Monday, November 24, 2008


OMG, my blog is so dead.
10 days never update sia.
Super busy nowadays. Anyways, just a heads up to you guys who read my blog...



Aite guys, ima go do some maths now.
Ciaoz. =P

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

OMG! I'm 18!!!! =DDD

ok 1st of all...sorry again coz I left my blog hanging halfway! I have to get to Uni soon and I had to run some errands just incomplete post. Will update later.
So cut the long story short for now...Me & Celine went out with our dearest Karyn Ong Kai Ling this Monday. So below are the pictures of the outing.


I'M 18 YEARS OLD! yeah! =D
Happy birthday to me! *hiak hiak hiak*
can't believe I'm finally legal! woo hoo!

So here's a video for you lil sister and my aunt surprised me at 12.01am on my birthday...and for your info...I was very moody at that time because Celine just woke me up from my beauty sleep...and I am very very grumpy and moody when I am woken up during my sleep. If I wake up myself, that's fine...but I can't be woken up halfway through...hahaha. so anyways, here's the video. lol. I was so mean and harsh...lmao. My lil bro was calling on the phone from JB btw...I'll explain later. Now I gtg! See yall l8er!



I finally can just finish updating this post!
anyways, try to ignore the post above. It is negligible. haha.

Anyways, outing with Karyn! A picture can say a thousand words, so I'll let the pictures do the talking. =)

We went to Starbucks! =D

Waiting for our drinks to be served. Celine didn't order coz she doesn't drink coffee. haha.

That's hers (caramel), and that's mine. (chocolate)

Then after that, went to Catch Up to check out some t-shirts. They have some pretty cool Tees there. =)

Lol...Celine looks shocked...XD

Wow, I've never seen this before...


Selepas itu, kita pergi Wendy's to EAT.

ROFL. This pic was supposed to be a picture of Karyn's face when she's really full. But she looks more like..."constipated" instead. XD

Lol, some pics of Karyn in the women's restroom...
my sis took of course...-_-"
(OMG Karyn...never seen this kind of hand-dryer before?)

Stoning in front of BreadTalk after a meal of Wendy's.

Shoes! =)


Then we went to look for some shop name "FOREVER 21" and we really took FOREVER to find it...@_@

Lol...this was what we found in the shop. haha.

So we walked the whole Sunway Pyramid till it closed. haha. pretty cool. =)

So that's basically it.
Alright, I gtg. it's so late and I've got class at 8am tomorrow. *yikes*
Gdnite all! Tc, ciaoz. =P

P.S: I miss you too. =)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

OMG, I really never thought that I'd catch this "Lovebug" seriously.

'LOVEBUG' by Jonas Brothers

Called you for the first time yesterday
Finally found the missing part of me (kind of)
Felt so close but you were far away (not really, more like so near...yet so far)
Left me without anything to say

Now I’m speechless (yeah...)
Over the edge
I’m just breathless
I never thought that I’d catch this
Lovebug again (totally...)

Head over heels in the moment (omg so true)
I never thought that I’d get hit
By this lovebug again (I guess I was wrong)

I can’t get your smile out of my mind (totally...)
(I can’t get you out of my mind)
I think about your eyes all the time (sort of)
You’re beautiful but you don’t even try (agreed)
(You don’t even, don’t even try)
Modesty is just so hard to find

Now I’m speechless
Over the edge
I’m just breathless
I never thought that I’d catch this
Lovebug again

Head over heels in the moment
I never thought that I’d get hit
By this lovebug again

Kissed her for the first time yesterday
Everything I wished that it would be
Suddenly I forgot how to speak (yikes~ This happened just now)
Hopeless, breathless, baby, can't you see

Now I’m…

Now I’m speechless
Over the edge
I’m just breathless
I never thought that I’d catch this
Lovebug again

Now I'm hopeless
Head over heels in the moment
I never thought that I’d get hit
By this lovebug again
Ohh... lovebug again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X)

SHIT...of all times why now???
I heard this song in my car just now while packing KFC for dinner tonight...and I could relate to it like...almost a 100%. GOSH! Someone help me~! X))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Friday, November 7, 2008

Haha, LOL, my little brother is so hensem.

