Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sleep Over at Bryan's Haunted Mansion!

Hey people!

Yeah, you'd probably figured out that I'm so totally kidding about the title. XD
Well, technically it's the idea but it isn' what I meant to say is I stayed at Bryan's place until Thursday! Which is 3 days and 2 nights.

Oh in case you don't know who Bryan is...he is this guy.

Yup, go give him a visit and tell him how much you love his jokes. haha.

Well, we practically gamed on Garena most of the time. I had the privilege of using Doreen's laptop which is pretty awesome. (She is his sister) But let me begin with the first day.

When I arrived at his place well I don't mean to say that I ARRIVED at anything, but you know...I "reached" his house at around 7.30pm...and had dinner there. After that we played snooker and pool at the next block with my Dad while my Mom had a chat with Aunt Neri (Bryan's mom) upstairs. Bryan was pretty noob at pool...although he ID tell me he was practicing it before I came. Well Bryan, I'm sorry but you can't get it all in one day can you? =)
But I'm a noob at pool too... OK ANYWAYS...

We played snooker after that. It was my first time I didn't really know how to. Good thing my Dad has a pretty wide knowledge about this kind of sport. My Dad is reaaally smart...=)

So we played individually, meaning free for all. My Dad obviously pwned me and I got kind of boring. Suddenly, my Dad had some trouble pocketing the balls...then it got really frustrating. And on top of THAT, Bryan wasn't playing seriously so he kept pocketing the cue ball and getting fouls. Later in the game, Bryan started to take all the balls out of the pocket and randomly put them back on the table and guess what? My Dad didn't even notice. Instead he said..."WAH...I pocket so many already but still so many. How to finish this game???"

Me and Bryan were laughing like crazy. felt so ridiculous. Then Mom and Dad went home and after they left we gamed. END OF DAY 1.

The next day, we swam...but ONLY for a while coz the sun was so freaking HOT! Bryan complained that he looked tanner after that lol. AFter that, gamed like crazy again until it was sooo late at night. Got so bored that we decided to call it quits and watched football. Chelsea vs Juventus, Champions League was showing that night I mean morning. I was SO tired but the match was so compelling and I didn't sleep. Once the 1st half was over, I practically dropped dead on the red sofa. All I could remember was seeing Chelsea's ex-manager talking to some of the Sportscenter host...and then my brain shut off. haha. Oh I forgot to mention something! Aunt Neri's spaghetti was SUPER NICE man! The best spaghetti I ate ever since 2 years ago. Before that it was Aunt Rita's spaghetti. haha...with mushroom sauce. I ate Aunt Neri's spaghetti for like...the ENTIRE day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper. Haha.
OMG im hungry now >.<

Anyways, I woke up shortly after that only to find that Bryan turned off the TV and was about to go to bed. I think he also couldn't tahan. haha. I also think he woke me up...did you, Bryan?

The next morning, we GAMED AGAIN. How lifeless is that? haha. But later around 4pm we decided to play basketball at Serene park. Man...the guys there are good. Well, better than me at least. And guess who I met there, Ben & Bryan. Two friends whom I've never met before...but they know my younger brother and eldest sister, Benroy and Mel. When I saw them, I thought that those two are very familiar faces. Then while playing with them I asked which one of them is Ben...just to see if there REALLY was a Ben. Surprisingly there was, and to confirm I asked whether they went to CHC. And they said yes with a puzzled face. So now, they know me as Benroy and Melissa's brother...I forgot to tell them my name. noob right? XD

But anyways, I never played basketball before, not seriously to say the least. So the outcomes really showed...haha. I was on Ben & Bryan's team and I played likeAnoob. You know Likanoob? Say that slowly...come on. SING ALONG...


Yeah,...*all of the above* so it's good they didn't know my name. HAHA. but i know they'll find out eventually. And it was VERy ironic that their names were Ben & Bryan...and me and Bryan (Yong) are also known as...Ben & Bryan. I only realized it when I was telling all about it to my Dad when he came to pick me up. weird huh? Ben & Bryan...AND...Ben & Bryan (Yong). lol.

