Monday, September 29, 2008

Late Night Spoting.

I realized something while I was IM-ing my kinda made me laugh in way...only because it was a spontaneous finding. and also unexpected. haha.

Benson's pm: Gimme a H~ Gimme a O~ Gimme a L~ Gimme a I~ and let me hear you scream DAY! It's a HOLIDAY! Woo~!

Sherlyn's pm: Gimme a S, Gimme a H, Gimme an E, Gimme a R, and let me hear you shout Lyn, whats that spell? SHERLYN!!!

Well...if ya can't really tell what's happening. Sherlyn so totally copied my pm. I spelled the word HOLIDAY, she spelt her name instead.

Perhaps I need to add a "TM" sign behind my nicks in future. HAHA. jk sherlyn.

I felt like I was being teased by her...grr.

If you still can't tell what's happening....then your a turbo retard.

Anyways, TODAY...

I finally played drums for service in church today! *whee*

After so long I finally got to play a few beats and just play music.

Really nice feeling, and owh yeah...Mel made me sing too. She said she needed a back up, so I obliged. So I sang and harmonized a few parts while playing the drums. I didn't know I could do Kinda went off tempo at some points though...haha, couldn't really focus 100% on both parts. hehe. It turned out alright anyways.

Then Bryan, did his amazing guitar solo. (fake one) lolz. Here's a vid of it.


Then after church my whole family got treated to KFC by the Yong family which means, Aunt Neri, Bryan and Doreen. THANK YOU AUNT NERI! =)

And that's basically it. haha.

I'll blog once again when I have something interesting to tell you guys...or rather worth your reading time! So till the next post, Toodles~! <---*Karyn's Trademark*

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ok so...

I've taken the bus back to JB.
I've settled down in my home here.
Now what?

Apparently, I'm having a feeling which I really don't want to feel right now...infact, I wished I could escape from this feeling.


It's the worst feeling ever in my point of view.
I worry for alot of things right now.
It's terrible. The thought of not accomplishing something eats me up from the inside out.
What's worse is that I might disappoint the people around me.

Worried, of becoming a failure.
Worried, of not being good enough for anything.
Worried, of never being able to succeed in something.
Worried, of the outcome from all of this worrying.

Is that really all there is to life? My life?
I wish I could go to places.
But somehow, I never seem to make it.
Struggling in this world of mine.
I fail to pursue happiness.
If only and only if, I could totally and confidently say security is not happiness.

Never is that true.
Because enough, is always enough.
There was never more, or extras, or spares.
It was all always....enough.
God, please help me.
My heart is torn in two everytime I dwell on the thought,
That I'll never get out of this alive.
Am I really such a burden?

I have my Semester 2 coming up.
I know that my Semester 1 is totally screwed.
Consequences are painful...

God, please help me.

Sunday, September 21, 2008



I'm just very happy...that's all. hee~

Exams are over. So relieved. Here I come JB! Home sweet home!
Oh ya, Kim and Karyn...if you do read this...choose a date, time, venue, and activity.
We're gonna PARRTEHHH~
I mean....hang out.
See you guys soon!

Mom & Dad & Mel & Ban Ho...
I'm leaving at 9.30am and will most probably reach home at about 2.30pm.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Don't you guys just hate it when you read something so long and in the end it makes you go...(-_-)"?

I was looking at "someone's" *cough* blog just now...and I really don't know why anyone on Earth would do this. It's pretty humorous...but nevertheless...time consuming. I guess this guy has got a lot of time to spare.

Anyways, here is it.

*After his "About Me" section*

Umm, why are you still reading?
Aren't you bored?
You're scaring me...
Are you a stalker?
Well, you could be...considering that you have been reading this "About Me" section for almost 20 minutes...
Wow...are you seriously a stalker? Because the more you scroll the mouse...the more there is to read. And technically that is the only thing that is keeping you here...which completely and totally makes you an unwanted stalker...

