Tuesday, October 12, 2010


You know, everytime I look at this blog...i just can't find the inspiration to blog about anything. Sigh! It always happens. haha.

So, here's a quick update!

I'm currently on my semester break and I'm back in KL. (yay!) but unfortunately, it is going to end soon. =(
But this is life and we all have to move on so i'm not gonna complain about it. Before I know it, i'll be on my next sem break!

My exam results for my Semester 1 is going to be out anytime now. Not feeling too good about it. I just pray that I pass! If I fail, i'm going to be devasted. Will have to repeat the whole subject. omg.

At the moment, I'm happy...but i'm also not at the same time. It's like a mix of a lot of things actually. sigh...if only things weren't so complicated. But as long as I know I have God guiding me and my loved ones & close friends to encourage/support me, i am contented.

Okay, i've got nothing else to say. and this post is REALLY short... =\


Till the next post,

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I am in misery!

No...i'm not literally in misery. I just like THIS song;


Finals are 3 weeks away. *yikes!* and I haven't made much progress in my revision plan yet. =\
Hmmm okay...what did i want to talk about...

Oh yes.

I am going to Penang! =D
Having a vacation with my family and we're gonna stay there for 3 days and 2 nights. Boy it has been a while since we actually went for a get away trip. I'll be taking a bus up there though..because the air tickets are much more expensive now as compared to the time when my dad booked the tickets. So yeah...they'll be flying and i'll be ridin' solo. But it's alright! Ridin' solo is good, especially when you're on an adventure. =)

The weirdest, most unusual and annoying thing happened at my apartment today. So here I was practicing guitar in my room, and suddenly this...cina beng techno tune started blasting from the front of my apartment...ringing a lot of bells when I heard it.

YEAH...and they were blasting that at full volume.
Apparently, Digi was having this sort of "on the go" roadshow...where there's the truck and Digi cars with promoters going around to promote Digi. After getting almost everyone's attention around the block, a lot of people including myself, Andrew and Kee Ming who were at home found it VERY...annoying and it was disturbing the peace in the neighbourhood. Then some dude started talking through the microphone and started promoting Digi in mandirin.

1. Don't come into a residential area and start blasting lousy techno music at FULL blast to the point where we can't really hear ourselves talking because you may be disturbing people whom are trying to get some rest, like Andrew Tan.

2. Don't speak only in mandirin because that shows how insensitive you are towards your other customers who do not understand what you are talking about, plus you're only adding to the noise.

3. Why on earth are you coming to a residential area to promote Digi? Go to the shopping malls or do it somewhere else with a crowd that's ready to approach you regarding your promotion. Just because your target market is focused on students doesn't mean that EVERYONE staying here are students.

Worse part was...they didn't wanna leave. The guy was still talking and talking for like a good 10-15mins? Guess what I did lol.

Oh well, an eye for an eye...a tooth for a tooth.
Okay...maybe I exaggerated a bit about Andrew with the "xD" face...but he laughed so yeah...ALMOST accurate la yeah. haha.

It was REALLY loud lol. Speakers were at max volume, but the volume on my netbook was just 70%. Shortly after blasting music from our apartment for like 2 minutes, they turned off their awful techno tune and remain silent until they left haha...serves them right for disturbing the peace here. =]

Other than that!
My day has been pretty good. Had a gastric attack again just now before I ate dinner though...sigh. Don't really know what's wrong with me recently. It's like my stomach CANNOT wait at all! Maybe it's because I had my dinner at 6.30pm yesterday. =\

Last Sunday, I had a gastric attack while I was sleeping at night too. it was pretty bad, couldn't stand at all. Had to sit down and endure the pain while I ate something to feel better. I ate all my meals that day, but i don't know why i still suffered gastric. Probably didn't eat enough during dinner.

But all is good! Ate two plates of nasi lemak for dinner just now so yeah, no more gastric. =)

My bed is calling me.
Goodnight peeps!
Till my next update. =]

P.S: Please leave a piece of yourself in the chatbox so that I know who is reading my blog or dropped by. thx! =)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

With great love, comes great understanding.

Hey readers!

Sorry for the sort of wordless/story-less/no-point-in-posting-at-all recent posts. I have been busy with my assignments and mid term tests. But i'm glad to announce that I'm totally free from it now! =D woot!

Alright I've got some good news, and some bad news.

Good news!

I did very well for my Quantitative Techniques Test 2 this afternoon! It's a maths subject so i didn't expect to do so well. But i guess I don't really suck at maths if I just sit down and try to understand the thing. Luckily, I had answers to my tutorials so it made my studying process easier.

I'm going back to KL next week! =D
Gosh it has been so long since i've been home...like...1 month? haha! But i love my home...i miss my family, and i miss my friends. So who cares what you think? =P

My hair doesn't look so terrible now since it has grown longer..... =D....
Well it's good news for me.

Bad News!


