Saturday, October 25, 2008

I got TAGGED....

Sunny Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooi~!

i) Benson
ii) Ben
iii) Benson Yap
i) Drummertech
ii) Kongruen
iii) ---------
i)- My hands
ii)- My face
iii)- My hair
i) My legs
ii) My booty (yes...I have big booty in my pants)
iii) My abs (which is mainly all fat. haha.)
i) My legs
ii) Chinese
iii) Umm, what looks I guess?
i) Losing my loved ones
ii) Losing my friends
iii) Being misjudged by people
i) My mp4 player
ii) Handphone
iii) Computer
i) Shirt
ii) Shorts
iii) Underwear
ii) Jason Mraz
iii) My Chemical Romance
i) Circles - Paramore
ii) A Beautiful Mess - Jason Mraz
iii) Noize - Fingerbangerz
i) Understanding
ii) Communication
iii) Maturity
i) Eyes
ii) Smile
iii) Hair
i) Gaming
ii) Playing/Hearing/Creating music
iii) Badminton
i) Mechanical or Civil Engineer
ii) Musical Artist/Band
iii) Professional Drummer
i) Australia
ii) Japan
iii) Ipoh
i) I game a lot
ii) I eat a lot
iii) I sleep a lot
i) I'm very particular when it comes to cleanliness
ii) I'm actually a very sentimental person
iii) I worry a lot (lol)
i) No one
ii) No one
iii) No one
iv) No one
v) No one.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Please Bear With Me.

I know you can't stand,
The sight of me,
Winning over you,
Is a fragile possibility,

I never intended to make this hard for you,
I thought you'd be happy for me too,
But I guess I was wrong,
To judge a book by it's pretty cover.

Why...Oh why?
Does this jealousy of yours make me nervous,
Can you please,
Bear with me...Oh bear with me...yeah,
Is it me...or is it you that's not appreciated?
Can you please,
Bear with me...just bear with me for one more day.

I never thought that it could get this bad,
Rest assured with action there is consequence,
All I did was tried my very best,
But all you really cared for was just to see me fall.

Yeah I could fall,
Fall asleep in those eyes,
Where sun sets with the ocean breeze,
It's like a dream in a disguise,

Yeah I could fall,
Fall in love with you,
But what good does it bring to me,
When you're trying break me down.

Do you love me?
Do you really love me?
Would you die for me?
Coz I know that I would,

Why...Oh why?
Does this jealousy of yours make me nervous,
Can you please,
Bear with me...Oh bear with me...yeah,
Is it me...or is it you that's not appreciated?
Can you please,
Bear with me...just bear with me for one more day.
One more day,
Just one more day,
One more day,
It'll be the last of me,
And the last of you.

P.S: I don't give. Everything that I do isn't for you...I do it for MYSELF & for GOD. So back off, my victory was never your victory.
Peanut Butter shit looks good on your face.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

SOrry PpLz! ^^"

Hey guys, I'm so sorry that I haven't been able to update as often as before. Have been really busy with my new schedule and assignments. =(

But I'll try my very best to update on current events. Pls be patient! =P
Oh btw,

Mum & Dad, Mel & Ban Ho,
I miss you!
I'm studying fine here.
Take care.

Kim & Karyn
I miss you guys too!
P.S: Kim, don't give up! Keep singing! haha. Concentrate on your SPM too k? Jia you!

K guys, I've gtg.
Take care yall!
Ciao~ ; )

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I don't know why but I can't load the second video of Celine opening the present from the four of us in the previous post. I think it's too big. 7 minutes. O.o
So yeahs, hopefully one day I can load it into youtube to let yall see it. haha.
Sorry! ^^"

Anyways, guess what I found when I saw searching through Google...

I'm on a freaking cover of FAME magazine!!!

Jk...I did it myself...hahaha. There's this website where you can upload pics and choose your magazine cover. lolz. pretty cool especially for people who are bored of their lives time.

And crap, I'm supposed to be doing my lab report now but here I am blogging. =S

Aite ppl, I'd better get my butt back to work! Ciaoz~! =)

"Let it be known, that without love and compassion the heart seizes to beat."

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yay...Sem 2 is here.

Alrighty people...

I finally can post something. @_@

My 2nd semester at UTAR has already begun!
Kinda excited but also a lil...umm...what's that word again?
Uhh...nah i'm just excited that's all.

