Sunday, January 25, 2009

I don't think so...I know so.

Is it correct for a Christian to buy weekly Lottery Tickets?


"As a Christian I believe that God is our source. He provided me with a job, and a salary. I give faithfully to God's work, through my church and other organisations, and to some individuals. I believe that God is my source, and so I don't need to do the lottery. God's purpose for me is not to get rich in wealth, but all that I own is already His. When God provides for things I cannot afford, then I know that He is indeed my provider. He has never let me down. The love of money is the root of all evil, and in participating in the lottery, I would really be saying, "I don't need God." I trust God - so I don't need to gamble."

"I personally don't gamble, I don't think Jesus taught it as a good thing."

"God's blessing does not come from sinning (gambling).God's blessings come from obedience to His word.If you win a lottery, its from satan, not God. And satan's gifts always come with a string attached to get you to spend eternal damnation with him in hell.Blessings from God, are unconditional, sincere and because He loves us and hears us."

"I bought a lottery ticket just once but I didn't win - the way I look at it is if you buy one once you improve your chances from zero to one in forty-seven milllion or whatever, but buy one again and your chances are still the same it's just another trial of the same odds.But since I've become a Quaker I haven't gambled as it's not encouraged even raffles. I think the thinking is that it isn't a responsible use of your money and you get something for nothing in effect."


And if you think this isn't solid enough,

For all those who are struggling with this kind of problem or ambiguity about Christians participating in lotteries...STOP IMMEDIATELY.
The world can tell you anything to deceive you, but never forget what the Bible says. Jesus owns everything we have. Every single thing. And to misuse God's property to commit a sin is equal to going against His word...disobeying.

So STOP. Gambling will destroy your life. Once you get'll be hard to get out of it. Gambling never came from God. Never did.

If you don't even try to save are you going to save others?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ok, here's what I'm gonna do.

ALright so...I'll briefly tell you what has been happening to me recently. Then i'll do my Physics revision IN THIS POST since I can't get my ass to study looking at notes.
(ignore the revision)

I totally got my biological clock reversed. (if that makes any sense) so I can't sleep well at proper or appropriate times. I'm like waking up at 12pm ++ and then feeling tired and sleepy around afternoon (2-4pm) then I'll drop on the bed and sleep till 8/9pm and then stay awake till 2am-6am in the morning.

I feel like a vampire...ugh. Or maybe some nocturnal species. So yeah, that's basically why I've been seen online on MSN early in the morning lately. And the worst part is...I can';t get myself to study Maths. So confusing. *hate Maths*

So ima do physics now. Gdnite all! Ciao!

*end of post*
*I don't think you guys could understand this so yeah. I simply use signs to relate to my physics, not necessarily the proper symbol. so IGNORE*

Celsius/ Fahrenheit conversion.

Tf=9/5Tc+32F Tc=5/9(Tf-32F)


Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics
If A=C, & B=C;
Then, A=B

Thermal Expansion, L=Lo(1+@^T), @ is the coefficient of linear expansion.
Volume Expansion, ^V=BVo^T, B is the coefficient of volume expansion.

For uniform solids, B is approximately equal to 3@

Thermal Stress, F/A=@E^T ^L=1/E (F/A) Lo, Where E=Young's Modulus.

Boyle's Law = Volume is inversely proportional to Pressure, given that Temperature is constant.
Charles's Law= Volume is linearly proportional to Temperature, given Pressure is constant.
Gay Lussac's Law= Pressure is directly proportional to Temperature given Volume is constant.

Ideal Gas Law= PV=nRT where R is a constant, 0.0821 L.atm/mol.K or 8.315/mol.K

Ok this is ridiculous, I prefer the notes now. Gdnite all!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yay a new layout!

Almost all the blogs I visited recently had changes in their layout.
So I kinda felt that I should do something about mine as well...
Since it's a new year, I'd thought that a new colour would do the trick. =)

As a result,


I personally like it lots. haha. I'm very sure that it's definitely better than the previous one.
But do comment and vote in the poll at sidebar to the right, just over there...


Alright, gtg.
Gonna power-study.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wherever you are

I wrote this song with my eldest sister, Melissa, back in 2005 i think...and this is the first song I ever wrote. Finished it in about 1 hour or around 12++ am. Was really last minute decision to write it...haha. It was dedicated to my close friend, En Ai, who was about to leave JB to further her studies, and also Lynette Goh, who was going overseas to Australia to further her studies as well.

