Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I almost died yesterday.

I was walking back to my car which I parked across the street from my university. It was around 11am++. Here's a couple of diagrams to illustrate the situation.

See the red guy? Yup, that's me...and that's my cute little car at the other end of the green grass. Note the stupid motorcycle, it looked stupid so that's why I named it stupid motorcycle. As you can see, I've drawn the direction of the flow of traffic so that you don't get confused like..duh.

And all of a sudden, I hear this loud revving from my left side accompanied with some cars honking from behind me. And then guess what happened...

Voila! I almost died! You might be thinking that he missed...but he actually rammed into my sling bag and it tore because of that stupid ass motorcycle! He was just a stupid motorcycle a few seconds before but now I've added "ass", in it to show you that what he did was...ASS-ful. And I should have added the car honking at the motorcycle and a big "VROOOM" in the diagram to make it look more dramatic! Because it WAS dramatic! Like what the fish...I ALMOST DIED!

That motorcyclist should go back to school and learn that going against the flow of traffic is wrong and ASS-ful. I'm sure that if he keeps this up he's to going kill somebody and that is not a good thing! Stupid ass motorcycle. Your license should be confiscated...including your motorcycle.

And here's the more dramatic version of the second diagram.

Okay goodbye. My birthday is tomorrow! WOOOOOOOOOT! =D

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I lied.

Hi...*evil laugh*

I wanted to blog about something very important yesterday but couldn't remember due to the overwhelming dilemma of not finishing all my tutorials...but guess wot!

And that's not a good thing. (but i said it as if it was a good thing)
So since i've got so much time to spare tomorrow monring-evening...i'll finish em all in one shot. Then will be having class at 5pm-7pm. Sigh. Hate traffic jams.

omg! I remembered what I wanted to blog about. awesome! Felt like I just came up with clever idea or something haha.

Well, I was walking to my university one morning and this random dude-ette (as in a girl) came up to me and said hi. So being the nice and friendly person that I am I replied with a hi. I guessed that she was going to walk pass me after that weird moment of exchanging "HIs" but instead of walking away she compliemented my t-shirt somewhat like..."nice shirt".

Surprised by the fact that she wanted to converse more, I turned back to say thank you followed by an awkward silence between the two of us. I was about to walk off when I noticed that she was taking her handphone out. Curious, I stopped to see what she was up to. Then she said;

D : You're Benson right?

M: (shocked) Umm, I know you from somewhere?

D : Yeah, we met at the English drama competition remember? Third semester. (shows a picture of me with her at the drama competition on her handphone)

M: We did? Haha...okay. I'm sorry but I don't seem to recall.

D : It's okay, I didn't introduce myself that time. I'm Elaine.

M: Oh...well it's nice to meet you Elaine. *smile*

D : Nice to meet you too. Well, what are you doing here anyway? Aren't you like studying music or something?

M: (shocked) Eh, how did you know that I play music?

*talks for a little while more*

D : Well, you should consider taking up music classes you're very talented. *smile*

M: Yeah I should...sometime. Oh hey I got to go, I've got class.

D : Oh okay. Hey, can I have your number?

M: Sure.

Weird but...that's how I met a new friend. o.O
Not very important thing to blog about but the point did I forget someone whom I took a picture with? I felt bad lol.

But in the end, it's all good.

*groans* I don't know about you but I'm tired! Have been a real sleepy head these past few days. I think I've always been one though...haha!

Gdnite peeps!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009


1. People need to learn how to EXPRESS their feelings and thoughts properly so that there will be no misunderstanding.

2. People need to learn to be HONEST and SINCERE when giving point of views or opinions so that other parties will not misinterpret the information or motive.

3. People need to learn how to OPEN UP when necessary especially when they need help so that they don't live in misery and develop a mindset that nobody cares or wants to help.

4. People need to learn how to LISTEN; understanding what others are saying and responding properly to it.

5. People need to be CONSIDERATE towards others specifically their feelings, well-being, and privacy.

To the many people whom I have disappointed/offended/hurt... I apologise for not being able fulfill these 5 protocols of communication...and I am SORRY. I don't expect you to forgive me but I just want you to know that I acknowledge my MISTAKES. The rest is up to you.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009



Okay I'm gonna blog about......going out for supper with my brother and Karyn Ong. (in paragraphs)

Here goes!

