Tuesday, July 28, 2009


What's up guys? Finally got a chance to update although it is a lil late. (3am *gasp*)
My streamyx connection has been such an annoyance previously so that was why I couldn't go online for so many days. Later on I found out that actually it was that DSL filter that was causing the disconnection problem. Apparently, it is old and faulty already. So all the while it was working fine...we just didn't know it.

Well what a way to waste broadband money for almost 2 weeks right? Glad it's fixed now.

I went ice skating! haha. With Kimberley aka Beruang Madu *slash* Honey Bear. Well we got to Sunway Pyramid early to avoid the weekend crowd. Can't really enjoy skating as much when there are too many humans ey? hehe

Insisted to have McD's coffee first thing in the morning. Kim said it's cheaper than Starbucks. Like duh...Starbucks is way better than that anyhow. =X

But she didn't really enjoy it anyway...she said it tasted like "burnt coffee". lol.


First shot of the day.

She's crazy I tell ya!

Later on we went back to my home to surprise Celine. Well technically it was Kim surprising Celine. haha. And to make her visit more worthwhile, I decided to fetch Celine to tuition and tour around Jusco Kepong together with Kim. HOWEVER, plans to tour were suddenly cancelled when an unforseen circumstance occured...one of my Kancil's plug cables came loose and somehow could not conduct any electricity eventhough I tried plugging it back into place. grr...

So I drove to Jusco with only 2 attached plug cables which made me press petrol like crazy just to get the car moving. Thankfully, I only spent RM50 to replace the old ones with a new set. The stupid mechanic offered me RM70 for an original set but I went to the spare part shop beside and bought an so called AP set for RM30. haha. I still hate the fact that I had to pay RM20 extra just to let the mechanic fix the cables up for me. But ok la...he really checked my car thoroughly and carefully before he found out the problem.

After all that hassle, we picked Celine up from tuition and went to IKEA to get some photo frames for Karyn for her scout thingy-ma-jiggy. For awards if I remember correctly? Correct me if I'm wrong....

Ended the day by fetching Kim back home and learning some dance choreography for AFC camp at St. Pauls. Good job Celine. ;)

Ok it's 4am....TIREd!
gdnite. wooooo~

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I wanna take a ride on your disco stick???


Haven't made an update since like forever. Sorry! =X
Just realized that I need to buy a lot of things to replace the old ones that I have...

1. Shoes!
2. Headphones.
3. Jeans.
4. Laptop Tint my car windows.
5. Service my car's air-cond.

Ok that'll cost me approximately...RM 1000 OMG?

Oh well, I do need these things after all.
But I'll probably go for the air-cond and tinting first...sigh.
Free shoe PlOx? Anyone? haha.