The song basically matter where a special someone goes, or wherever he/she may be, they will remain in our hearts forever. This song is a symbol of true friendship and love. Lastly, it is a prayer for that certain someone, that he/she may never lose faith in God.

I just wanna make a shout out to these two friends of mine (if you're reading this)
I miss you tons! =)

Wherever you are,
Distance is meaningless to me,
Wherever you go,
I pray that the Lord will lead you on,

I know for sure,
God has a plan for you,
I know it's true,
We are one in spirit,

Wherever you are,
You will always be in my heart.

Wherever you are,
Distance is meaningless to me,
Wherever you go,
I pray that the Lord will lead you on,

I know for sure,
God has a plan for you,
I know it's true,
We are one in spirit,
Wherever you are,
You will always be in my heart.

I, pray,
You'll draw near to Him,
I, pray,
You will reach your goals,
There's, nothing,
You can't do if you just trust,
In Him,

Wherever you are,
Distance is meaningless to me,
Wherever you go,
I pray that the Lord will lead you on,

I know for sure,
God has a plan for you,
I know it's true,
We are one in spirit,
Wherever you are,
You will always be in my heart.

*umm, the track is in progress...haha. Patience is of the essence ppl. =P*

Monday, January 19, 2009

Maybe I should get an iPod too.

Hmm for those who have completely NO IDEA of what I'm talking about...please read...

Yups. Celine got an iPod Nano Chromatic as a gift.'s from Australia. So yeah, you would probably figure out by now that she's a very lucky kid.



So we went to St.Pauls this morning for our 2nd time in the AFC Youth Service...and I played bass for the Praise & Worship session. After everything was over, Celine asked me how was the congregation when she was leading worship...some of the remarks I gave was;

"Ok la...better compared to the previous ones..."
"Umm, still a little dead...but got some signs of life here and there la."

Which is pretty much what I saw. haha. It's kinda funny in a weird know, seeing all of them stand there like petrified statues...just looking at the screen filled with the lyrics of the songs...(I almost burst out laughing at one point seeing this little boy with his mouth open wide) XD.

But for starters...I would consider it ok. Things like these need time. So yeah, ima give it and see what happens. =)

I kinda feel bad...because I'm being torn into 2 parts of making a decision;
1. To attend the current church that we have been going to for Sunday services.
2. Attend St.Pauls AFC Youth Ministry every Sunday.

Mum & dad advised me to go to which ever church I feel comfortable with. As in whether I feel that God has called me to be there. But I know now that if I choose to make any one of these decisions...I will have to disappoint someone. One way or another.

I really wish that I wouldn't have to choose...but I guess sooner or later I will have to.
God, I just pray that you guide me in this. I don't know which choice would be right...and which would be wrong to make.

Sighs, actually...I've got bigger problems than this...haha. MY FINALS! *omg*
Fresh meat, anyone?

And oh one more thing, Happy all my friends and cousins, and friendster friends, and facebook friends, WoW friends, DoTa friends, UTAR friends, family, relatives and anyone of the like.
Wokay...I think that's all I really want to say at the moment...I really dunno what else to say...
Oh yeah, I forgot to say that I am in desperate need of a RAM upgrade for my Acer laptop.
You can't really do much with only 256MB ya knw...DDR type btw. So yeah, really ancient. =X
Does anyone know where to get DDR laptop RAMs for dirt cheap prices?

Till the next time peeps,

Well, the least we could do is pass around CNY cookies during our final revisions...right? =)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

20 days left till FINALS.

Firstly I wanna make a shout out to ma homie;

Happy Birthday Leonard Da Vincci!!!

May all your wishes and dreams come true. =)

We kinda surprised him in Uni today, but I think he saw it coming...haha. What to do...surprsing people by bringing out cakes with litted candles has already become a part of UTAR's culture.

He uses only 1 finger to cut his cake...

Everybody, meet Lee Eng. She's a very nice person...and she's attached to...*beep*. hehe.

Just snapped a few pics before we brought the cake in to the lecture hall where Leonard was at.

Black Forest...Gen's choice.

Haha...i took this pic while Leonard was sneaking to give Gen a kiss. Too bad she managed to avoid. XD

Group photo! Take 1.

Take 2!

Leonard Da Vincci.

Sze Yi & Kheng Kuan.