So yup, when Dad came to pick me up...we played ONE last game of pool and snooker and obviously, my Dad won. This time Bryan teamed up with him. I was a lonewolf. haha. Not that I'm complaining about it or anything...I chose to go solo actually. SO DAD...IF YOU'RE READING THIS...I'M NOT WHINING ABOUT MY LOSS IN THE POOL GAME...........OK? THIS IS NOT A CONFESSION OF INEQUALITY!

Ok so...right now...I gtg. Have you guys watched slumdog millionaire yet? If ya haven't, seriously...go watch it. Coz right now I dunno any good movies except the Transformers movie that is going to be screening soon. Other than that, I've been watching Heroes and Heroes only! good ones for now.


Do check out this song. About A Girl by The Academy Is.
Really fun song. =)

So TILL MY NEXT POST.......................Go listen. =P


Friday, February 27, 2009

Here are your tags =.=

Well, I didn't tag Celine in the recent tag I did because I knew Karyn already tagged I tagged Benroy...tak sangka BOTH of them tag me back.

FINE FINE. Here are your tag responses...


Whoever who gets tagged has to write 10 things about the person who tagged him/her:
1. She's a girl.
2. She's 17 years old this year. (2009)
3. Short. *nyahahaha*
4. Likes to receive gifts.
5. Loves to dance.
6. Responsible.
7. Can be self-centered sometimes...but seldom.
8. Doesn't like to offend people.
9. Hates it when people think bad abour her.
10. Keeps most of her personal stuff to herself.


Whoever who gets tagged has to write 10 things about the person who tagged him/her:
1. He's a boy.
2. He's 14 years old this year (2009)
3. Tall for his age.
4. He's actually a very sentimental person really...
5. Gamer. (like me)
6. Very smart for his age.
7. Sometimes says the most ridiculous stuff in the entire universe...haha.
8. Trying to learn guitar and plays the drums.
9. Very into music as well. (probably influenced by me & my other sibs)
10. He's a nice guy.

There. Have fun reading.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This boy is so cute. haha.

He just did the weirdest things a kid would probably do. haha. SO CUTE. XD

I like how he just got up and screamed to release his frustration. hahahaha.

Finally the track is done!

Well, I tried singing it...but this song is memang written to be sung by a singer with high range lol.

Thus, my attempt at the song failed. Anyhoo, while I am in JB I thought why not ask my sis (who is a great singer) to sing it for me? haha. Besides, she is the one who sang it when we presented this song specially for the two friends we dedicated this song to.

If you're not sure what I'm talking about go read my previous previous previous post...nah i'll just save you the trouble of's the link.

And oh yeah, if you hear any other sounds in the track...just ignore them. They're most probably the vehicles passing behind my house. (yes my house is just beside the highway)

Wherever you are,
Distance is meaningless to me,
Wherever you go,
I pray that the Lord will lead you on,
I know for sure,
God has a plan for you,
I know it's true,
We are one in spirit,
Wherever you are,
You will always be in my heart.

Wherever you are,
Distance is meaningless to me,
Wherever you go,
I pray that the Lord will lead you on,
I know for sure,
God has a plan for you,
I know it's true,
We are one in spirit,
Wherever you are,
You will always be in my heart.

I, pray, You'll draw near to Him,
I, pray, You will reach your goals,
There's, nothing,
You can't do if you just trust,
In Him,

Wherever you are,
Distance is meaningless to me,
Wherever you go,
I pray that the Lord will lead you on,
I know for sure,
God has a plan for you,
I know it's true,
We are one in spirit,
Wherever you are,
You will always be in my heart.

Hope you guys like it. =)
Pls comment. =)

A quick recap of my stay in JB.

Hey there dear readers!