I'm going out with my brother to eat indo mee at the nearby mamak in front of the cyber cafe we normally go to on weekends in 5 minutes...(which is after this post) <----did you manage to understand that? kidding!

And my wound has gotten all better but not better...well it feels better...but looks like sh*t. Thanks mum for applying the antiseptic this morning for me...I was half asleep and wouldn't do it myself, hah!

Wokay...where were we? Oh yes! Karyn!

to be continued! indo mee first!

Back from wonderlanddddddddddddddd! NOT. =(]

I met Karyn back in the days of high school when she was just Form 1 and i was Form 4. (i think) The way we met was pretty awkward because normally, when you meet new people you would introduce yourself formally and then start talking. But instead of doing that, I went up to her during my sister's (14th?) birthday party and asked to dance. She said YES, surprisingly. We didn't talk much, but I got to know her better. Besides, the dance didn't last long...she got uncomfortable after a while I think.

The first impressions I had on her were;
a) crazy girl
b) childish
c) SERIOUSLY...a crazy girl.

But still, that didn't stop us from talking via "a lil something called technology" such as MSN and SMSes...noobs.

And one day, while we were chatting online...she intro-ed to me (in my opinion) the BEST FREAKIN ROCK BAND I HAVE EVER KNOWN IN MY LIFE....go figure. BE INDEPENDENT.
So far, I think this rock band is still our biggest "common interest" other than the fact that we love listening to fast, upbeat, rock-ish music. I'm so glad I met Karyn, if not I wouldn't have known these guys! Thanks ryn. =)

Over the years, I got to know her better and realized that she's actually someone really special with a unique personality. She has her own point of view on things, knows how to set her own goals and accomplish them in her own way. Chooses to follow her world and not the world. Having a conversation with her can be really boring but interesting at the same time. And the way she talks is just......gifted? omg. JUST KIDDING. That wasn't supposed to come out it was in my head! What I meant was...she talks with a lot of ATTITUDE.

One more thing I really like about her is that she's such a PESSIMIST...which automatically becomes her sense of humour. Not saying that her pessimistic mindset is always appreciated, but her dark humour is always Also! she's a person who takes cleanliness seriously. I think the better word would be...hygienic?

She can be really cold sometimes, especially when she 's going thru a bad hair day...but most of the time she's nice. Sorta like a Hot 'n' Cold thingy going on. And she "loves" Katy Perry btw. Although I've received bullets, shits, burning arrows and molotovs from her a few times, (not literally) I choose not to put her aside because no one in this world is perfect to start with. On top of that, I'm sure I've offended her a few times I guess we're pretty even to say the least. But one thing's for sure; I couldn't find a better Paramore buddy/friend to share my sorrows and joys with than Karyn.

You might assume that I know her very well, but the truth is I'm actually more than a thousand miles away from knowing her entirely. Well, I actually know her based on the scale of the text you're reading now which is; thismuch. And Karyn consists of....thismuch. times(x) the number of times she farts inhales and exhales... which probably means that I'll never ever know her entirely. =\ *which I am not supposed to because life wouldn't be interesting if I knew everything about her*

BESIDES, life is a why rush? =)

She's crazy but she's not crazy.
The things she say sometimes are weird but true.
She's a girl but she's not a girl. *she doesn't have piercings, like wtf?*
What a combina-tion...

All I can say is...thank you Karyn for being my friend. LYTB&P!...of meat popiah. =)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sports Day!

Hey readers!

No, I didn't attend any sports day today. I just played two sports at one go. Football followed by basketball! Awesome right? haha. But that resulted in a pretty bad wound I got while playing basketball. Fell and scrapped a small portion of my knee's skin. Thanks dark skinned boy with the grey-ish shirt for pushing me. (<---did you manage to comprehend that?)

Stinged like !$@!@#$%!~@$!#^@@^##~@ when I poured cold water on it btw...and later stinged more when I had to wash the germs off with dettol mixed with cold water.(imagine the pain!) Benroy said it looked disgusting. So did my mom. hah!

But thanks to my loving grandmother my wound is all patched up. Thanks amma! =D

Btw, saw a really pro Kepong driver few days ago...

Even I can't do that with a SUV man. haha. *hats off*

Alright i've got nothing left to say. Silence is golden. woots! ciao.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

If only HERE was a safe place to express what I have to say.

Hey there again!