So yeah, got back to KL on the day before my first day in sem 2...which was last Sunday, and I finally gave Celine her bday presents. One from Bryan, and one from Me, Bryan, Kim and Karyn!
Didn't really take pictures...but I did shoot a couple of videos! (yes I got the video as you requested)

I don't really have much things to talk I have to get my lab report done. SO....I'll leave you guys with the videos to keep yall reading/watching/observing/laughing/crying/poop-ing/retard-ing/and etc. Ciao~! =)

Oh ya wait!
I donated to charity today!
Haha I know it sounds kinda lame but...I donated anyways...did you?
nyahahahaha! =P

So yeah, I bought like this wristband that says "WORLD HUNGER RELIEF WEEK" from KFC this morning before I went to Uni. When I was about to leave the counter with the ta pau-ed Zinger burgers which my Grandma bought for my cousins...the nice lady at the cashier gave me a pamplet regarding this "WORLD HUNGER RELIEF WEEK". Then as I read it and saw the pictures on the pamplet, I said to myself very softly "Hmm...these kids could really use a Zinger burger..."

So I dropped a couple of bucks into the charity box at the counter after checking my wallet for spare change. Then I saw the wristbands at the back of the pamplet which were going for RM2 each. Then I was like...ok...I haven't wore these in a while. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to give another couple of bucks. =) So I asked Celine if she wanted one too and in the end I bought two wristbands! One for me and one for Celine. hehe. Here are some pics to let you have a clear view of the wristband. =) Ok, I really gtg now. BYE ALL~!


P.S: 1) Good luck!
2) Remember to inform me earlier next time k? I don't want to sweat in my jeans again. XD

Friday, October 10, 2008


I can't sleep!
I dunno I feel tired but I can't sleep.
Sighs...anyways. I just got out from's like 2am right now.
Hmm...earlier I was trying to look for things to do to make myself sleepy.
Tried reading a book. But it got more interesting as I continued reading. So I stopped.
Sooo...I was fooling around...and then...
You can do loads of stuff when you have a camera with you...

I hate my hair's so...damaged...have been using the wrong shampoo. =(

Almost looks like the hair on my leg...=\

Look! It's horrible! Damaged...

Ok, camera set...ready to take dumb pictures....





I'm trying to fall...*sheesh, never would I imagine myself doing this ever again*

Ouchies. I have a pillow thrown in my face. But wait...I'm the only one awake...who threw the pillow??? =\

When I saw this cereal...I wanted to eat it at first...but I suddenly lost my appetite...and I decided to try to imitate this Koko Krunch's expression! Let's see how I did.

1st attempt. Not so bad...right?

2nd attempt. Uhh...looks a little too aggressive...

3rd attempt. Starting to give up...notice the eyes?

4th attempt. Going to give up...

I've GIVEN.....UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mouth was aching coz I had to bend my tongue out so much for so long while I wait for the timer to run out. ugh. Now I kinda hate Koko's face... more Koko Krunch.

So yeahs...I'm uber bored. And I think I better try to get my ass back to bed. If dad would kill me if he knew I was doing lethargic stuff at this hour. Gdnite all! Ciao~! =)

P.S: I miss you.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finally! A day out with the K duo.

Yes yes Celine...I'm updating...

So, I finally got to go out with the Ong sisters K duo which are aka....Karyn & Kimberley! =D

So I met up with them at their house at about 12pm++ to pick em up. Melissa was kind enough to lend me her new car.(Thanks Mel! Love you!) I was like turbo excited to see them. haha. I haven't seen them in such a long time. Really miss them. XD

So they hopped into the car and we drove to Tebrau City...our hang out venue. At first we planned to watch a movie...but suddenly Kim told me that Karyn suggested to sit at Starbucks and talk. I was kinda surprised when I heard that...but I thought that maybe, you know...FOR A CHANGE...lets not watch a movie for every hang out we have. haha. XD (plus I love Starbucks Coffee~ hiak hiak hiak!)