It has been quite a while since I've actually posted about what has been happening recently. So this post is mainly to update you guys on every single thing that has happened starting from the end of my exams till now. (hopefully everything) haha.

10th Feb 09.
Ok so, on the day I finished my last paper (Public Speaking) me, mum & dad left KL and reached JB around 11pm-12am. In between we stopped by Kajang to eat the famous Satay Kajang. After I unpacked my stuff and settled down in my dusty...untidy...but cozy house, I checked my email and opened one that refered to Kajang satay. I showed my dad...after reading it both of us felt bad haha. Well, this incident only happened at the other branches. We ate at the main branch so there's still a possibility that it didn't happen to us. Technically, they re-use the sauce and satay sticks that are left on the table by the other customers. Eww right? haha. So that was it for the day.

11th Feb 09.
Nothing much. Stayed home and cleaned the entire house. I couldn't stand how messy and untidy the house was. And guess wot house got infested by termites. So it's like...the stairs, the store room, the computer room and the cabinet in the living room all got termite-nated.

12th Feb 09.
Went out to Tebrau City Jusco to hang out with Suvanya. Man, I'm really gonna miss her. She already went overseas to Brisbane, Australia to further her studies on the 21st of Feb 12am. Mel tagged along and we did really stupid stuffs. haha. A pair of best friends and a brother/half-brother...what a combination. XD

We watched Bride Wars.
Girls can watch...and have a fun 1 and a half hour.
But guys who watch...will have a dreadful 1 and a half hour.'s all about getting married (one of the scariest things for guys)
And seeing girls become some what other than gentle...sweet...kind...friendly...and feminine human beings.
The AGONY. Bottom line is...GIRLS...don't drag your boyfriend to a disguised horror movie.
Then after the movie, we just hung out and walked around the shopping mall till it was time to go.

13th Feb 09.
Nothing much. Stayed at home and gamed. Watched weird vids on Youtube and Bleach. Haha Bleach rocks man. =)

14th Feb 09.
Valentine's Day! I believe I already posted about this day so I'm not going to repeat. =P

15th Feb 09.
Hung out with the Tweedies! Uncle Greg, Aunt Jolayne and their kids. haha. They're really nice people. =)

After having lunch at their and my sister joined Jerry, Jerry's auntie, and Jerry's cousins to do some shopping. Just go to the link below to check out the pics and more about the day.

16th Feb 09.
Went to Hin Loong's apartment for a swim with Melissa and Jerry! Hin Loong is a friend that I met throught Brother Kelvin aka BK. Met him at Planet Shakers Conference 05...he was selling the merchandise back then. =)

We had tons of fun. The pool had no one else we had the whole pool to ourselves. haha.
If you guys want to see the pics and silly videos that we took that day just go here.

17th Feb 09 - 18th Feb 09.
Stayed home. And watched Heroes season 2. Picked up where I left. haha...only managed to complete Season 1 entirely. Credits to Mel for the episodes.

19th Feb 09.
Went to Tesco Plentong and had lunch with Aunt Neri and Bryan Yong. Ate Shakey's pizza. ^^

20th Feb 09 - 21st Feb 09.
Stayed home...again. And and! I watched Slumdog Millionaire. My dad downloaded it. hehe. REALLY GOOD MOVIE. Everyone should watch it. It conveys a meaningful message. And and also! I watched Heroes season 3!!! Hahahahahaha, I bet most of you guys don't have the entire season 3 right??? LOL! I have it all! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! XD

Then played DOTA with Bryan on Garena until late at night. lol.

22nd Feb 09.
Continued watching Heroes 3 and gamed for the rest of the day at home.

23rd Feb 09.
Went to church. Yay~! Managed to see all the old church members that I've not seen in ages! I got to catch up with most of them haha. Most of them asked me where/what I'm studying and then commented on my new look. haha. Here are some of the comments I received from some of the church members:

"Wow, you look really different...I could hardly recognize you."
"Wah, become very handsome already ah..."
"OMG, you've lost so much weight! You never eat is it?"
"Your face become sharper already leh...becoming more and more handsome."