I know I haven't been updating much, but i think that's the only reason why most of my posts are unique and special don't you think? HOWEVER, It's just my humble opinion, and it's one that I believe in. You can think whatever you want but just remember, you don't deserve a point of view if the only thing you see is you. =)

So anyways, today I'm going to be doing something different and out of the norm...unlike, my usual posts of showing you guys what I've been doing currently or recently in my life. Yeah, it may be boring-er (if you find all my posts boring) but this is definitely something you would want read if you want to know me better.

TOP 3 frequently asked questions about my life. (have fun...)

1. Do you have a girlfriend? Why not?

No.'s very simple actually. I CHOOSE NOT TO. hah! Just kidding...I wouldn't pass this question off without giving valid reasons.

a)Timing was probably never right...
b)Never really found the right person.
c)Never felt ready to get into a relationship...didn't think I would treat my girl right because I wasn't matured enough to lead the relationship. I'm not saying that I've already reached that required level of maturity...but I sure am more matured compared to last time. =) I'm available...t&c applies. jk.

2. Why don't you want to further your studies in music?

Good question that a lot of people ask me since my passion is music. But really, if I want to make it big into the music industry, it's definitely not going to happen in Malaysia...sad to say. On top of that, I don't have the luxury of taking oversea courses...also considering the fact that my parents are not supporting the thought of music as a career. Hence, the best I can make of with my talents is to serve God and treat it as an extremely extremely extremely favourite past time. hehe.

3. What are you most afraid of?

I used to have a great phobia of flying insects...specifically flying cockroaches, wasps, bees and grasshoppers. But I've gotten over that. Right now I'm most afraid of losing my family/close friends. This is my biggest fear that I cannot get over until this day. Call me weird but, everytime I'm stoning or just wondering/dreaming...I tend to imagine someone close to me die...and the pictures I see are so that really freaks me out. In event of this occuring, I'll be extremely worried for that person for the entire day or week. I'd get all worked up...can't concentrate on my work...i'll keep trying to call that person and sms etc. The only way I can relief myself of this phobia is to really talk to that person...more to having a heart to heart talk. It tends to get my mind of those scary images I imagined.

So, these are my 3 most frequently asked questions about my life...what are yours? Remember to tag me if you post something like this when you update so that I can see and comment. =)

BTW. The text above in red are lyrics from one of Paramore's new song from their 3rd album entitled "Brand New Eyes"...Playing God. Credits to them!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Here's a piece of Kuala Rompin!

BTW, paintball was really fun! Played it for the first time at my company's 1st ever team-building trip at Kuala Rompin. Summerset Resort. It doesn't hurt as bad the way people describe it to me...maybe they have a softer epidermis lol. Anyways, I only got shot TWICE for the entire league that we played, one at my left leg and one more in my face...yes my face. (I was wearing a mask)
Despite my face being protected from the pellet's force, the paint that penetrated through the holes of the mask (the ones for breathing) still kinda hurt a bit. It felt like someone slapping my mouth. On top of that, I tasted some of the paint...(yellow colour some more. Grr, I hate yellow...) And it tasted HORRIBLE...bitter like @!€@!$!%!~@$%!@#$!
We ended losing though cause the last game I ran out of pellets and my other suriving team mate got shot. So I had no choice but to surrender. haha...and that was when I got shot in the face...eventhough I stood up to inform my defeat to the referee. *look below*

Yes, it was a near-range shot. Ouchies. but didn't hurt much.
K gtg, no mood to blog already thanks to someone. Bye!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adventure awaits!

Gonna be away for 3 days peeps!

No updates on Facebook and blogspot till then!

Gdnite~! =D

Btw, anyone who wants the new album from Paramore; "Brand New Eyes" come get it from me!
*i've got the whole album 11 tracks in full*

Paramore for life. Cool stuff. ;)

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Dead blog & AFC Mini Bootcamp Christ Church Penang!


I'm back after not coming to my blog for 10 days since my last post! =O *not good*
But what can I say, I'm lazy to blog. haha.


Up coming events will be:

1. Going to Seremban tomorrow (19th Sept) to attend St.Marks Youth/Night Rally called STOMP!

2. Work moi part-time supervisor job in 3 places...Selayang, Sungai Buloh, and Gombak. RM130 per day. *woot woot!* 23rd Sept.