On the way to Tebrau City, we talked like....a lot...
It was pretty much a lot of randomness and also some catching up at the same time. Then Karyn started blabbering some Bahasa Malaysia and said something about the lorry in front of us... It said "Muatan Panjang". Then she was like..."What does "Muatan" mean?" In my heart I giggled, but because I'm a kind person...I slowly explained to her what it meant. But before I could even say anything...she started guessing what it meant and said "does it mean long ass?" I'm like, no...muatan means load. Then she like...didn't really bothered about meaning already...because, she went on...and on...and on....about the "long ass" thingy...and started laughing...for about close to 1 hour 35 mins 5 minutes then Kim started laughing too. I was like...swt...however I couldn't help but smile and laugh along with them. haha. They can be like real silly and stuff...but I think that's the thing that makes them fun to hang out with. =)
So anyways, went to Starbucks...bought our respective beverages, and sat down at a really comfy chair and talked. Honestly, at some moments there I really didn't know what to talk about haha. I was like lost or something...suddenly can't start any interesting topic. I dunno about you girls...*if ur reading this* but I felt a bit retarded. XD
Then Karyn mentioned that later she wants to go to "Wh" which is bka (better known as) "Everyone is Beautiful". Didn't ask why though. Anyways...
We started taking pics! And it went on from there and didn't stop till it was time to go home. =)
This is Karyn!......and her "Starbucks" coffee.
This is Kimberley! And she's checking out some guy at the counter....*I'm kidding!*
Yup...that's her and her wall...
Ryn insisted that she took a picture of the wall we were next to in Starbucks...(I know you love the wall =P)
Then at some point here. We kinda got bored and decided that we wanted to watch a movie after all. I was like "LOL!". But sadly when we got to the cinema...all the shows times were a little too late for the girls as their curfew was before 7pm. So we ended up window shopping around Jusco.
"Bluek~!" she says.
Then guess where we decided to stop by to have a little fun...
WOOT! I will always be kids...right Ryn? lol.

Toys "R" Us never gets bored haha. I was always amazed at how stepping into ToyRUs can make anybody and I mean...ANYBODY feel like a kid again. So here are some snap shots which we were actually not allowed to take. But we did anyways...secretly...mwahahahaha.

Yes Karyn...we know you're very very tall...=P

Uhh, Ryn looks a bit retarded here... me and Kim are the retarded ones.

Haha...kena bully...XD
When we got to the Party "R" Us section in ToysRUs, I realized that if you said the "R" Us real would sound like arse. Those poor kids...they don't even know what they are really saying to their parents.
"Mommy mommy! Can we go to ToysArse!?"
"Dad! Let's go to the PartyArse section!"
Ok lame...whatever...
Anyways...Karyn wanted to buy something for Celine as a bday we did MORE window shopping at MnG, Roxy, Quick Silver, Topshop, Topman, and...etc. Then she wanted to look at some watches. So we visited possibly all the watch shops in Jusco.

Even though our faces didn't really show it...but me and Kim were gonna fall and die any moment from the excessive walking and window shopping. You know, that kind of feeling when you JUST FEEL LIKE SITTING. *woops, sorry bout the capslock*
Poor Kim couldn't take it any longer and suggested going to the toilet to take a break. lol. And we sat at a nearby bench to rejuvenate our walking energy for about 5 mins...then Karyn said..."Alright! Let's go have one round in Padini!" like a level 99 window shopper out of a 100. Kim is prolly somewhere around lvl 70 but I think I'm just a level 1. SPARE ME~~!!! @_@ But Kim manage to buy her PappaRoti. So I guess she was pretty happy after that. wakakaka.
Then we finally reached "Wh" with their slogan "everyone is beautiful". I think Karyn said she wanted to come her ever since we reached Jusco Tebrau City. lol. I seriously didn't know it took THAT long to get to "Wh". It always seemed much much shorter...haha. Right Kim? XD

Oooo~ Huge mirror.

"Your mama so fat...that she needs this mirror to do her make-up!"

Wow...big mouth.

High School Musical 4 in production already??

Mirror shot.

Mirror shot again.


Lol...I think this is the outcome of her not being able to find a handphone that she likes. We like visited all the mobile phone shops too. I totally couldn't feel my legs anymore.

Me & Kim

And this is the last and prolly best shot of the day. =)

After the hangout, I gave the girls a lift home and said our last goodbyes. And then I drove home.

So yeahs, that is basically it. It was really fun to hang out with you girls. Thanks for the day out!

Till the next time we see each other, I bid you adieu.

P.S: I Love You! (yall know who you are. =P)

Great~! Just great......

I'm like staring at my computer screen right now and wondering what the shit to write. But somehow I can't think of anything!! Maybe I'm just's like 1.43am here. Honestly I feel sleepy every time I blog...I really have no IDEA why...=S

If only there was something a little more eye-catching every time I come to this "Create Post"'s suddenly translocated yourself from your oh-so-colourful-and-attractive blog to this boring, sleepy, and dull "Create Post" page. Why can't they let it be our blog's colour?

Wait...this is not why I came on to blog! *gawd* I seriously think I'm going insane. Where's my sanity?

Ok, now I remember...
I came on to blog about how disoriented I feel. I'm wondering what will happen if...if...and only if...I get stuck in KL and can never get to move on to anywhere else. That would suck. Like...A LOT...........................

Ok no more games. I can't afford to slack around anymore...time get up and do something about it. I can't afford to waste this...I can't...

