Monday, June 8, 2009

An apocalypse of random things. Wait...what is an apocalypse?

I WANT MY RING BACK....!, I'm not Sauron and I don't possess any ring of any form or whatsoever. This is a shot of my eye that I took few days back before I went to work. hehe.
Hello dear readers! It's about time I updated. XP
Well, technically there's nothing much to tell really...

That this is a macro shot of my camera case with my sister in the backgrounds...

I just realise that I have a very cute sister. hahaha..XD

And this is two of my colleagues, Wu Bai (500) & Lewis Yap. Yeah man. Say yes to the Yap family! =D

Before Lewis left the company. *sobsob*
And just for your information, I'm a very good secret keeper. But it hurts when I suddenly know that some of the secrets were actually untold for a bad reason. So, I might consider LEAKING IT OUT. Sorry, but I'd like to make the world a better place. Tough luck're on your own now.