3. My company's 1st ever team-building trip! 29th Sept-1st Oct. Venue still remains a mystery. Argh...suspense. Hate it.

4. Going back to college! 19th October.

28th-31st August

AFC Mini Boot Camp Penang!

It was a really nice experience going for this trip and I totally enjoyed myself. Glad that I went. haha. I also got Benroy (my younger brother) to come along too. =)

We left approximately at 9.30pm on a Thursday night. Initially, the departure time was 8.30pm but the bus driver's car got stolen or something? So we were just chillin' around the church compounds while we wait for the bus driver to arrive. Here's my good friend, JJ (Jeremy Joseph) to report on the situation.


I apologise for the bad quality of pictures and video. I took almost all of em with my phone's camera. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries and I forgot to go buy some...hence my phone was my only gadget.

So yeah, we FINALLY reached Christ Church Penang around 3-4 in the AM...about 6 hours++ journey. We were greeted by my former church Pastor, Rev Chris. He was pretty shocked to see me and Benroy with AFC lol.

We slept till 8am and went for breakfast at a nearby kopitiam. WAS SO TIRED! But we had to follow the schedule...


Then we had ice-breaker, got to know each other's name and etc...most of the congregation there were youths ranging from 10?-21 years old. A majority of them were young teenagers.

1st day practice! Andrea teaching "Shackles" dance.

Candid shot of Joseph and Jamie. A playful couple. =)

Janning & Jovenne teaching "Hallelujah Praise" to the more advanced dancers.

Had supper that night. Really awesome food in Penang. I miss it!

Jovenne & JJ.

The place where we ate at.

We got home pretty late that night...and there was a service that we had to attend first thing in the morning.


This is Jessica (left) and Angelina (right). They're both sisters. Grr, why didn't I take better pictures with them haha.

I tell you, Jessica is seriously so cute la. Halfway during the service I slept for like 10 minutes or more. This little girl kept telling me don't sleep don't sleep...stay awake...haha. But I really couldn't tahan...*was so tired + the sermon was quite boring long.* So I just...SLEPT. But when I woke up, Jessica was sleeping....ON MY LEFT SHOULDER. lol. Angelina was laughing throughout the incident. Well, yeah she woke up...and of course she felt a bit embarrassed about it. haha. HOWEVER, she fell asleep again...and without hesitating she dropped slowly on my left shoulder...again! She was really embarrassed after the second time. XD
Anyways, we weren't the only ones who weren't paying attention...

Caught in action! =D

Then the performance night was on the last night of the camp. *duh* We performed 3 dances, a drama skit and a sign language performance. Videos are with Jovenne so can't post it up here. Sorry!

Joshua. Talented dude. Plays piano/guitar/bass/drums.


Daniel Chai & Evonne Siew!

Janning, Me, Jovenne, Benroy.

After performance night was over we went out to have THE LAST SUPPER! *kidding* But it was the last supper in Penang for us. haha.

Tengok, banyaknye minuman sekali gus!

Janning, Benroy, Joshua Mohan.

That was pretty much it for the day...UNTIL...

Janning: "Eh come, teach me how to solve this thing! =]"

She's a fast learner. Good student! =)


This was the next morning JUST before we left Penang. I ate one of the best cendol ever existed in Malaysia. Mouth water-ing now that I think about it...I feel like eating it now wei! >.<
*fyi, I'm no longer wearing those sunglasses anymore*

We went on a tour around batu ferringi (i think) after the cendol and got back to church around 2.30pm. Said our goodbyes, and departed.
Just two words.

Simply Awesome.
Enough said. =)
You guys should go to Penang too! =D

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Archery Fail.



Karyn's tradition.



Hey peeps.
This is the post that yall have been waiting for! (not)

So about few days before I departed JB for KL, I went for a movie and bowling session with the K duo at Leisure Mall.

24th August 09.



I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Somewhere in the 1st game that we played, Karyn started going hyper and here are some candids while she was LHAO.





Oh boy....

After we were done with bowling, we still had some spare time. Wanted to play pool but the table was already taken. (there were two tables but one em wasn't working)
So we resorted to old school "photo hunt" at the arcade.

Watched "UP". It was a pretty good movie. Interesting and the writer of the story had quite an imaginative mind. But still, it was not plausible (in my opinion) as I believe that gas balloons alone cannot make a house float. *word?*
Hung out at their house later until 7pm (i think) and then said my goodbyes to them.
Well that's all for now. L8er!