Initially, I wanted to post...but suddenly I felt so yeah...I decided to post the pics here and let you guys have a sneak peek on my next update. I'm afraid that I'll fall asleep while (hey, it happened to me once ok)
So I'll give ya the words and sentences tomorrow. =P
Got badminton next morning with Celine and her classmate so hopefully there'll be something else to blog abt. hee. ^^
K, ima go now.
Btw, I'm very happy because I finished all my current assignments all in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haha. I dunno why I'm like so hyped up this semester. It's like suddenly I love to study.
What's happeneing to me? LOL.
OK ok...i'd better go before I start talking about something that completely makes no sense.


Ok, I'm finally back.
So first thing's first.
Sorry about the weird little bro suggested me putting that. = ="
Anyways, like, 2 weeks back...I went out with my Aunty to Sunway Pyramid to go hang kai because she needed an outing. So at the same time while I teman-ed her, we waited for Celine to finish her City Harvest Church POS steamboat reunion...(cheerleading).

I'll let the pictures do the talking. =)

This is mine.
My Aunt's. *nyahahahaha*
Biggest "kolum" I've seen in a very long time.
While walking, my Aunt wanted to buy some sweets for my little baby cousin. Then guess what I spotted from afar.
My brother loves to eat cotton candy...but sadly, my dad is strongly against it going into his mouth/tummy. (junk food)
Poor Benroy...are you feeling hungry now? Does your heart yearn for some of it? XD
*mwahahahahahaha* None for you! =P
After walking around for a few minutes, Ah Sun Jie brought me to this diner that I'll never ever regret going to.
She brought me to "WAFFLE WORLD" which is for your information, currently my favourite place to eat at! The food there is simply....YUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! Price is reasonable too. =DDDD
This drink is "da bomb" man. "Ultimate Freeze".
We ordered a "snack plate" which is, in my opinion...expensive...for the portion that they gave us. And I didn't like that ...what do you call it? Seashell-like food. Not my cup of tea. =S
THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Now everytime I look back at the picutures, I will crave for this Blueberry Pancake. My first time eating pancakes that are made this way...American style. And the vanilla ice-cream...the blueberry syrup...OMG! I luv it. Btw, the pictures I took were like super super super clear...I can see every single detail of the pancake and the ice-cream/syrup. WHY DID MY CAMERA HAVE TO BE SONY!? I feel like it's right in front of me when I see the pics.


I'm enjoying myself...hee. =)
Then later, Celine came to pyramid after finishing her steamboat thingy and tagged along. At first we wanted to watch a movie, but it was soooooo crowded and filled with "human beings". So we decided to play arcade instead.

I always told myself that I'd never play this thing...looks like I was wrong. lol

I was like twitching vigourously and moving so fast in order to get the notes. Hard wei...maybe it's because I suck at dancing.

This is more like it. lol. I'm better at shooting games.
Well, that's basically it for that day.
Saturday morning:
Went to play badminton with Celine's classmate and friends. Dick Shen aka Celine's classmate is like...really good in badminton...lost to him 3 sets straight. *salute* lol. Plus I'm rusty after not playing for like..."a long time".
Then there was this guy...*Dick Shen's friend* that came with his sister...
Man, his sister is scary...Celine claims to be afraid of her...cause she kena smashed so many times by that girl. And all the "smashed" shuttles always hit Celine somewhere around her chest to her face. haha.
I forgot what was that girl's name already...didn't really talk much to the brother and her...oh ya...she was kind of a show off too...I was just playing "warm up" with her and her brother (meaning 2 of thm versus me) during the first few minutes of being there. But while playing, I could hear her whispering to her brother saying:
In chinese:
"Eh, stop dancing around the court la. Hit the shuttle to the back, I'll smash him when he gives me a high ball"
I was like...wokay...but didn't really bother cause I thought she was just a girl who happens to be pretty good at badminton...she kept giving me smashes...but I didn't intend to smash the shuttle back to her...cause she's a GIRL.
But a few moments after that:
In chinese again:
"Wei, don't let him win us...very embarassing later."
And everytime I didn't get to recover the shuttle...I could see the satisfied look on her face as she smiles...
OMG. At that point I can't tahan already...she thought I so NOOB at badminton meh? Dunno how to see how many of her smashes I saved? So I show my true colours la.
Lol, in other words, I bully her la. After that she don't dare to lan ci again.
*im so mean...nyahaha*
K...I've gtg. Need to revise my maths. Maths Test this coming I'll have to present my public speaking speech on that same day as well. yikes! Pray for me! Thanks!
Cya yall soon.
Ciaoz! =)