Tiba-tiba Warren also wanted to come camwhore with Sze Yi. haha.

Boys having fun with the camera...uhh, sounds wrong.

Warren & Ganesan.

We went to the cafeteria to cut the cake up.

And there's videos of the bday surprise too! But sadly Blogger isn't allowing me to upload em. Dunno why...the vid isn't that big either. So till I set em up on guys can't see it. haha. Sorray!
K I'll edit this post later. gtg now.

Adios peeps.


And here are the videos that I promised to put up; I'm so glad that there are such things as Youtube. If not, I wouldn't be able to let yall see 'em' vids. =P

Just when I thought I had no more tags to do...

Just visited Karyn's blog after like such a super duper long time.
*Yes, Karyn...I am guilty!*
and I found out that she double tagged me.

*this has to stop someday...seriously*

This is a short tag to express your current mood. tagged by Karyn Ong Kai Ling!!!!!!

01. 1 a.m:
Marks the first hour of the day.

02. I love it when:
I kick ass.

03. Karl Lagerfeld is:
My Father, NOOOOOOOOOO! *jk, I dunno who he is*

04. Tomorrow:
Will decrease the number of days I have left to prepare for my finals.

05. I have to confess:
That I am longing for professionality in music.

06. If I had one million dollars I would:
Make em all into paper planes and then give it to the woman at the bank counter saying "I want to bank in this much."

07. The future:
Depends on how you live your life right now.

08. Maybe I should:
Get a girfriend.

09. I am tagging:
tagged by Karyn ONG KAI LING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rules & Regulations:-
Do not copy answers.
The tag questions must be 100% the same.
Tag people after doing tag.
No tagging back.

I shall tag: Again, NOBODY. But if the peopleon this list still wants to do it then, b my guest.

1) Melanie *haha, ok now #1 has a purpose in this tag XD*
2) Ganesan
3) Leonard....wth? I just realized I'm doing the same tag again
4) Gen
5) Sunny Ooi
6) Ah Chi aka chuchu
7) Christina
8) Kian Hong
9) Kheng Kuan


1. How do you know 1? (Melanie)
- Met in UTAR.

2. What would you do if you never met 2? (Ganesan)
- I'd be missing a lab partner & a good friend.

3. What would you do if 3 and 4 dated you? (Leonard & Gen)
- ERM. I don't think that would be see...3 & 4 are already dating. XD

4. Would 5 and 6 make a good couple? (Sunny & chuchu)
- HAHA....they were husband and wife ever since they came to UTAR LAh! lololol.

5. Do you think 7 is attractive? (Christina)
- Of course, that's why she's taken already.

6. Do you know anything about 8's family? (Kian Hong)
- Sadly no. But I wouldn't mind getting to know his family. =)

7. Tell me something about 9. (Kheng Kuan)
- He's in love with C. Right KK? ;P

8. What language does 2 speak? (Ganesan)
- English, Malay, and Chinese cusses such as ..."period 3" *inside joke*

9. Who is 3 going out with? (Leonard)
- Number 4.

10. How old is number 4? (Gen)
- 20 this year.

11. 5? (Sunny)
- 19 this year.

12. Who is 6 favourite singer? (chuchu)
- I think she adores Ken's singing...I think...

13. 7? (Christina)
- Herself. lol

14. Is 8 single? (Kian Hong)
- Yup.

15. What is 9 last name? (Kheng Kuan)
- Tan.

16. Would you consider being in a relationship with 1? (Melanie)
- Maybe...well, I don't know...haha.

17. Which school does 2 go to? (Ganesan)

18. What do you like about 3? (Leonard)
- Cheerful fella, humourous, nice person. =)

OK...hopefully...there are no more tags for me to do. And even if there are any, I pray that it would be a different one other than the ones I have done so far!

Alright Karyn, sorry for not showing you this for like so long. Was suppose to let you see right after I posted it. haha. Anyways, here it is;
*everything in this message was posted exactly the way it is shown here and was not altered, edited, or modified*

To hayley: OMG you're friggin 20 Hayley! Happy Bday!!! & to show your token of appreciation,
please personally email or IM us at &!
Go have fun. =)
May all your wishes and dreams come true.

