Monday, April 27, 2009

Recent Happenings.

Heya guys! I'm in the midst of my final exams and I'm blogging! (DEFINITELY NOT WHAT I SHLD BE DOING)
But I'm doing it anyways so I'll just quickly get on with it so that I can give you guys something new to read. See see~ aku sangat sayang readers-readers blog ini.

It was like only yesterday we spent the last day of our 3rd semester in UTAR. The gang suggested on going somewhere just to have fun for one day. At first I didn't want to go because I had plans later on. But after giving it much thought, I decided to tag along. In the end, I'm glad I went with them although it was relatively short (my time with the bunch). Was pretty enlightened by the fact that I actually got to go ice-skating after such A LONG time. It was a very nice feeling. ya know, just skating on the ice and feeling the cold, chilly, wind racing through your hair and riding off your face as you skate. Kinda therapeutic lol...

It was nice to see Yoong Yang finally skating on ice...although it was his first time (i think) and he wasn't really good...but he managed to get the hang of it. Min Yang too! But I think I enjoyed myself the most when I fell. I know most people would say it's embarassing and stuff felt pretty good to fall and just glide a distance on the ice. (iknowimweird) I fell twice by the way. The first time I fell was when I was teaching Yoong Yang the basics of skating and got pulled down by him, and the second when I was skating really fast and suddenly lost control due to the wet wet ice. (they haven't clean the ice so there were a lot water puddles around) I got a bruise on my knee from that last fall though. =\

Hmm, feels good to know that I'm still human...(or maybe I just enjoy laughing at myself when I fall)

From left to right: Min Yang, Keith, Yoong Yang, Chee Hong.

Gen, Leonard, and Chee Shiann.

Me on ice.

Yoong Yang.


So anyways, after parting ways with them...I proceeded to my next plan for the day; (which was planned much earlier than ice skating fyi)


Yeah, you might be asking...what's that? Mmm well you see, it's an easter production by FGA KL (Full Gospel Assembly Kuala Lumpur) and I was supposed to go with Lydia. But she FFK-ed me. So I went with Melanie and Ping Lon aka Rick instead. As usual, I hate getting stuck in jams...(coz you can't do anything else but move your feet) and it's tiring you's like doing useless cardio in the car...ESPECIALLY with a manual transmission. So I decided to drive there earlier so that I could avoid the jam.

I assumed that it would take me quite some time to find the church because I've never been there before...and I tend to drive slower when I'm not sure of where I am heading to.
Plus! it's in Old Klang Road....
Okay actually I don't even know where that is either. I was just pretending to know so that you'd think of me as a good slow driver...(didthtmakesense?)
But the point is! ...the weather was so FREAKING HOT!!!
No, that wasn't what I really wanted to say...point IS~i-got-there-super-early.
Ealier than I expected. Like 5pm something I think.
And the thing starts officially at 8pm.
So I got bored after exploring and taking numerous pictures of the church and decided to do something to burn more time.
No that's not it...try again.
NOPE. still wrong.
Answer is....EXPLORE MORE! =D (yes, i like adventures.)

So I headed over to a nearby mall (well, it looked like one from the outside) to...HOPEFULLY find something interesting to photograph, blog about, or maybe even
some... DAMN... AIR-COND!!!
weird stuff...

When I got there I got the shock of my life. Don't get me wrong. There were some shops there...but a big majority of them are....CLOSED! See for yourself!



And there was practically NOTHING!
Every floor I went to was similiar to the two pictures above.
Except the ground floor though...oh yeah, one good thing about this place is that there are a lot of furniture vendors. All kinds of furniture, house, etc etc.

Ground floor.

A shop that was once filled with now left here to rot...

Oh btw, guess what else I found in this desserted, old, and run-down place...

Tadaa~! Matchmaking, anyone? hahaha.

So yeah, I finally killed some time. But it was still pretty early...7pm or something. I thought Melanie and Rick were going to arrive around 7pm++...
Suddenly I received an sms from Melanie asking me to book some seats first. I was like what? haha. I was like new, and all alone in this new place...sigh.
allurfaultLydia! jk...

Without much of a choice, I used my bag, and 2 books to reserve seats for the 3 of us. Which kinda made me feel bad because there were quite a number people who asked me whether the seats was taken. So I took a risk to sit at the seats that were SUPPOSEDLY booked by other people. Didn't really wanna continue reserving those seats. Besides, the seats there didn't really have a good view.
FINALLY, they came. Just when the play was about to start.

Nice deco.

Oh lookie, I found someone else whose name is Bryan Yong too.

Bad view. Low ceiling...


Before the show.

Introduction. Yay~ a better view.

Ugh...air pollution.

Nice lights. And props.

After the show. With happy faces. =)
So that was basically it. Later on, we went somewhere to have a light dinner and we talked like...A LOT. haha. Apparently we went to the cleanest mamak aka Steven's? lol. They got an award for being clean or something..=\
Well, I bet their roaches do the cleaning for them. So hardworking. Good for em roaches! XD
So, I ended up reaching home at 11pm something, beat, tired, and exhausted...but happy, glad, and satisfied. =)
Alright peeps! Itu saja! Now thank me, and wish me luck for my next paper.
Seeya. =P

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some questions to ponder about...

Should I tell?
Would it work out?
Will it last?
Should I continue what I'm doing currently?
Will it be worth my time to make right my failures?
Is this what I really want?
Is Dad right after all?
Am I doing this for myself or for others?
Am I being a little too selfish?
Am I the one at fault?
Am I good enough?
What should I do?
Which way should I go?
God please guide me in making my decisions.
For time is running out.
Someone help me.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Things that I will cherish for the rest of my life...

Man...looking back at these pics are making me emo...
It's just that we've been through so much's so hard to say goodbye.
To all my friends from UTAR, I just want to say;

being there for me when I needed someone,
looking out for me when I was lost and blur,
adding colours to my life,
being my first friend in UTAR,
walking a long stretch with me to find PD block and having to walk all the way back to PA,
being a great lab partner ever since,
letting me know what it feels like to have a crush again,
making me cry tears of joy for the first time in my life,
making the world around me a happier place,
the good times we had,
the crazy laughter and fun,
the stupid jokes that we crap about,
the beautiful friendships that we've created,
guiding me in my darkest hours,
the birthday surprises we had,
the efforts put into making the birthday surprises,
the fun and crazy English lectures and tutorials,
the exciting and thrilling games of DOTA in the computer lab,
the moments we got caught playing DOTA by lecturers but continued anyway,
the times where us boys would get all excited when we see 1st semester girls and start evaluating,
being a friend that talks just about anything under the sun,
the amazing outings,
lunches at Wendy's, Old Town, Sun Wong,
Coffee at Starbucks,
the number of futsal matches we had,
moments where I would fetch you guys to Asia Jaya after that,
the christmas open house,
the day at the sports center in PC,
the lunch at Ulu Yam,
the movie at Times Square,
Meals at Gasoline,
the wild and crazy new year's countdown at Sungei Wang,
your encourgement and support,
and last but not least...
Thank you...for everything...