Yup, you would probably read on despite me telling you that there will only be more to read as you scroll down. =S
Isn't this getting fun? I think I'm laughing right now. haha! Ooops, did that I said that out loud?
Sorry, didn't mean to hurt your feelings. It's just retardically funny when you tell someone that he or she is wasting their time but they STILL keep reading an "About Me" paragraph which is made out of many boring and long sentences, and makes totally no sense at all!

Coming back to the topic, ARE YOU STILL READING?
You're sick...
Do you need a doctor?
Or a psychiatrist?
I think you have Myeyesisstucktothisscreenphobia...
It's a phobia of laying your eyes off the computer screen...
Are you scared?
Oh I see...
Don't worry...I completely understand...
I feel you man/gurl...
Ok, you should stop reading.
I'm getting bored.
I'm really gonna go right now...
I'm serious...
You're like bugging me out...
Can you stop reading?
Are you having Imscaredtostopreadingphobia this time round?
You really need a doctor...
Ok ima go.
Yes, BYE.
I'm stopping right NOW.
*runs away*


Saturday, September 6, 2008

I GOT the hot, rawkin girl who just turned 15!

Well...I guess tags have gotten the best of me...
I got tagged by Karyn on 4th September.
Tag commencing on 6th September. (which is Karyn's birthday btw)



name 20 people u can think of :
1. kimberley
2. gopikrisna
3. melissa yap
4. hayley williams
5. bryan
6. benroy yap
7. suvanya
8. eunice tham
9. susanna
10. lynette goh
11. celine yap
12. daniel tan
13. mom
14. karyn
15. dad
16. sanjeev
17. grandma
18. eunice wong
19. bradley michael
20. moses elegant

How did you meet 14? [karyn]
Well over the net, but if you're talking about face to face...I had a waltz dance with her at my younger sister's 15th birthday party.

What would you do if you never met 1? [kimberley]
My life would be missing a honeybear. Lol. XD

What if 9 and 20 are fated? [susanna & moses elegant]
YEAH! Fated to be cell group members and church members and great friends! =D

Will 6 and 14 date? [benroy yap & karyn]
Maybe? haha.

Describe 3. [melissa yap]
Long hair, talented, weird laugh, best eldest sister.

Is 8 attractive? [eunice tham]
Totally. =)

Decribe 7. [suvanya]
My eldest sister's best friend, another sister of mine, fun to talk/hang out with, harry potter fan, and has an elmo laugh. rofl.

Do you know 12's family members? [daniel tan]

What if 18 confess that he or she likes you? [eunice wong]
wow...I'd be stoked. A hottie likes me! =D

What language does 15 speaks? [dad]
English, Cantonese, Hokkien, Bahasa, Body language, eye contact language, food language, all kinds of language.

Who is going out with 9? [susanna]
From what I last heard; Shaun.

How old is 16? [sanjeev]
same age as me! 18.

When did you last speak to 13? [mom]
2nd September. This week's Tuesday.

Who's 2 favourite singer?
Uhh, himself. lol

Would you date 4? [hayley williams]

Will you date 1? [kimberley]
Well...if she lets me take her out. =)

Is 19 single? [bradley michael]
uhh...currently, yes. As he told me last week. *unless he found one within that short span of time*

What's 10 last name? [lynette goh]
lynette goh ying qing. so I guess her last name is Qing?

School of 3? [melissa yap]
SMK Dato Jaafar

Where does 6 lives? [benroy yap]
In Johor Bahru.

What do you think of 5? [bryan]
Gifted, hilarious, fun to hang out with,silly, and a good friend.

'''Have you seen 2 naked? [gopikrisna]
OMG no...that would be a disaster. Why would I wanna see him naked anyway!? Yucks!

Choose five people to do the test:
1. Eunice Tham
2. Melissa (WAHAHAHAHA)
3. Celine
4. Bryan
5. Benroy