Your loving and lovely fans(and future awesome friends)
Karyn & Benson, Malaysia.
P.S: We love you! =D

There ya go Ryn. Sorry for not informing you of the changes...but it all seems a lil too late to change anything now, so live with it until her next bday yah? XD
K I gtg,
Gdnite fellow readers!
Pls pls pray for me and myfinals and that I don't have to be stuck in my foundation and that I can just do well and GET ON WITH MY LIFE~!

We are male by birth, and man by choice...1! 2! 3! Ussss!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ahh...the beauty of doing tags is...I don't know. ^_^"

Tagged by: Christina Lim
I tag : NO ONE! But I'm going to put these names here for the sake of doing the tag. But if ya wanna do my guest. =)
1. Karyn
2. Kimberley
3. Celine
4. Daniel Tan
5. Gideon
6. Shan Li
7. Bryan Yong
8. Sanjeev
9. Gopi
10. Melanie
#1 You know 1?
#2 What would you do if 3&4 dated you?
I'd tell both of them "It's not's me, so it's never gonna happen". Then I'll match-make both of em. hiak hiak hiak.
#3 Would 5 & 6 make a good couple?
Uhh, well...maybe a guitar couple. haha.
#4 Do you think 7 is attractive?
Oh, yes. Very attractive.
#5 Do you know anything about 8's family?
Yeah...we pratically grew up together in high school.
#6 Tell me something about 9
He's tall, dark, handsome...but not rich. lol. But still, he is until to of my bestest friends. =)
#7 What language does 2 speaks?
I'm getting a dejavu that I've done this tag before. Anyways...Mandirin, English, cacated Malay *XD* a little bit of Japanese, and prolly some other language which I never heard her speak before.
#8 Who is 3 going out with?
No one at the moment, if you're thinking of trying...I've got two words for ya; GIVE UP.
#9 How old is 4?
20 this year.
#10 When was the last time u talk to 5?
Hmm, on Christmas Eve. Texted him.
#11 Who is 6's favourite singer?
Fall Out Boy! (right?)
#12 Would you date 7?
Err, I'd take that as a rhetoric Q...coz the answer seems obvious. Eheh...
#13 What is 9's last name?
#14 Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
Maybe? I don't know. haha.
#15 Which school does 2 goes to?
Formerly; SMK Sri Tebrau. Currently; Kem YPJ Sekakap Mersing. She's in NS. =)
Ok no more tags people! REMEMBER,
Save the World, Save yourself; Keep those tags away!
Now that I'm almost done with all my errands *except revising Physics*, I can update. Woo Hoo!
Gosh, it has been 11 days since my last update. Man, I feel like a total blogger jerk for delaying my updates constantly. Well, as much as I schedule always seem to get the better of me. haha.
Oh yeah, speaking of schedules...I was thinking of making myself some sort of timetable...not for studying though, but for my physical work out. Because lately, I noticed a small increase in my weight. So that got me thinking whether I should watch my diet or do some exercise. Plus, my stamina has dropped drastically ever since I stopped playing sports on weekends. When I played futsal with the guys last Wedneday, I got ownt so bad that I felt like I'll never have any rights to step foot into Old Trafford. haha. I know I guys must be probably thinking that this timetable won't last anyways but yeah, it's true. Cause I only intend to use it until I reach my target. =)
So should I? Or would it be wasting my time?
So coming back to today, well it's not really "today" anymore coz it's 1am,
I overslept againzzz...I got up at around 8, but then I went back to sleep because I was so tired! And then I ended up waking up at 8.25. haha. Celine was like having a & Benroy kena cukup-cukup from her this morning. Coz she had to like wake us up...and considering the fact that we slept at 2am yesterday playing CS...our lazy asses couldn't budge. But somehow, we managed to get there on time before the praise and worship session started.
We went to St.Pauls church to check out the "re-opening" of the All For Christ Youth Service which was supposedly dead for dunno how many years...2 and a half I think. So yeah, according to Celine, the service was much better compared to the previous ones when Daniel Chai and Andrea was not involved. So having both of them in charge again was...well some sort of revival for the youth ministry. Good for em. =) And best part about it is...I'm going to be serving in church next week! =D
To be frank, I'm super duper excited to be serving once again. Coz it has been SOOOOO long since I actually played any musical instrument for a church service. So yeah,really happy about volunteering myself to serve in St.Pauls.
Daniel Chai came up to Celine to ask whether she could be the worship leader for next week...well it wasn't really much of a request or anything...he just came over and said;
"Ok,'ll be on a...Rockstar."
