Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adventure awaits!

Gonna be away for 3 days peeps!

No updates on Facebook and blogspot till then!

Gdnite~! =D

Btw, anyone who wants the new album from Paramore; "Brand New Eyes" come get it from me!
*i've got the whole album 11 tracks in full*

Paramore for life. Cool stuff. ;)

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Dead blog & AFC Mini Bootcamp Christ Church Penang!


I'm back after not coming to my blog for 10 days since my last post! =O *not good*
But what can I say, I'm lazy to blog. haha.


Up coming events will be:

1. Going to Seremban tomorrow (19th Sept) to attend St.Marks Youth/Night Rally called STOMP!

2. Work moi part-time supervisor job in 3 places...Selayang, Sungai Buloh, and Gombak. RM130 per day. *woot woot!* 23rd Sept.

3. My company's 1st ever team-building trip! 29th Sept-1st Oct. Venue still remains a mystery. Argh...suspense. Hate it.

4. Going back to college! 19th October.

28th-31st August

AFC Mini Boot Camp Penang!

It was a really nice experience going for this trip and I totally enjoyed myself. Glad that I went. haha. I also got Benroy (my younger brother) to come along too. =)

We left approximately at 9.30pm on a Thursday night. Initially, the departure time was 8.30pm but the bus driver's car got stolen or something? So we were just chillin' around the church compounds while we wait for the bus driver to arrive. Here's my good friend, JJ (Jeremy Joseph) to report on the situation.


I apologise for the bad quality of pictures and video. I took almost all of em with my phone's camera. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries and I forgot to go buy some...hence my phone was my only gadget.

So yeah, we FINALLY reached Christ Church Penang around 3-4 in the AM...about 6 hours++ journey. We were greeted by my former church Pastor, Rev Chris. He was pretty shocked to see me and Benroy with AFC lol.

We slept till 8am and went for breakfast at a nearby kopitiam. WAS SO TIRED! But we had to follow the schedule...


Then we had ice-breaker, got to know each other's name and etc...most of the congregation there were youths ranging from 10?-21 years old. A majority of them were young teenagers.

1st day practice! Andrea teaching "Shackles" dance.

Candid shot of Joseph and Jamie. A playful couple. =)

Janning & Jovenne teaching "Hallelujah Praise" to the more advanced dancers.

Had supper that night. Really awesome food in Penang. I miss it!

Jovenne & JJ.

The place where we ate at.

We got home pretty late that night...and there was a service that we had to attend first thing in the morning.


This is Jessica (left) and Angelina (right). They're both sisters. Grr, why didn't I take better pictures with them haha.

I tell you, Jessica is seriously so cute la. Halfway during the service I slept for like 10 minutes or more. This little girl kept telling me don't sleep don't sleep...stay awake...haha. But I really couldn't tahan...*was so tired + the sermon was quite boring long.* So I just...SLEPT. But when I woke up, Jessica was sleeping....ON MY LEFT SHOULDER. lol. Angelina was laughing throughout the incident. Well, yeah she woke up...and of course she felt a bit embarrassed about it. haha. HOWEVER, she fell asleep again...and without hesitating she dropped slowly on my left shoulder...again! She was really embarrassed after the second time. XD
Anyways, we weren't the only ones who weren't paying attention...

Caught in action! =D

Then the performance night was on the last night of the camp. *duh* We performed 3 dances, a drama skit and a sign language performance. Videos are with Jovenne so can't post it up here. Sorry!

Joshua. Talented dude. Plays piano/guitar/bass/drums.


Daniel Chai & Evonne Siew!

Janning, Me, Jovenne, Benroy.

After performance night was over we went out to have THE LAST SUPPER! *kidding* But it was the last supper in Penang for us. haha.

Tengok, banyaknye minuman sekali gus!

Janning, Benroy, Joshua Mohan.

That was pretty much it for the day...UNTIL...

Janning: "Eh come, teach me how to solve this thing! =]"

She's a fast learner. Good student! =)


This was the next morning JUST before we left Penang. I ate one of the best cendol ever existed in Malaysia. Mouth water-ing now that I think about it...I feel like eating it now wei! >.<
*fyi, I'm no longer wearing those sunglasses anymore*

We went on a tour around batu ferringi (i think) after the cendol and got back to church around 2.30pm. Said our goodbyes, and departed.
Just two words.

Simply Awesome.
Enough said. =)
You guys should go to Penang too! =D

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Archery Fail.



Karyn's tradition.



Hey peeps.
This is the post that yall have been waiting for! (not)

So about few days before I departed JB for KL, I went for a movie and bowling session with the K duo at Leisure Mall.

24th August 09.



I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Somewhere in the 1st game that we played, Karyn started going hyper and stuff...so here are some candids while she was LHAO.





Oh boy....

After we were done with bowling, we still had some spare time. Wanted to play pool but the table was already taken. (there were two tables but one em wasn't working)
So we resorted to old school "photo hunt" at the arcade.

Watched "UP". It was a pretty good movie. Interesting and the writer of the story had quite an imaginative mind. But still, it was not plausible (in my opinion) as I believe that gas balloons alone cannot make a house float. *word?*
Hung out at their house later until 7pm (i think) and then said my goodbyes to them.
Well that's all for now. L8er!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Hey guys!

Ok let's back track a lil bit.

Dad brought us to Danga City Mall while we were still in JB. (Me and Benroy)
And here's a shot of my Dad showing off his pool skills. =)

Benroy don't know which one to hit. lol


And before we played pool, we actually went to the archery first. (sorry blogger acting weird so I couldn't arrange the pics)

Mwahahaha, taste my arrow you targetsssssssssss~!

Legolas and Robin Hood in the making?
The next morning, brought mum out to eat breakfast just before I send her off to work. =)
Love you mummay!
And oh, please do take a few seconds to analyze the following pictures. They sure caught my attention while I was driving around Taman Rinting. haha.

ROFL. Noisy food court.
Looks like a nice place to laugh and relax I guess?
The following day!
Karyn and her Munchy's. haha.

The following day!

Brought these two sisters for a game of bowling and a movie called "UP". Really nice movie. Worth watching. Will talk more about this in the next post...because! it's late and I've got to go.
More on than that tomorrow.