I didn't make up ANY of the remarks above...they are all exactly how they were said.
But I don't get it...I've been eating so much...especially during on Earth did I lose weight? I personally thought I have gained weight...but when I checked two days ago I still weigh the same KGs when I checked on the first week of CNY. *not gonna tell you my weight haha!*

So yeah, that is BASICALLY what happened during my stay here in JB. Tomorrow I'm going to have a 3 days 2 night stay at Bryan's place. haha. I'm really psyched about it! =D

Looking forward to what is going to happen in the next few days before I depart from JB on Sunday. (this Sunday)

So till my next post...go watch Slumdog Millionaire!
Peace out! =)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sometimes...the things in life can really piss you off.

1. My P1 W1MAX connection.
2. The mosquitos in my house.
3. My soccer ball is missing.
4. I've got nothing to do.
5. I'm bored.
6. My camera flash spoiled.
7. I don't have my camera!
8. I can't game in peace thanks to the stooopid internet connection and the lousy service they provide!
9. I can't upload pictures to my blog because of the stooopid internet connection and the lousy service they provide!
10. All of the above.

I feel lousy. I wanted to do something beneficial during my hols but it seems like I only have 1 more week till I have to get my ass back to KL. Dang it!

Don't you just hate when things do not go according to plan? It sucks!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tagged by Karyn.

Whoever who gets tagged has to write 10 things about the person who tagged him/her:

1. She's a girl.

2. She's 16 years old this year. (2009)

3. Tall for a girl.

4. Kimberley's sister Her full name is Karyn Ong Kai Ling.

5. Loves Panic At The Disco, Paramore & Katy Perry too.

6. A fun person to hang out with.

7. My Paramore buddy.

8. Prefers upbeat/fast music over slow/ballad songs.

9. Trustworthy.

10. Needs to brush up on her Add Maths. haha.

The person who got tagged has to write 10 things about himself/herself:

1. I'm a guy.

2. I'm 19 this year.

3. Considered short for a guy.

4. I'm a nice person.

5. Music is my passion.

6. Can be annoying/irritating sometimes.

7. Sometimes forgets that other people's feelings are as important as my own.

8. Can be extremely determined to achieve something if I want to.

9. I think a lot.

10. I ask myself questions most of the time.

At the end, you have to chose 10 people to tag and write the names out:
- Benroy
- Christina
- Melanie (but you probably won't do it lol)
- Melissa
- Sunny
- anyone else who wants to do it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


So yeah Valentine's day was pretty awesome.
Although I didn't get to go on an official date with anyone...
I got to spend some time with my Paramore buddy, Karyn Ong!! ....& some of her other friends from school. =)

So firstly, I met up with her at Starbucks, bought a drink from there...then she intro-ed me to her friends. Pretty awkward...but i guess it's normal...meeting new people. haha.

Then we went to watch Pink Panther 2. OMG.
REALLY LAME SHIT LA. It's so lame that it's kinda funny. haha. It's really DUMB! You guys should watch it! haha.

"Artificial Intelligence is no match for Natural Stupidity."

Then after the movie, met up with her friends again...and then I saw KC aka Sebastian there with them! Haha, he's like an old friend that I knew few years back. Intro-ed by Kimberley, which is Karyn's sister...(Haha, now it's the other way around Ryn!)
Never really got to know him though...we're just casual friends. So yeah, he's still tall as ever. XD

Then Karyn's mom gave us a lift (me & two of her school friends) to her house and then had pizza for dinner. Was really nice...never ate pizza in a long long time already. Then I got to know her friends...I still remember their names...(I hope) Please forgive me if I got it wrong!

Hui En & Chee Yen. (i think) lol.

And oh oh! I also got to know Shan Li's FRIEND who was hiding upstairs but came down anyway coz his friend had to go out. haha. Then we played DOTA...3 rounds. I was being a bad boy and bullied him all 3 games. haha. Sorry Shan Li!

