Monday, August 18, 2008

Ahhh!!!! Finals are so near!!!

I'm like freaking out. My semester finals are like 2 weeks away...(and I still can come online to blog. zomgz)

This would most probably be my last post until my finals are over.
So, anyways.

Lee Chong Wei lost! =(
He didn't really give Lin Dan a fight...he practically gave it to Lin Dan... least Lee Chong Wei got a silver. =)
Better than nothing.

So previously, I've been hearing this particular song non-stop. It has been stuck in my head for days...
And again, I heard this song while I was driving in my car. But this time, I was driving from Amma's house to the Manjalara (is that how you spell it?) Park. Somewhere beside Kepong. Went there to calm my mind down due to the stress accumulated from studies and other stuff. Brought some expired food to feed the cute turtles in the pond there.
There was some bread, mooncake, biscuits, and crackers. (all expired fyi)

So anyways! The song the song! It was a pretty interesting song. Reminded me of Eminem. Consisted of BIG words in the lyrics, and they all relate. And the rapper delivered the song brilliantly. Plus, it had a rock band playing instead of hip-hop beats. Oh yeahs, had a trumpet player in it too!

The song I'm talking about is........
*drum rolls*
"Handle Bars" by "Flobots".
The lyris at the beginning was pretty weird. lol. I laughed silently when I heard em.
Really nice song. Go listen to it! *its already in my playlist*

And check out the video too. It's pretty much about two friends who went their seperate ways...and in the end, one of them became a really powerful icon in the business world, and slowly became president. (well, looks like president in the vid) And starts to do bad things...and this other friend tries to stop him. But in the end, dies. So...YEAH...pretty interesting.

Here it is. Enjoy. =)
"Handlebars" - Flobots

Lyrics:I can ride my bike with no handlebars
No handlebars
No handlebars

I can ride my bike with no handlebars
No handlebars No handlebars

Look at me, look at me
hands in the air like it's good to be
and I'm a famous rapper
even when the paths're all crookedy
I can show you how to do-si-do
I can show you how to scratch a record
I can take apart the remote control
And I can almost put it back together
I can tie a knot in a cherry stem
I can tell you about Leif Ericson
I know all the words to "De Colores"
And "I'm Proud to be an American"
Me and my friend saw a platypus
Me and my friend made a comic book
And guess how long it took
I can do anything that I want cuz, look:

I can keep rhythm with no metronome
No metronome
No metronome
And I can see your face on the telephone
On the telephone
On the telephone

Look at me
Look at me
Just called to say that it's good to be
In such a small world
I'm all curled up with a book to read
I can make money open up a thrift store
I can make a living off a magazine
I can design an engine sixty four
Miles to a gallon of gasoline
I can make new antibiotics
I can make computers survive aquatic conditions
I know how to run a business
I can make you wanna buy a product
Movers shakers and producers
Me and my friends understand the future
I see the strings that control the systems
I can do anything with no assistance

Cuz I can lead a nation with a microphone
With a microphone
With a microphone
And I can split the atom of a molecule
Of a molecule
Of a molecule

Look at me
Look at me
Driving and I won't stop
And it feels so good to be
and on top
My reach is global
My tower secure
My cause is noble
My power is pure
I can hand out a million vaccinations
Or let'em all die in exasperation
Have'em all healed of their lacerations
Have'em all killed by assassination
I can make anybody go to prison
Just because I don't like'em and
I can do anything with no permission
I have it all under my command

Because I can guide a missile by satellite
By satellite
By satellite
And I can hit a target through a telescope
Through a telescope
Through a telescope
And I can end the planet in a holocaust!
In a holocaust!
In a holocaust!
In a holocaust!
In a holocaust!

I can ride my bike with no handlebars
No handlebars
No handlebars
I can ride my bike with no handlebars
No handlebars...

Friday, August 15, 2008



I just saw Lee Chong Wei's badminton match with the Korean guy. Forgot what was his name already...but OMG, my heart stopped like...don't know how many times during the game.

Lee Chong Wei was kinda unstable. Sometimes win marks like crazy, then all of a sudden...MAKE STUPID MISTAKE. I was so kan cheong you know!!!

1st set won. I was delighted.
2nd set Lee Chong Wei lost. I was pissed and nervous.
3rd set.......he finally won. I've never felt so reliefed about something in such a long time. What a crazy game.

Lee Chong Wei! Help Malaysia bring back a Gold medal from Olympics! You're one of the last few people who can actually do that, JIA YOU!

Monday, August 11, 2008

She came around, and made my world alive...Woah! I'm just blabbering stupid stuff~ Because I ain't have a title to talk about...YAHOO~!

New haircut.
Please give a round of applause...

Hello again everybody~
Well, nothing much happened today....woke up, then left for Uni.
Had my Computer Studies debate today. =) Its part of the assignment. It went pretty smooth. But I felt unsatisfied because I didn't get to hantam the opposition fully. Because the format of this debate is different from the standard rules. Speakers can't give "Point Of Views" and only the "supporters" can ask questions. Weird huh? But anyways, my team did a good job...wasn't bad...but it wasn't outstanding either.

