Wednesday, May 27, 2009


An apple, and a rotten apple.
The common human being would discard the rotten one,
And then keep the good one,
But have you ever thought of what you could do with the rotten apple?

Welcome to life...the cruel life,
Where things that look good, sells...
And things that don't look good, are repelled...
Pretty things, a fashion...
Ugly things, a rejection...

What ever happened to "never judge a book by it's cover"?
Or "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"?
Pleasant sights are known as perfection.
Unpleasant ones, imperfection.

When can we ever learn to accept people for who they are?
The sad truth is...we won't...and never will.

Regardless of status,
Regardless of position and rank,
Regardless of respect and honour,
If it ain't nice,
You will never see it twice,

Now if disagreement is present in your hearts,
Think apart from what the others did from the very start,
Do yourselves a favour and stop unnecessary judgement,
For unnecessary judgement brings nothing but discrimination,

So...if you are given an apple and a rotten apple,
What are you gonna do?

Thursday, May 21, 2009



I just checked my Semester 3 results...
And this time...

Like....OMG, OMG!



I think I'm about go crazy here.
I'm so happy that every last...stinking...freakin minute/second of late night studying and effort has finally paid off!
I knew I could do it. Dad if you're reading this, I just want to thank you for making me realize my true capabilities/potential. I love you Dad!

Thank you GOD!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Won't Even Start.

Props to this guy man. I knew his music would make it big someday. =)

Check out his album Only You on Youtube. Pretty good stuff. Well for me that is. =P

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Best customer....EVER.

This is a conversation between me and a customer.

Me: How can I help you sir?
C: Can you talk chinese?
Me: I can but not very well. (in canto)
C: Ok so I wanna ask ah...wha...wha wha WHAT is this package? I mean how is the package? (in canto)
Me: *Explains the package in canto*
C: Oh ok...I see...erm can you talk english?
Me: Uhh, yes. I can.
C: Ok so...I wanna ask ah...about the package again ah...
Me: Oh...ok sir...this is our...*explains all over again*
C: Oh I see...erm can I sit down ah?
Me: Sure sure.
C: Ok so now I wanna ask much I must pay?
Me: RM100 for registration fee and if you choose to continue--
C: Oh RM100 ah? can I put a different address in the registration? Because wife don't want to let me I lie to my wife say that my mother want to change her streamyx connection because very slow...
Me: *stunned* Oh...ok...emm...can can. no problem.
C: Because you know know la! Very...tsk...hard to handle...
Me: Mmmmmmm.......yayaya. Ok so sir, would you like to register now?
C: Erm ok I just want to ask ah....the package is like how?
Me: *pissed* Uhhh...OK...for the first package...*explains*
C: Oh ok ok...i I must pay the RM100 only la? Other charges is in 1st billing la?
Me: *relieved* YES. So would you like to sign up now?
C: Oh ok...
Me: Ok. *gets up to get registration form*
C: Eh eh nonono wait~ I need to think about it first.
Me: Err, you just give me your details then I'll call you tomorrow to help you book one modem.
C: *hesitant to write on the form* Err...nvm nvm...i'll write on the paper here.
Me: nono can write here.
C: Nvm it's ok. I write on this paper.


Me: ok sir, so when you are ready to collect the modem you can give me a call la. ok thank you.
C: *sits there for about 5 minutes* Eh eh, uhh...
Me: hmm? yes sir?
C: Ah...I just want to ask ah.....the package is how again ah?
Me: JUST READ THE BROCHURE YOU DUMB NUT! Ok sir...*explains all over AGAIN*
C: Oh ok icic...ok thank you ah...
Me: Sure. NO PROBLEM. See you sir.

(he returns after 2 minutes)

C: Uhh excuse me, sorry ah...I just want to ask one more thing much must I pay if I want to buy it again ah?
C: Oh ok...thank you thank you. I'll come back tomorrow. Sorry for disturbing.
Me: Its ok sir. Just make sure you come back tomorrow to buy it.
C: Ok ok, I will come back tomorrow to ask you again. Bye bye.

What the "Fish N Chips".......

Friday, May 15, 2009

The missing part of me.

Dear blog,

I know i haven't been updating much, but that is only because my job requires 10 working hours each day plus another 2 extra hours for the journey back from my station to the office and sales reporting at the office.

Tired already?
haha...that's the life of me working full-time shifts.

So OBVIOUSLY...i'm pretty beat as I am typing this post, but i NEED to because blogging is one of the things that actually allows me to get in touch with my thoughts and also concepts/ideas/inspirations/emotions.

Yeap pretty complicated...
But anyways, i made quite a number of sales today...the best so far in the 4 days working with my current company. The people there are friendly too. Ilikeit. =)

Ok now time for me to be emo.
Please enjoy this pessimistic song.

Nothing can really compare,
To what you have done to me,
All those things that you said,
Meant so much to me,
But you threw it away, you threw it away.

My feelings for you,
Were so damn true,
That I'd died for you,
If I had to,
But you threw it away, you threw it all away.

Now can you see?
What you've done to me?
You may have broken my heart but the pieces are still beating,
Because what you see is just misery,
But I see what could be,

Now I know that I will never get you,
Now I know that I can never want you,
Because a broken bridge has been built between us,
But you should know,
You'll always be the missing part of me.

*not dedicating this song to anyone, and not hinting this song to anyone. Just something that I wrote based on my emotions. It doesn't mean a thing to me anyway...never did. It's just another song...*

Ok I'm beat, goodnight people. Wish me luck at work tomorrow! =)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Suckiest day of my life.

I have quite an interesting life. I went for a job interview, got stuck in a train for 10 minutes(breakdown), I lost my phone for 2 hours, I missed a 2.30pm bus, I burned RM30 missing that bus, I found two of my friends working at the same place i'll be working at, I packed my bags in 5 minutes, I caught a pickpocket red handed, and I saved someone's life all in one day.

I left KL at 6.30pm and reached at 10.40pm.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Dear readers,
I am pleased to inform you that the day...


for me that is. mwahahaha. XD

That's right guys! I took my last paper today and it was such an easy one, which was definitely the cherry on the cake for me.
Now, I'm free from Foundation Programme and can do anything I want besides studying! =D

Kk gtg. Bye~!