He's a funny dude. But yeah, it was more of an automatic thingy...Celine has lead worship for the youth sevice the two things that the youth ministry lack right now are "worship leaders & bass guitarist". Initially, I wanted to serve as a drummer...but I saw that there were a few guys who could play...then I said I'd serve as a guitarist, but then Daniel was looking for bassists. So I told him that I can be flexible...drummer/guitarists/bassist/backup singer. haha.
Then he said to Benroy;
"Wow, your man band."
Then he started giving me ideas of how a harmonica would do the trick to complete a "one man band" swt...XD
It's kind of funny how the conversation went...coz eventually...all three of us got involved in the duty roster all of a sudden. It's know they ask...and we all simply oblidged. haha.
After the service, we headed off to this famous meatball stall in Sungai Besi. I was little reluctant to drive there...because I don't know the place well and I was afraid that I would have a hard time finding my way back. Plus, I forgot to bring my wallet. So dumb right? Drive a car without my license...and no cash. WTH. Careless me. But anyhoo, Daniel suggested that we car pooled with him, so the plan to eat with the AFC peeps went from..."Tak jadi" to "JADI".
The food tasted really good. But Benroy was having some problems with the beverage he ordered...dunno what green-ish thing called "Salai".*in canto* Good thing I ordered the "Kat Chai Shi Mui"...hee.
After all of us finished eating...I just had a feeling that Daniel was going to belanja the 3 of us siblings. I kinda saw it coming la...because Benroy couldn't shut up about not having enough money...kept asking Celine whether she have enough to pay for him first. Argh...I was kinda annoyed and irritated by the fact that he was being so insecure. I already told him more than twice that Celine will pay for the both of us first. But he kept asking me the same question. grr...
It made me feel bad la. I don't know why...maybe it's because of how I feel towards people whom I'm not fully comfortable with. I've known Daniel for a few years already. We met through DYC camps...but I never really continued building my relationship with him to the next level. It's like, I knew him through Melissa, my eldest sister. He knows my siblings and family coz we were pretty active in the DYC camps. So it was sort of like the "Hi & bye" kind of relationship...
So yeah, for me, I wasn't really comfortable with him paying for our lunch despite the fact that we were able to pay for ourselves. I just felt so...pai seh. But I thanked him and his wife, Eunice, anyways...and I said that I'll treat him back when I am working in the future. Normally, this is the part where people would give me these types of responses;
"Haha, OK say one ah."
"Oh, alright. It's deal then."
Or get the picture. But he surprised me by saying;
"It's ok la...just do the same to other kids when you are working next know...keep the cycle going."
When he said that, I didn't really manage see the significance in those words...but after thinking about it for some time in my room just now, I'm amazed by the fact that there are still some of them out there whom are not self-centered, unselfish, and sincere in their actions. It's a really deep thing for me...because, honestly...I feel that my heart has been...out of touch's kind of hardened up...not in a evil and cruel way, but from the perspective of selfishness. All this while...I never thought that it would happen to me...but...I have to admit, I have become extremely selfish and self-centered ever since I started a whole new journey in my life. Almost everything that I do, I expect something in return. I do it for my own benefit and did not think for other people. I've kinda lost that sincerity in my heart that once belonged so close to my thoughts that every single word I say would have a meaning to it and to others.
This incident today has given me a totally different viewpoint of my life right now. Daniel & Eunice may not be living a comfortable life financially, but still...they would take the trouble to drive us all the way to Sungai Besi from PJ just to have fellowship with us. And on top of that, they took out their own cash to give us a treat...even though they knew that we could afford it.
This was...and act...of random kindness. I just want to let Daniel and Eunice know...(if you're actually reading this unbelievably long post) that I really appreciate what you've done for me and my family all this while...and it means a lot to me. Thank you. =)
So that's basically it for Sunday. A pretty awesome Sunday....don't cha think?
Alright, it's 2am. And I promised myself that I won't repeat my mistakes again. Which are...getting up late and making my responsibility to get up other people's responsibility. And oh ya! Wish me luck for my finals for they are approaching. Very very soon...2nd of February. ZOMGZ.
kkkk, really gtg. Gdnite guys, thanks for ...."listening" =)
Take care yall,

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year! =D

Hey there fellow blogger/reader/person!