Then right before I was about to leave, Karyn came down and gave me some of the cookies she baked for her scouts sale. And it tasted really good...TASTY. Thanks for the cookies Karyn!

So you see people...sometimes, Valentine's Day is not just all about going out with your girlfriend or boyfriend and pampering them with presents and vice versa. Valentine's Day can just be about FRIENDSHIP & TOGETHERNESS...with either family members or close friends. =)
Hence, I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day...and if you didn't there's always next year. =)

So till my next post, GO WATCH PINK PANTHER 2!
Cya! =P

Friday, February 13, 2009


Hey Guys!

Yes people, I'm finally back from the dead. Im so sorry that i didn't get to post anything for CNY and have not been updating much. (old habits die hard)

So yeah, here's something that i've been wanting to tell you guys.

I'm back in JB! woot~!

And my final exams are finally over! woo hoo!

So now it's HOLIDAY timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Give me a H~
Give me a O~
Give me a L~
Give me a I~
Give me a D~
Give me a A~
Give me a Y~

Ok that was turbo lame. But nvm that. It's still a holiday for me! *breaks into song*

So what have I been doing for my holidays? GOOD question. Technically, I just arrived...well not that I "ARRIVED" at anything...I mean..."reached" JB three days ago. So I haven't accomplished much in the time being.

I did go out with Suvanya Sukumaran (my sister from another mother) who is leaving Malaysia on the 21st of Feb to go to Brisbane to further her studies in Business...*mourns* and my beloved eldest sister Melissa.

We watched Bride Wars...
Now...I am not suggesting anything to the GUYS...but... would totally enjoy this show as much as you enjoy watching Oprah.
Now, guys...if your Valentine date wants you to watch this show...*clears throat* BEWARE...

And oh! Speaking of Valentine's Day, I've been asking a few people lately...
"What would be a good gift to give to a girl on Valentine's Day?"

I know I should have posted this up earlier but...thanks to my weird Internet connection...I couldn't. Sometimes it works...sometimes it don't. But anyhoo~ I've bought my gift. haha. So I guess you could kick this Q aside...BUT ANSWER IT ANYWAY. Please?

Then we hung out around Tebrau City, and we really talked A LOT. Like how best friends talk to each other that kind of thing? Yeah. We could practically talked about anything under the sun and have a good laugh abt it. Maybe it's because we're so comfortable around each other that we don't really care if it embarrasses us or not. haha. you'll understand later when you see the pics.
Ahh...the besties.
Shoes United!

And yes, I have some snapshots from KL during Chinese New Year! It's me and my bro doing weird stuff with the groundnuts. My bro said I looked GAY in the pics because of my hair. Well yeah, it wasn't intentional...but I did this when I just came out of the shower. So due to my current hair length, it couldn't dry as fast as it used to when it was shorter.
HENCE...THE GAY-NESS. Prepare ppl.
(Pls note that I'm not trying to imply that I'm Gay. I am absolutely and completely straight)

So I guess this is so much that I could write...well technically it's TYPED but I'd like to add a little bit of "authoring touch/feel" to my blog frm now on I would most probably use the term "write" instead of "type". Till my next post, go take a crap in the toilet.


NOOOOOOOOOOO! I can;t upload the pics.... ='(
I hate P1 W1MAX.....hats off to the download speed....but i'll never take any clothing off my body for the upload speed! ARGH!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random Thoughts.

Yes, tomorrow is my last paper for my finals! *woohoo*

It's public sweat. =)

Was surfing the internet just now and I came up with the idea of translating my name in to Japanese. Mainly, the thought came to mind because I've been watching "Bleach" recently. haha.

So I google-ed for translators...found one...and then translated...and guess what? My name doesn't exist in the japanese dictionary! So I read up on some katakana and Romanji thingy that allows you to put words together to form another word in japanese naming. Technically, Romanji is something like the Pin Yin we use in Chinese, Katakana is the characters written. So I found "Ben" which is translated as Ben also in japanese...but couldn't find "Son" I looked up Sonny...and it was pronounced as...

