "Obstacle Race" thingy in conjunction of "Open Day" for my camp. Painful, but fun.

1stly, you'll have to jump over a hurdle, then next you'll need to walk on this swinging plank attached to pillars called "Swinging Board". So this means the board will swing as you walk on it. (but I ran across it anyway. nothing happened) Then next, you'll have to climb a 6ft wall. And then you'll need to walk on this 6ft tall platform called the "Balance Walk". After you've jumped down from the platform, the next obstacle is the "Monkey Bars". Beneath the obstacle, there's a pond of if you fall while trying to get across...*splash* The next obstacle ALSO has a pond underneath it. Its called the "Tarzan Swing". Obviously, you'll have to hang on to a rope and swing from one point to another without falling into the water.

At my camp, the guys would normally finish the obstacle first...since we all don't have any problems with the 6ft wall, the Monkey Bars, and the Tarzan Swing. But apparently the girls do...LOL. Guys who just can't wait to see the girls fall into the pond would immediately rush to the Monkey Bars to wait and see. haha. (because this is normally where they fall in first) Only a few survived the pit of "Eternal Body Odour".

Next, you'll have to crawl into a tunnel and get out from the other side. Pretty much easy. For the girls, this will be the last obstacle. It's called the sand bunk. What you have to do is very simple. Crawl underneath a net of barb wires and get to the other side. But the catch is, you'll be crawling on top of a lot of sand. For the girls, it ends here...but for the guys...we have one last obstacle called "12ft wall". LOL. It's damn tall. Beats Yao Ming by 5 feet.(I think) Toughest obstacle among the lot. But I made it anyways. =) And right after our performance, a photographer from The Star newspaper took a few photos of us at the finish line of the Obstacle Race. A pretty awesome experience.

To sum it all up, NS is fun ONLY if you have friends there. You gain some knowledge and also a pretty awesome experience. Other than that, I personally hate the crap that the trainers gave all of us. Thank you for the unreasonable BUT reasonably painful punishments.

Well I guess this is basically what I have to tell...
There's a lot more...its not that I don't want to tell you guys! I'm saving it just incase another guy or gal asks me "HOW WAS NS?" for the 1924 googillion, katrillion, mufflion, jello-ion, shabadey shipeday..................*gasps* TIME.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Drummertech Is Back!

I'm back yall~~~~
Finally free from National Service. haha.
I felt a sense of relief when they approved my early release request...what's the excuse I gave? I told them i'm going to have to continue my studies in UTAR, PJ. But the thing is...I haven't even received the offer letter yet...ROFL.

Well, its pretty much a long story that i'll have to tell if I were to talk about my experience at National i'm supposed to be leaving for church now. Just thought I needed to update a little...(just so that you guys would know that i'm back for good, =D)

K i gtg...