Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I almost died yesterday.

I was walking back to my car which I parked across the street from my university. It was around 11am++. Here's a couple of diagrams to illustrate the situation.

See the red guy? Yup, that's me...and that's my cute little car at the other end of the green grass. Note the stupid motorcycle, it looked stupid so that's why I named it stupid motorcycle. As you can see, I've drawn the direction of the flow of traffic so that you don't get confused like..duh.

And all of a sudden, I hear this loud revving from my left side accompanied with some cars honking from behind me. And then guess what happened...

Voila! I almost died! You might be thinking that he missed...but he actually rammed into my sling bag and it tore because of that stupid ass motorcycle! He was just a stupid motorcycle a few seconds before but now I've added "ass", in it to show you that what he did was...ASS-ful. And I should have added the car honking at the motorcycle and a big "VROOOM" in the diagram to make it look more dramatic! Because it WAS dramatic! Like what the fish...I ALMOST DIED!

That motorcyclist should go back to school and learn that going against the flow of traffic is wrong and ASS-ful. I'm sure that if he keeps this up he's to going kill somebody and that is not a good thing! Stupid ass motorcycle. Your license should be confiscated...including your motorcycle.

And here's the more dramatic version of the second diagram.

Okay goodbye. My birthday is tomorrow! WOOOOOOOOOT! =D

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I lied.

Hi...*evil laugh*

I wanted to blog about something very important yesterday but couldn't remember due to the overwhelming dilemma of not finishing all my tutorials...but guess wot!

And that's not a good thing. (but i said it as if it was a good thing)
So since i've got so much time to spare tomorrow monring-evening...i'll finish em all in one shot. Then will be having class at 5pm-7pm. Sigh. Hate traffic jams.

omg! I remembered what I wanted to blog about. awesome! Felt like I just came up with clever idea or something haha.

Well, I was walking to my university one morning and this random dude-ette (as in a girl) came up to me and said hi. So being the nice and friendly person that I am I replied with a hi. I guessed that she was going to walk pass me after that weird moment of exchanging "HIs" but instead of walking away she compliemented my t-shirt somewhat like..."nice shirt".

Surprised by the fact that she wanted to converse more, I turned back to say thank you followed by an awkward silence between the two of us. I was about to walk off when I noticed that she was taking her handphone out. Curious, I stopped to see what she was up to. Then she said;

D : You're Benson right?

M: (shocked) Umm, I know you from somewhere?

D : Yeah, we met at the English drama competition remember? Third semester. (shows a picture of me with her at the drama competition on her handphone)

M: We did? Haha...okay. I'm sorry but I don't seem to recall.

D : It's okay, I didn't introduce myself that time. I'm Elaine.

M: Oh...well it's nice to meet you Elaine. *smile*

D : Nice to meet you too. Well, what are you doing here anyway? Aren't you like studying music or something?

M: (shocked) Eh, how did you know that I play music?

*talks for a little while more*

D : Well, you should consider taking up music classes you're very talented. *smile*

M: Yeah I should...sometime. Oh hey I got to go, I've got class.

D : Oh okay. Hey, can I have your number?

M: Sure.

Weird but...that's how I met a new friend. o.O
Not very important thing to blog about but the point did I forget someone whom I took a picture with? I felt bad lol.

But in the end, it's all good.

*groans* I don't know about you but I'm tired! Have been a real sleepy head these past few days. I think I've always been one though...haha!

Gdnite peeps!

Monday, November 2, 2009