Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A response to Karyn.

Shufflin Shoppin???

Hey guys!

As I was exploring Youtube today, I came across this.
It really made me smile haha. I like to see creative works such as this one. Really cool.
I read some of the comments, one said;

"Who doesn't shop like that??? lol"

and also;

"This is going to be my new shoppin style :P"

Well, I wouldn't mind shopping like that too! (if only I could shuffle better, lol)
So here's the video, just thought that this would be something cool to share with yall'. =)
Peace out.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I have new material! =D

Hey guys!

It's a Sunday today and I just got back from church early in the morning. I was serving as a bassist for the first time in the main service today unlike the usual Youth Service that I have been attending. I realized that St.Pauls are lacking in the number of musicians...mainly bass players and piano(i think). So guys, if ya wanna help out...you are more than welcomed to serve in St.Pauls! =) (cheh~ free promotion.)

After church I got back and switched on my laptop to finish up my unfinished "Webpage Design" assignment. I did some minor adjustments, double-checked for errors and stuff....and just when I was about to begin adding the leftovers...my grandma told me that we were going out to eat.
Sigh. No choice but to delay.

My cousin, Gary Choo aka Kok Wui or Colourwolf drove us to Kepong to have our lunch. We ate at a restaurant called "Pak Hailam". The food there is not bad...well, most of it. The last time I ate there was last year somewhere around June. That time I ate the "Pak Hailam Chicken Chop" which was pretty good. But today I ate the Chicken Chop which came with a glass of Iced Lemon Tea. It was their daily promotion set. I'll give 4/5 for the fries...and a 2/5 for the Chicken Chop. And oh! 3/5 for the lemon tea. Wasn't the best today, but it IS still food. So can't really complain. haha. (looks elsewhere)

After that, I came home and then I sat in front of my comp and...here I am blogging about what just happened. Ok so that was basically my Sunday...well so far.

Alright, now for the real purpose of this post;

I have new material!

You might be wondering...what material are you talking about? Well, it's a bunch of words arranged in paragraphs and it is accompanied by a well organized set of notes and melody.

Still can't guess? Really? Are you kidding me??? ZOMGZROFLMAOFTWOMG.
I'm talking about music! =D
Music? Yes music!

I don't think I ever said this on my blog before but, I love composing songs. haha. It's really fun!
And just last week, a melody came into my mind...this time ALONG with the lyrics. lol. (now that's very rare) Usually, I'd just get the melody.

So, I took this opportunity to actually compose something new other than the one and only good song I've ever composed with my eldest sister, Wherever You Are.

This current song that I'm working on is entitled "I Do".
Now now...I've recorded a sound clip to let you guys have a rough idea of what it sounds like. Don't get too excited k...I'm actually the one singing. haha. My singing sucks.
Oh one more thing, I'm sorry to say that I won't be posting up the lyrics because it isn't finished yet. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for you guys. So i'll update you guys as soon as possible ONCE I've completed the entire song. So here it is, please do comment and give feedbacks about this short chorus.

Have fun listening. (or not)


Monday, March 16, 2009

What do you get when you put Sunny Ooi and his blog together?

TAG! Yes, that's the answer to the question above. I was tagged by Sunny Ooi 3 days ago and now only I'm doing it ahaks! XD


Benson Yap Ban Soon

2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (first 3 letters of real name plus izzle) :

Benizzle??? Hmm, doesn't sound very intimidating to me...

3. YOUR SPY NAME: (favorite colour and favourite animal).

Red dog.


(your middle name and street you live on/or neighborhood if it's a number).

Ban Soon Jalan Lang Perut Putih 8? [this tag is starting to get ridiculous]


(the first 3 letters of your last name, and first 2 letters of your first name).

Yapbe. It sounds like the cousin species of Yoda's kind...


(your 2nd favorite colour, and favourite drink).

Black Wintermelon Tea.


(2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, 1st letter of your last name, 2nd letter of your moms maiden name, and 3rd letter of your dads):

Epyan??? Doesn't sound Iraqi to me...

8. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME:(parents middle names).

Chee Nyok.