I'm in the May intake, and it seems that ALL the January intake applicants got the loan. This is some unfair S**T!

Apparently, a lot of my friends who applied for the loan this intake DIDN'T get the loan as well. Word has it that the government has decided to be more strict and strip off student privileges of earning a place to study higher education at a less burdening situation.

Okay, other than that...I'm a free bird at the moment. When I come back from KL i'm going to be stuck in a cage again and that is when my finals are 4 weeks away. AWESOME. ok i'm tired.

Gdnite people.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Always, Remember Me...

Two by two lovers stand on the beach in Santa Monica
Pretty eyes, long hair, smells so sweet like summer in the air

Watch me as i fall
Into the water calling
Watch me as i sink
Into the sea and always remember

Come back, back to me, back to where the mountains meet the sea
We'll build a house of driftwood and keep it simple 'cause simple is good

Watch me as i fall
Into the water calling
Watch me as i sink
Into the sea and always remember

Watch me as i fall
Into the water calling
Watch me as i sink
Into the sea and always remember


This is probably one of the sweetest songs I've ever heard. I've never actually heard of Ry Cuming. I think he's a new artist but he has done a duet with Sara Bareilles also singing this song. I like his voice and the guitar. The melody is one of a kind as well. It's hard to find meaningful songs nowdays and i'm so glad I found this one. =)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yo mama...

Yo mama so flat chested she jealous of the wall.
Yo mama so damn ugly that when she leaned out the window the police arrested her for attempted murder.
Yo mama so ugly Bob the Builder looked at her and said "I CAN'T FIX THAT."
Yo mama so ugly they push her face into dough to make gorilla cookies.
Yo mama breath smell so bad when she yawns her teeth duck.
Yo Mama so fat when she went to the movies she sat next to everyone.
Yo mama so fat she's got more Chins than a Hong Kong phone book
Yo mama so fat that when I tried to drive around her I ran out of gas.

Laughter is a stress reliever. ahhh.....
Okay back to assignments and revision. =(

Monday, July 5, 2010

Here's one, and another one.

Love is not blind - It sees more and not less,
but because it sees more it is willing to see less.

- Will Moss -

Measure thy life by loss and not by gain;not by the wine drunk but the wine poured forth, for love's strength standeth in love's sacrifice.

-Ugo Bassi-

Monday, June 21, 2010

Say Hello to my new Epiphone!


Guess what???

I finally got my Epiphone Les Paul guitar! =DDDDD

Gosh, it looked terrible when I first got it...all dirty and old looking. But once I've cleaned it all up it shines brilliantly! Beautiful guitar. =)

There were some problems with it though. Had some buzzing sound so I immediately took it to a music shop to get it diagnosed. Apparently, it's the guitar neck...but my cousin told me it didn't have any buzzes when he tested it. Hmmm...

There were only buzzes in the 1st-3rd fret. (which is bad enough coz those are the 3 frets i use the most) Guy at Yamaha told me he'll fix it for free but he can't do it on weekends since they're usually packed and don't have any rooms to use. All taken up by the students whom are enrolling there. =(

So I just asked him what's wrong with it and all...and then took it home and tried to fix it myself. First few attempts to adjust the height of the bridge was bad...I sorta dented the screws a bit since it was too tight and my bare hands weren't strong enough to turn the screw driver. So I was forced to use the powerdrill instead. Finally, I managed to loosen the screws and adjust the height just right after the buzz sound disappears. Don't wanna put it too high because it'll draw strings further away from the pick ups...then can't really get the full sound of the guitar.

These are not my pictures btw. Too lazy to take my own pics so I got some off google. My guitar and casing looks similar to the one in the pictures.

The awesome Epiphone hard case!

This is the bridge that I was talking about. The first two chrome bars. The bridge for my guitar is much much higher this...looks a bit ugly. But oh well, all for a buzz-free Les Paul guitar!

Epiphone Standard Vintage Sunburst.


I'll be rocking on this very soon. Woot woot! =D


In other news...

I've got a Principle of Microeconomics test next week! Damn fast. I'm currently in my 4th week of assessment and 5th week already got test. Damn and all the assignments. Pressure pressure...=\

And last week I went back home and got to hang out with siblings and family, watched Japan v Netherlands and we were making a lot of noise. hahaha. it was fun tho, just spending time with my loved ones. Also got to go to spend some time with an awesome person again at plus 8 . Got to sit in the air-cond room this time. They have a sofa in there man! haha, awesome. =)

But time flew so fast, it felt as if I didn't stay there for 2 days at all...felt more like a day trip. sigh. Oh well, looking forward to going back again this weekend and also next weekend. Especially next weekend. Why? Becauseeee.............


Haha. I spoke to my lecturer to request to take the test on another date with the reason I have a wedding I need to attend. She said;

"Huh? Wedding? Whose?"
"Erm, mine."
"Your wedding??? What did you do to your girlfriend ah?"
"Miss! Just joking la! hahahaha! xD"
"Eh, I really thought you getting married you know! Your face so serious just now." *whacks my shoulder*

Yeah don't worry guys it's not my wedding. =)
You wanna know who? Okay lemme give you a clue...