"SANII"....cut the 2 I's out and I got "Bensan"

So I figured...ah wht the japanese name will be "Bensan". Sounds like pengsan...haha.
But hey, you got to say it with that japanese that it doesn't sound're telling me to "pass out".

"Hey! Pass out! I'm talking to you....Pass out!!"
"Whaddup Pass out?"
"How is it going Bensan...pass out...?"


Here are a few other names I looked up. =)

1. Celine ---- Serin which means Heaven
2. Benroy ---- Form off 2 words that I put together, Ben which is the same as mine means "Son/Sons" and Roy means "King",hence the jap translation for Benroy is Benroi.
3. Melissa ---- Merissa which means Bee
4. Ben(my dad's name) ---- Ben which means Son/Sons
5. Patricia(my mum) ---- Patorishia which means Aristocrat (this is a weird translation haha)
6. Kimberley ---- Kinbari which means Cyneburg's field (wth is Cyneburg's field?)
7. Karyn ---- Karin which means Pure
8. Kathleen ---- Kyasurin which also means Pure
9. Kellie ---- Keri which means Strife
10. Shan Li ---- I formed it off 2 words too, Shay is shei, and Shane is shein. So i presume Shan should be shen. Shen sounds closer to Shane so I used the meaning from the name Shane which means God's grace. then Li is ri which means Healer. So altogether, Shan Li in jap is Shenri which means God's grace/Healer. (wow Shan have a very "holy" name...XD)
11. Kaili ---- meaning given. lol
12. Kelsey ---- Kerushi which means Victorious Ship. *Oooo~*
13. Bryan ---- No exact spelling but there is Brian, which is Buraian which means Exalted. (wht?)
14. Jeffri ---- No exact spelling too but there is Jeffry, which is Jefuri and it means God of Peace.
15. Lynette ---- Rinetto which means Nymph (what's a nymph?)

then theres....

16. Melanie ---- Merani which means Dark.
17. Ashley ---- Ashuri which means Ash Grove.
18. Sunny ---- Well, no "sunny" but there's Sun which is San...Sunny is a variation from I supposed Sunny = Sani, which means Sunny.
19. Kenneth ---- Kenesu which means Fireborn.
20. Christina ---- Kurisutina which means Christ.
21. Geneveive ---- Jenevivu which means Woman of the People. (yeah I bet you like that Gen. haha.)
22. Leonard ---- Renado which means Lion Brave
23. Daniel ---- Danieru which means God Judges
24. Eunice ---- Yunisu which means Successful
25. Jackson ---- Jakuson which means God's grace as well.
26. Jerry ---- Jeri which means Spearman.
27. Suvanya ---- This is the longest Romanji combination I formed. haha. 3 words sia. Firstly, Sue, which is Su and it means Lily. Secondly, Van which is Van which means Humility. Then there's no Ya...but I think it's close the name Yara which is also Yara in jap and it means Spring. So Suvanya in japanese is Suvanyara which means Lily, Humility and Spring.
28. Bradley ---- Buraddori which means Broad Meadow.

Yeah, that's about it...haha. So next time you see can call me....



"Bensan-nii-san" if you like. lol....

K i gtg.
Thx for dropping by and reading the random crapping here. haha.

And oh! Just for your info....this layout is temporary and NOT permanent. I just couldn't stand the messy-ness of my previous layout and just switched to this for a while. Until I can find a better one i'll have to deal with this one for now.

Alright gdnite ppl! I'll be back in JB by tomorrow. *after my last paper of course*

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Layout crisis.

Sorry bout the layout guys...the dude who made this skin suddenly exceeded his photobucket bandwidth. At the moment I really have no time to do anything abt it so bear with it a while yeah? Wish me luck for my finals!

Cya. =)