Wokay...I think I just got hit by a train carrying a whole load shit of senses. I feel better now.
Thanks for listening. I know this may sound kinda weird, but every time I blog...I feel that someone or some bunch of people are listening to me. Even though they're not really face to face with me...feels kinda nice. Knowing that there is always someone there to listen to your problems. Alright alright. Enough of this lethargic post...I'm off to bed.
Goodnight all.

P.S: I Love You... (just suddenly felt like saying it)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Having FUN! =D Or not....

Well, what can I say...
The "problem" has been already taken care of. Everything is back to NORMAL. (fortunately)
And now I can blog like a happy kid with tons of cake.
30th September 2008

Went out with Sue, Brad, Dan, Eunice, Esther and my lil bro, Benroy and Melissa.
We had lunch *or was it breakfast?* at Stonegrill and then played this stupid game that made me so frus. I'm lazy to explain how it goes so just try to imagine it. haha. Its more of a riddle. I tell you when I found out the answer to the riddle, I was like.....SWT~!!! (-_-)"""""
(Sue! all your fault! why did you even came up with that game???)
But nevertheless, it was a pretty challenging one. Well for me. lol.

Then we went to watch Mama Mia! which is pretty alright to me. It's really more for those who can relate to the classic music of ABBA. It's a you should be expecting lots and lots and tons of loads of singing. Too bad Brad didn't like it that much. He said it was worse than a tamil movie. lol. Because of his jokes we were all laughing out loud in the cinema. I couldn't control myself, his jokes were tickling my funny bone. and....what else.....

Before we went in, we realized that 1 of the 8 tickets we bought for Mama Mia! was a different movie and hall. So in the end we only had seven seats in a row. I volunteered to sit elsewhere away from the gang. =(
So stupid sial! What kind of service is this???? TGV...can give out wrong ticket one. @$$3$...
But I still could hear Brad's jokes because he was talking so loud. XD
Anyways, here are some pics I snapped during the outing;

Group picture! They all have Facebook accounts....Sooooooooooo~

Superpoke Mel!

Superpoke Sue!

Superpoke Brad!

Superpoke Dan!

I have a lot more pics, but I don't feel like posting them....

NAH~! Just kidding! Here are more pics! =)

The gang.

The girls.

The guys.

The guys...uhh....are REALLY "HAPPY"...

And just after watching Mama Mia!, guess who we bumped into....=)






Ms. Letchumy! She had her eldest daughter with her at that time too. Ms. Letchumy was Brad's, Dan's, Mel's, Eunice's, Benroy's, I think Esther's too, and my english teacher when we were all in primary school! Yeah, all the people I mentioned above (including me) We've known her for like soooooooo long. She's a really good teacher. So stoked to see her again! haha.

Well, I guess that was basically all I can tell about this hang out. Moving on!

Ok...umm next event..Argh....crap...i feel so tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think i'll just cont. tomorrow. I had like 4 hours of sleep only today. slept at 1am, woke up at 5am, then left KL at 6am to travel all the way back to JB which took 5 hours. and that means I reached JB at 11am. GOOODNIGHT!! *passes out*

(Benson was too tired to further continue this blog post and went to sleep. He will continue updating when he wakes up. Adios.)

*the next day*

Ok, so I've already got a goodnight's rest. let us move on.

3rd October 2008

Me, Melissa and Yen Fah went down to KL by bus to go settle the car stuff and drive it home to JB on that day itself. Well, that was the initial plan because I had plans for the next day. So all of a sudden my mum forced us to stay overnight at my Grandma's house and leave early morning tomorrow. I was like super moody and frustrated during my stay in KL. I just felt like exploding. And with my mum making that decision, I got even more angry.

So I just blew up at Mel. Completely lost it. After that I had so much anger in me that I had totally no mood to talk to anyone at all. But then I told myself, it would be better not to make anyone else angry any further. So I decided to just forget it and talk about it later when I've cooled down a bit.

Pretty much quiet throughout the entire day. But of course I didn't show any of my anger when I was in front of my grandma...that would just be unwise. I didn't want to make my problem her problem. So I just put up a smile and a happy face to disguise my emotions.

Then later I found out that Celine was going get a birthday surprise that night since almost all of us were in KL. All the more reason not to be angry. So when we went for dinner, my aunt asked us if we could go buy a cake for her and give her a surprise. We obliged and it wasn't really difficult to keep the cake a secret from Celine considering that she went for some...comedy theatre show with my aunt Nicole and her boyfriend Chang Wan. So when Celine came back, we gave her a surprise and voila...


The cake..."Black forest"...*I chose it lolz*

Making a wish.

Blow the candles!