9 . YOUR GOTH NAME: (black, and the name of one of your pets).

Black Peanuts.

10 . YOUR HOOD NAME: (first 3 of your first name, and add -iqua):

Beniqua...uhh, what's a hood name?

I tag NO ONE! Mwahahahaha. Sorry to spoil the cycle. =P


Well, today nothing much happened. Just went to class and came home.
And I got a new haircut! =)
My hair was really really really super long already. It was about time I gave my hair a little shaving session. I have the same hairstyle though...just that it's shorter than before. (way shorter)
It's too bad that I don't have my camera now. If not, I'd post up a pic to let you guys see it. But oh well, my camera is in JB. I sent it for servicing because the flash light wasn't working. Good thing is, it was still under warranty. So no charges for the repairs. hehe. Well, I'm getting it back next week though. So hopefully, I'll be able to post up a pic ASAP. Or any pictures for that matter.
Alright guys, I gtg. There's unfinished assignments and homework lying on my study table. See ya!
PS: Kah May or Ban ho! Pls pls pls help to bring my camera back to KL. And oh, I left my toothbrush and facial wash in Nicholas Man's Avanza the other time I was in JB. I already told him to pass it to you guys when he's free. Thanks a lot!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A bad start to a supposedly GOOD day? What are the odds!

Yes people, today I went to Sunway Lagoon! *joy dance*
The following is the list of people who were expected to turn up;

1. Chee Shiann
2. Gen
3. Ganesan
4. Leonard
5. Lee Huat
6. Wei Kian

But Wei Kian didn't turn up because his car rosak...so poor thing right? Sigh. I feel bad for you Wei Kian. Maybe next time.

So in the end, on this list of people turned up;

1. Chee Shiann
2. Gen
3. Ganesan
4. Leonard
5. Lee Huat
6. Wei Kian

The all of them reached Sunway Lagoon around 11am-12pm. I was late by 1-2 hours. haha. There was a heavy jam that delayed me and I was stuck there for about 20 minutes or so. Gen called at around 1.30pm to check whether I was coming or not. (LOL) Then I told her my situation and she said to look for them at the cafe/eatery at the Wet Park after I got there, since all of them already played the Amusement Park. She asked me to buy the 1 Park package and select Wet Park. But I remembered that you can't select Wet Park for a 1 Park package. It must be a 2 Park package and above. Ok I bet you guys are pretty confused right now but MY POINT IS...I had to buy the 2 Park package just like the rest of them.

So I got there, parked my car...and headed to the Sunway Lagoon entrance.

Alright, this is the other thing that made me a even more late. I totally forgot that I had to pay a deposit of RM10 for that rubber wrist watch that they give you to enter Sunway Lagoon. I only had RM55 with me, and the fee for the 2 Park package was RM48. The 1 Park package was RM45 but it stated clearly that there were no Wetpark selections for the 1 Park package. So i tried to ask if I could just deposit RM7 instead of 10. Because they'd have to give it back to me anyways but unfortunately, they said cannot.

NOW here's the shitty part. I couldn't call Gen or Leonard or anyone of my friends who were already in the Wetpark because they kept their phones in the locker. On top of that, I had NO credit. So that double-confirmed that I was totally screwed. I tried asking the Guest service counter to help call Gen but no one picked up. I was seriously lost, out of options and hopeless.

That left me pacing steps, up and down at the entrance, thinking..."what the heck I should do now?" At one point I realized that the security guard was getting suspicious of me so I told him that I was waiting for my friend to come. Which was the only option that I had in mind. But that would take a miracle to happen. I stood there and just kept looking at my phone clock, seeing how late I was, estimating how long I was going to be stuck there and blaming myself for not topping up my phone. After some time, I figured that God was punishing me for something I did wrong. I literally talked to God and immediately said I'm sorry and asked that he would forgive me...I said softly "God...I know you're punishing me. I'm sorry, please forgive me. I won't do it again. Ok God, please show me a miracle!"...OMG...now I know why the guard was getting suspicious of me. He must have thought I was some crazy freak talking to himself! o.O

So as I was trying to find a way, so many stupid and ridiculous thoughts came to my mind all at once. One of it was earning money on the spot, perhaps by busking. But then I thought "that will only get my ass kicked because the security guard would chase me away, plus...i'd prove to him that I was lying about my friend coming". Then another thought that came to me was to just suddenly yell "Pencuri!" as I point into Sunway Lagoon and pretend that I was chasing after the robber as I dash pass the entrance. But then again, that would be the stupidest thing to do. I also had the thought of just climbing over the gate that was on the right side of the entrance to sneak in. But of course, that'd would just get me into trouble.