HAPPY 2009 YO! =D

I must say...I'm pretty excited about this year, although there were many unfinished business that were left unresolved such as my old resolutions and some other whatnots. However, I am determined to move on and make new resolutions for 2009! =)

I have yet to do post a recap of 2008 (although it may seem a lil too late to do tht) BUT I'm gonna do it anyways. haha. Just not now due to my upcoming finals for Sem 2, YIKES!

Well, on New Year's Eve...I initially planned to head down to SOHO KL at Mont Kiara for the countdown. One of my friends had a free ticket to go there but unfortunately at the very last minute, HER boyfriend could tag along, the end I didn't go there. SO...I decided to tag along with the TD13-ians to go Sungei Wang for the Street Party Countdown there. Daniel Lee, Nicholas Teo, Hao Ren and all the famous chinese celebs were gonna be there. At first I thought it was going to be something like The Curve or SOHO KL...but turns was very Chinese...haha. But I'm nt trying to discriminate chinese-ish countdowns's just that I wouldn't understand what is going on most of the time. XD

So it was settled then. I took the KTM to KL central and a monorail to Times Square so that I could just conveniently walk across to the Sungei Wang shopping complex for the countdown. The people who came along were Yoong Yang(YY), Min Yang, Thenesh, Kazuki, Wai Ming, Kar Fai, & Wei Kian. At first I thought it was just the 8 of us...but YY brought along a few other friends from his secondary I made some new friends...Keith, Boon Cheng, Daniel and his girlfriend and...umm...Cheng Mo?Correct me if i'm wrong haha. So we all met up at Times Square first, and then headed off to Sungei Wang which was just a few blocks away.

When I got there at around 5pm, I thought I was late, bcoz YY said they were planning to meet up around 5.30pm or something. But there were no TD13-ians in sight as I peered around the meet up point for familiar faces. When I called YY...

"Wei, where are you guys?"
"Ah ah...on the way...on the way..."
"On the way where?"
"Uhhh, we haven't even reach the LRT station yet. hahaha."


So I was practically the earliest among them all. T_T
And I had to wait for like 1 hour ++ till all of them arrived.
While waiting, I realized that Times Square had already set up the Chinese New Year decorations.
SO fast wei...and I thought Christmas wasn't over until New Year's Day. (silly me)
At one point I got so bored of waiting, I headed to Sungei Wang myself first. haha. Well, it wasn't really difficult to find the stage where the countdown was being held considering that they were blasting se loud music that could be heard from the entrance of Times Square. =)

So I did a little window shopping at Sungei Wang, and guess wot I discovered.
I found another shop that sells shirts just like the one my washing machine ruined!
But too bad they didn't sell that same shirt that I bought, but nvm...there were a lot more nice shirts there. =)

Then at around 6.15pm, YY called me to meet them up at Times Square. So had to walk all the way back there. Got there, greeted each other with happy smiles on our faces...and then, took some pictures. *yay~*

This is Thenesh...aka Inch. (but I call him Thenesh haha)
He's a sick literally. Funny though. XD

Front (left2right): Me, Keith(new friend =D), Wai Ming
Back: (left2right): Cheng Mo(new friend too), Wei Kian(the guy in the Pilot Shaker advert), Yoong Yang, Kar Fai, Thenesh, Min Yang and Kazuki.

Lepas itu, we went to Sungei Wang's "Gasoline" restaurant to eat. Guys, I will tell you right now...NVR ever go the the Gasoline in Sungei Wang. The service there is TERRIBLE. The Times Square branch is 100 times better. More organized and less order errors. Anyways, here are some pics at Gasoline.
(forgive me for the blur pics, my camera's flash spoiled *cries* so I resorted to using manual settings with high exposure)

The ghostly decorations on the walls of (Kar Fai started it)

I was just simply emphasizing his opinion. haha.



Wai Ming, the saviour for the day.

Umm, making out?

Now lemme explain.
1. The food came first, where normally...drinks SHOULD come first.
2. They keep bringing the same food/drinks that have already been served to us
minutes ago...and it happened like...countless times.
3. The waiters keep bringing the wrong order...countless times.
4. There's no button to call the waiter at our table unlike the branch in Times Square,
hence...yelling is neccesary to call the waiters.
5. Two of my friends got their drinks and food when we were about to leave.
6. The service charge was RM8.51.

Where's the JUSTICE in customer service?????????