SWT...still cannot blow out the candles...dunno how to blow candles is it?

*jk, she managed to blow em out laa...haha*

So yeahs...that was it. ate some cake...then I went to the laptop to DOTA with my little cousin. At first both of us were getting owned. I was already so moody, and that game made my mood even worse...kept dying. So I told him to remake the game. Surprisingly the next game we played was pretty fun. I killed and killed and killed killed killed. Felt damn good. I kinda let it all out on that Dota I was pretty much satisfied. Was practically cheering myself on as I went on a killing streak. lol. 18 kills 2 deaths ftw! Then had to sleep early coz had to wake up at 5am the next day. So I stopped Dota-ing and did a few things before I went to bed.

I checked the car before we left. Everything seemed ok when I drove it around. But when I was about to lock the car, I had the urge to touch the hood to see whether the engine temperature was normal or not. The moment I touched the hood, I felt my hands burning as if they were in the oven. IT WAS FREAKING HOT SIAL. I took like a 10 minutes drive but the temperature felt as if I drove it around for 40 minutes or something like that.

I somehow knew this was bound to happen. So I decided to scout around the porch for things I could use as a means of remedy for the engine heating prob. Luckily I found a coolant which belonged to my uncle. The container looked really dusty, old and I assumed he never really planned to use it anyways. I opened it and just poured a little bit of the coolant into the radiator water supply. Then I took it for another drive and results showed that the coolant helped like a I washed my hands and shrugged off to bed...but when I saw the time I got a shock. It was already 1am ++!! I immediately rushed to bed and snoozed.

Later at around 4.50am, my happy little sister shooked me to wake me up. I unconsciously shouted at her "WHAT LA!?". I was like so pissed, wondering why she was waking me up so early in the morning. Then I remembered that we stayed overnight. I was so tired that I forgot we were in KL. I seriously thought I was in JB. So stupid right? poor sister kena shouted at for nothing. SoRRY!!!

Then she told me she didn't sleep. She was so happy blogging about her birthday surprise that she stayed up until 5am. I was like "what the....". Anyways, we packed our stuff and said our goodbyes and stuff. I was telling myself that maybe it was a better decision to leave early in the morning after all...but when we were about to leave, it FREAKING RAINED. Very heavily to be specific. I was like saying to myself...."Why.....why!!!" Almost all the roads we took were flooded...and to put a car we just bought through this kind of condition was heart stabbing...well for me.

Anyways, we finally made it out to the highway and drove along the smooth road. It was my first time driving on the Second Link highway. And it was like raining the whole way. Only when we reached Seremban, the rain began to simmer down but it didn't stop FYI. At first, I didn't really understand why so many people say it's real scary to drive on the highway. Until the point where the car started to get like really hot...the temperature was rising like real fast. So we decided to stop and let the car rest. Poured some water to help it cool faster. Now I know why people are scared to drive on the highway. If your car breaks could be stranded for a pretty long time. =S

Too make things worse, we were running low on petrol. I totally should have filled it up to full when we passed by the first petrol station. I thought maybe we could make it to Melaka with half tank. Thankfully, as we drove on...we saw a Petronas station on the other side of the road. So I went to the petrol station and bought this 5 liter bottle of water to fill the petrol in. Cost me like RM6.50...wht a rip off. But we had no choice. I drank some, then poured the rest into the bucket where people put that window cleaner. water and don't waste! (better than pouring it all over the ground right? or into the drain)

Then brought back that bottle full of Petronas's Primax 3 to where I left Mel's and Yen Fah. Now here comes the stupid part. We couldn't get the petrol into the car. I did get a piece of plastic-ish paper from the petrol station coz I saw how my dad did it before. But this car had a lid which closed the petrol passage. Then Yen Fah suggested cutting a small bottle into half and pour the petrol through it. It would have worked...but we didn't have anything sharp enough to cut the shitty right? THANK GOD...a Plus Highway Patrol truck suddenly stopped by to help us...and he had a bottle that was already cut in half! Indeed God was watching us as we journeyed back to JB.

So everything went smoothly until we got back to JB. But we took 5 hours instead of 4. Because of the engine heating problem, I had to drive at 80-90kmh to prevent the car from overheating. If I were to drive at 100kmh, the heat will begin to rise again. SO yeah, 5 tormenting hours on the highway. Plus it was like really boring...didn't turn on the radio coz Mel and Yen Fah were sleepping while I drove.

So yeah that's it. Everything is back to normal, no more arguing....and no more misunderstadings. We apologised to each other and now we have a car. So that's it! Till my next post. Toodles~!/Bye~!/Ciao~!.