I still have many other ideas that I thought of...but I'm too lazy to say it all. haha. Ask me personally if you really want to know. There are really some stupid ones. I can guarentee that you'll laugh because that was what I did after coming up with each of it...NOT out loud though. It was all in my head. =)

So yeah, back to the story...I was stuck there and then suddenly the saying "ask and you shall receive" hit me hard. But I was really reluctant...to be frank...I don't like to ask people for money...it's like begging in a nicer way in my opinion. If someone were to give me money without me asking that's fine but I don't really like asking people for money...and what more strangers. But then again, I had to...I had no other better options. Eventually, I decided to do it because I figured that maybe it was my ego that was keeping me from doing such a thing. Oh and did I mention that throughout this entire process I was talking to God? I was like..."Ok God, you want me to ask people for money? Fine i'll do it...on one condition...it won't take long and I won't embarrass myself." and "God, should I ask that lady in the pink shirt? Yes? No? Or how about that guy with his kid? Nah...he looks like he already got his hands full just taking care of his kid..."

Then I saw this guy who didn't look local...he was at the Guest Service counter asking for information. He had very fair skin and was accompanied by another man and a woman wearing a cap. I was like ..."God maybe this guy?"

So I approached him after he finished asking for information, and I said...

"Excuse me sir..." (doesn't hear me and continues to walk)

"Excuse me sir." (he turns around)


"Hi, umm...I was wondering if you could help me."

"Well friend, how can I help you?" (smiles)

"You see, I have a problem...I've got enough money to pay for the fee to get in but I don't have enough to pay for the deposit of the watch. I only have RM7 so I'm short of 3...do you by chance have a spare change of 3 bucks?"

"How much again? 3 bucks?"

"Yes, 3 ringgit."

"Ok, let me check...(pulls out RM3 fromhis wallet) Wow, you're very lucky. This is my last three RM1 notes."

"Oh wow, thank you...thank you so much."

"You're welcome" (smiles)

Apparently, he is from Iran. He came to Malaysia to visit. His name is Moheer. (sorry if I spelled it wrongly) Well, Moheer*...if you are reading this by any chance...I just want to thank you a million gazillion majishivillion times! =)

So, I thanked God profusely after that incident...and went into Sunway Lagoon to look for my friends. Without them having their phones and mine without credit, I resorted to searching them by walking around and looking out for a familiar face. It took me about 40 minutes till I finally spotted Gen and Leonard along the way. Later, I found out that they were waiting for me at the cafe which was just BESIDE the Wetpark. I was waiting for them at a stall few metres away from the Wetpark.

How was I suppose to know that there were restaurants in Sunway Lagoon? haha. The last time I went there, they only had stalls and kiosks selling food and drinks. And that was like what...12 years ago? lol. Point is...I found them and we had a really fun time. After that, we went to Pizza Hut in Sunway Pyramid for dinner. And oh, I tried a new pizza flavour today! Island supreme. It's really good! Now I have "THREE" favourite flavours instead of the usual two, Hawaiian Chicken, Beef/Chicken Pepperoni & Island Supreme! =D

Sigh. Although it was a pretty bad start...but in the end, this day turned out to be quite an interesting day. Yawn, I'd better go. I have class in the morning at 11am. Gotta sleep early nowadays...I'm pretty much a log when I am really tired. haha.

So till my next post...PLS PLS PLS PLS comment on this post and leave pieces of yourselves in my chatbox!

With much much love and care,

Benson. =P


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blame life.

Hey guys, sorry for the once again lateeeeeeee update. I don't really find much to blog about nowadays.