In other news...
I did pretty bad in my 2nd chemistry test...but it's definitely better than my 1st test. Still can't get over the fact that my academic performance is so shitty till a state where I even have dreams about studying. lol. So now, I promise to study my chemistry at least 4 times a week. which means i'll have to rearrange my study schedule....again. = ="

Well, I guess that's it for today. Here are a couple of pics of my Tutorial Group....TD14! *yay*


All the "machas" showing off their back to the camera...

And still showing off their backs...

That's Ayub btw. He's the class's part time dancer/stripper/clown/ass/crapper/animal voice imitater/and etc etc. (the guy with the Undying armpits exposed)

Friday, August 8, 2008


Hey guys,
This post is dedicated to all TD13-ians and 14-ians.
And oh ya, remember me saying there's more gay pictures from the science lab? It's right below...haha.


Ooooooo.....looks like diluted crap...

Haha, this is Cik Hairati. My Chemistry lab officer. She's so She was like lecturing me about taking pics in the lab...but when I point the camera at her...she striked a pose. XD

OMG...Tan Kheng Kuan aka Tan/KK/TKK & Ganesan. yucks.

*this is the pic is was talking about*

Haha, this time Leonard taking a break from making poses. Zzzzzz...

Happy Birthday Desmond, Ashley, and Rajes! =D

Nice pic. =) *credits to me...chey~*

TD13-ians. *except the fella jumping on the tall guys behind...which is Tan btw...*

"Happy Birthday Desmond!'s your cake...hehe."

*I think you guys know what's gonna happen already right?*


Too bad I didn't get a pic of it All Yoong Yang's fault, take so slow...haha. Jk jk.

Well, I'm taking my chemistry test this Saturday, family members and friends...pls pray for me. I'm like super tension this week. So many assignments~! And I've got my Economics presentation tomorrow. And then I have a Computer Studies debate next monday! And right after that, I have my Finals for Sem 1~!


Takpe. Badan aku kuat...can tahan...

Benson, you can do it!

Stay focused~!

Ok...I am semangat-ed already...

2.00 CGPA, aku datang!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Forever The Sickest Kids???

Jonathan Cook – lead singer
Caleb Turman – guitar, vocals

Marc Stewart – guitar

Austin Bello – bass, vocals

Kent Garrison – keyboards

Kyle Burns – drums

You might be asking..."Who are they?" "Where are they from?"

Well, FTSK are 6 young rockers from Dallas, Texas which came together and formed the band "Forever The Sickest Kids" in late 2006.

I discovered this band while I was driving home from University. As usual, I'd listen to on the radio while driving. So happen, one of their songs..."She's A Lady" was being played at that moment. At first...I thought "Panic! At The Disco" wrote a new song or something like that. But as the song progresses on, I realize that they don't sound 100% like PATD. But somehow, it had elements of PATD songs...some electronic beats, catchy drum beats, and the singing in some parts of the song sounded like the lead singer of PATD. However, this band sang more vocal harmonics, had synthesizer effects (something that PATD songs don't have), and played a guitar harmony solo at the bridge (ALSO something that PATD songs don't have). So I waited for the song to finish, to hear the DJ announce the band name...*DJ announces* "Forever The Sickest Kids"

I was like...what the? What a weird name for a band. But anyways, I searched over the Internet...and found out that they are actually a pretty new band. (but they sounded as if they have been in the music industry for quite a while)

Apparently, they just released their debut album this year in April, entitled Underdog Alma Mater.

So...after taking a good listen to their songs...I opened Limewire and downloaded as many of their songs that I could find. lol.

From what I've heard, FTSK sounds like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and a little bit of Simple Plan. (yeahs, I's kinda copycat) but maybe they didn't mean to sound like them. Lol.

*I mean, PATD sounded like FOB when they first appeared...right?*

So now....I LIKE EM A LOT! =D
In my opinion, FTSK could be a pretty successful band...especially in this era where rock music infused with electronic beats and catchy tunes are of huge interest. Try giving their songs a listen. =)

P.S: Some of their songs are in my playlist already. =)

Scroll down to enjoy!

I still love Paramore btw. Pffffffft~!

I'm so tired.......

Feeling really tired these past few days...
This post is gonna be a quick one.

Today, I went to PC fair with Kah May and two of her friends. I bought an external hardrive and a mini SD card for my mp4. *finally* Then bought a pretty good RM7 torchlight for multi-purpose use in my grandma's house.

Well, at least the PC fair allowed me to forget about my Physics Test this morning...
But it's all coming back to me now. ='(
Seriously screwed up my physics Test 2.

Anyways, listen to Forever The Sickest Kids. They're good and they rock. Owh, cobra starship is pretty awesome too. (just that most of their songs are about doing it, =S)

K that's all for today.