But we didn't let that spoil our day though, we sang Christmas carols out loud in the restaurant, laughed out loud and responded to other customer's "woos" to release our disatisfaction. It was pretty awesome...haha. I never really had the chance to do something like that before. haha. It's like we didn't really care...the whole Gasoline belonged to US. mwahahahaha.

Oh oh! Before we went to eat, there was this "Countdown promotion" that Digi was having at the center stage of the shopping complex...and all of us were like passing we just stood there just to see what was going on. Apparently, there was a competition going on between a man, 2 small girls, and a pair of teenage girl twins from Singapore. haha. If I remember correctly, the eldest twin was Susan, and the youngest was Suzy. haha. They were pretty hot. =)
SO....yall would probably know by now...that we buat kecoh at that place la. We were being EXTREMELY supportive of the event and responded to almost everything the host said...loudly, I might add. XD
It was kinda fun tho. Because we were gang...just having fun. XD
But when the host came down stage to catch a few of us to get on stage, we ran for our lives. haha. The audience around there were pretty entertained by our lively presence. hehe. =)

So yeah, after Gasoline, we went to the stage where the countdown was being held. It was SO SO crowded and congested...that it took at least 1 minute to have a little bit of movement in the crowd. Somehow, we lost Wei Kian and Kar Fai, so we headed the wrong direction to look for them, resulting in the rest of us getting stuck in the crowd. The people couldn't move anywhere...and we were all sandwich-ed in between all those sweaty ppl. Some of the guys were hoping that they can get some "TAUFU" lol. Perverted teenagers....
But all of a sudden, things started to get a lil pushy...and some of us couldn't take the congestion, so we wanted to get out, but the problem was, we couldn't.

Luckily, I found a way out which would lead us through a cafe beside us, and back into the shopping mall. The stupid part of this entire thing is...the "cafe" people didn't want to let us pass through their restaurant. Then some people in the crowd started to get violent and real hard...and that made Wai Ming and Kazuki who were standing at the edge of the small flight of stairs leading into the cafe to fall to the ground along with a lot of other strangers. It was really bad...things were seriously chaotic, fished up and out of control.

It got worse when the Manager of the cafe took out some kind of retractable metal rod to beat some Malay dude who was pushing in the crowd. I tried talking to one of the cafe staff who was trying to push the falling crowd back on to the walking path in the middle of all the comotion but failed many times because he was more focused on pushing the falling crowd back on to the path. What an idiot. I finally managed to convince the supervisor to make a small opening at the stairs to ease the congestion of the crowd. So, my guys managed to get out of the sort of "riot" and we grouped at the nearby entrance.

We were shocked when we found out that Phy Shin lost his Nokia handphone and Daniel(new friend) lost his wallet that contained his IC, license, RM50++ and a Touch n Go card with RM100++ credit value. What a way to start the Countdown ey?

We were all pretty pissed...that incident kinda ruined our mood to countdown...but we suddenly found ourselves laughing about it after a few minutes. lol. Thankfully, NO one got injured and that was good enough for me. =)

So we went back to Times Square to get away from all the congestion...only to find out that Times Square was closed. -_-"

We had no other choice but to hang the entrance of Times Square...which leads back to...

Daniel and Yoong Yang.

Poor Phy Shin...he's the one in red.

Group picture!

Showing our tired faces...haha...a bit blur...sorray!

It wasn't so bad ya know...we found a nice spot to sit at...there was a nice breeze...and all of us could just sit down, relax and wait for the countdown. A less hype way of celebrating least there are not riots right? =)

We didn't really countdown lol...because we didn't have any countdown indicators. So we were like unsure of when to start counting's the vid of the fireworks and called countdown.

Kazuki and Thenesh with me on the monorail when we were heading back home.
My countdown for 2008 wasn't exactly the best one...but it'll definitely be a memorable one.
Might have some shitty parts in it but hey, we got through. And we got to see the fireworks after all. =)

So that's it for my 2008...a bitter-sweet ending.
I'm going to miss all the good times that I've had in 2008, and I hope that I'll have more of it this year! To all my friends & family, I'm sorry if I've ever offended you in anyway...and I ask for your forgiveness. Harap maaf!

And I wanna thank God for being by my side all this while. I couldn't have done it without Him. May this new year bring happiness, joy, peace, love, and prosperity to everyone. It's time to start fresh. Well, I guess that's it for now. I'm so freaking tired. *yawn*

Before I go, I just wanna wish everyone once again.


Gdnite...2008. Good morning...2009. =)