So ok, let me talk about what happened recently.

Once upon a time, Celine read an email from one of our church members from St.Pauls.

"Benson benson! This Sunday right...the St.Pauls people are throwing a surprise party for JJ on his 21st birthday. Wanna go?"

"Of course! Where is the place?"

"It's in Bukit Jalil, Savana Heights I think..."

"Ok then lets go!"

So, that was how it all happened. haha.
Ok now, let me explain...
JJ who is also known as Jeremy Joseph, is a friend of mine who was about to turn 21 years old. He attends St.Pauls church since...I don't know when. But I bet it's a long time.
So the three of us (Me, Celine & Benroy) were invited to join in the surprise...hehehe.

It's a good thing that I used to live in Bukit Jalil, it really helped with "knowing how to get there" part. So it wasn't much of a problem. The only masalah was...the "getting there" part. You see...I used to live in Bukit Jalil...
My Dad was the one who drove us to my grandmum's place. So TECHNICALLY speaking...
I know how to get there. But in practical I didn't really knew how.
Thus, I travelled the Federal highway...went on the "dunno-what's-the-name-of-it" highway, turned into Sungai Besi...and THEN made a wrong turn and headed to Cheras.

Thankfully, I was aware of it and immediately made a U-turn. AND GUESS WHAT GUYS...I actually had to go through a toll(Sungai Besi)...and I forgot to bring extra money. I only brought enough money for going through the Kerinchi toll two times. (to go Bukit Jalil and to come back from there)
I felt a bit bad that Celine had to fork out money AGAIN to pay for toll...but we had no choice.
Now this is the best part...
As I drove closer towards the toll, there were no people, no counters and no sign of life or whatsoever. I was a bit surprised, but I assumed that maybe it was machine operated. Suddenly, there was a sign at the "machine" thingy that dispenses tickets that said;
"LALUAN TOLL PERCUMA" and I spoke those words outloud slowly...
At first I couldn't see it very clearly...so I was like thinking..."what the heck is that..."
Upon seeing it and comprehending it's meaning, I was like...laluan toll percuma? Eh, free toll...OMG, HAHAHAH! FREE TOLL! WOOHOO! *zooms off* XD

I was literally laughing with joy.
#1. I was laughing at the fact that there's a big ass building there specially to collect toll but they ended up declaring it as a toll-free passage.
#2. I was laughing with joy because we didn't have to waste money unnecessarily.

OK so we got there...and we were one of the early ones. In these kind of situations, taking pictures are the best thing to kill time. =)

Benroy tasted the moon.

This is Andrew & Sugin. Both of them are my church members from St.Pauls.

Lepaking and waiting.

The place was fantastic. It had a great view, had a golf course, there's a gym with tinted glass windows that stood 7 feet above my height, and the party was by the pool! It's a really nice place to live. So anyways, the party started and we took more photos and JJ came and we surprised him! =D
Btw, the food was GREAT. The DJ was pretty good too. Everything was just AWESOME!
We had a dancing session somewhere in the middle of the party. I have the pictures but I'm lazy so Im not going to upload them. hahaha. If you really want to see more pics at the party then you could go check em out here.

And you can see a pic of me dancing with my sister. And my younger brother. And JJ's face! and more of Sugin's and Andrew's pictures! and Celine! and and...ok I dunno...there's one here though. Overall, this was by far one of the really really good birthday parties that I've been to. The surprise part was ok...could have been better but the effort put into this party was like...turbo good. All of this was organized by JJ's mother.

Funny thing, my bro actually went up to JJ's mum and asked
"Can you be my mom on my birthday?"
Hahaha...I lol-ed when Benroy told me that.

Ok, that's basically what I wanted to tell you guys. haha.
I will try to update more often in the future. I won't promise...but i'll try my best. hee. =)
And oh! I presume that most you guys have watched Slumdog Millionaire...right? If you have not, do watch it. It's a really good movie.
Till my next post, pray hard that you'll have a birthday party as good as this one this year.

PS: I appreciate your suggestions, but...PLEASE let me finish what I started. TQ very much.