Wait till I get back from the wedding with the evidence to show you.

Okay gtg!
Bye! =P

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The best thing ever!


I have something I wanna share with you. I know this is so sudden but it just happened not too long ago and i am overjoyed by this. It is the most awesome-mest thing that ever happened to me in such a long time.

So my second week passed by just like that, and before i know it, it was already the weekend where I am supposed to go to Ipoh for a worship conference in St.Peters Church! So me and my church members from St.Pauls Church PJ attended this 3 days 2 nights conference (including my younger sister, Celine) and had an awesome time there.

Anwyays, this post isn't really about the conference! It's about what happened after the conference that is related to the conference? Don't really get it? Get it! haha =D

So on the last night, the pastors were ministering to the young people and members who attended the conference. And I really wanted to go up and get prayed for. But I've always had this doubt that maybe the presence of God wasn't there and it was just the music that was making everything seem like God was there. There and then i asked God to show me a clear sign that His presence is there, and if the pastor said that His presence is there...why can't i feel His presence? I was very uncertain of many things. And God didn't answer my prayer. So i didn't go up to get prayed for...and I was disappointed.

But my heart was yearning so much to hear His voice again! So i spoke to a very close friend of mine about this, her name is Janning...and she knocked some sense into my head by asking me some questions...and suggested that i was too proud to admit that the presence of God was there. So i asked myself, "Who was I to challenge Him to show me a clear sign?" For the Bible said...

"Because you have seen me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed." (John 20.29)

But my question to God was..."If i need to see to believe, will i not be blessed at all?" I was praying on this the whole session and i didn't hear anything from God. But after what Janning told me, I decided to humble myself and went to look for a pastor to pray for me.

So i went up to Ps.Michael from St.Peters church, and He happens to be the father of my old friend, Timothy Lim. So after getting prayed over, i was still left with a lot of questions in my head. I got a clue...but i was still clueless.

So i left the conference this afternoon, still with a lot of ponders and doubts. When my church members left...i felt a pinch of loneliness in my heart. When I got back home to my apartment in Kampar...i felt EVEN more lonely as all of my housemates were out. So happen today none of them were in. I had a lil talk with my younger brother on MSN but suddenly he had to go because of dinner...i felt LAGI lonely.

It was really bad...the loneliness that filled my heart was torturing. I was hoping that I had a friend with me here. But usually I would never express such emotions as I am quite an egoistic person and I always have the mindset that I must train myself to hold back emotions in any event i need to be strong to support my loved ones. And then something weird happened. I suddenly remembered this song that I've known for almost 4 years...and it was playing in my head ever since this afternoon when i was still at the conference.

Awkwardly enough, the song suddenly came to mind again when i was in my room without me realizing and i was singing the chorus silently in my mind. I didn't remember the title but i remember it was sung by Delirious + Hillsongs...that particular version. And I loved the music so much...i didn't even bother to remember the lyrics. So as I was alone and had nothing better to do, hence...i switched on my laptop and search for the song in my archive as I remember I have downloaded it some time ago.

When I found the song, I played it. It's entitled "What A Friend I've Found" by Hillsongs + Delirious. And I don't know why this time...I just looked up the lyrics online...eventho I already know the song. And somehow, the quality of the song was SO GOOD it felt as if someone was right at my ear speaking to me. My volume was only 70%.

So as the song played...i was blown away by the lyrics in the verses. it meant so much to me and it was so beautifully written...that it completely compliments the chorus;

"Jesus, Jesus,"
"Jesus, you're my friend forever."

At the last part of the song...the singers kept repeating the words...."you're my friend forever..." over and over again until the song ended. And suddenly, I just began to feel such a heavy press on my chest...and I started sobbing. It was as if i've lost someone that kind of cry, in fact, i was weeping! but the thing is i wasn't feeling sad at all! Instead i felt so touched, free and overjoyed...that i couldn't help but cry like a baby.

Immediately, i knew the presence of God was surrounding me and I just broke down and repented before God with these simple words as i cried; "God...oh...God....I'm so sorry...". God was definitely there with me in my room...

I felt so touched by this because...I haven't been able to cry like this in the presence of God before. This is my first time. And also because I've havent been able to cry like this for 3 years. It is such an awesome feeling. And at the time when i felt so lonely...God spoke to me and told me that He is and will be my friend forever...

I just want to share this with you because I believe that there are so many other people and young people out there like me that might be having the same questions and doubts that i had last night in the conference. And i just want to let those who are going thru the same thing as I was know that, God will never forsake you and God is always with you as long as you believe. =)

All glory be to God. Amen! =D

Here's the song and also the lyrics! =)
I hope you will really enjoy this simple but yet extremely meaningful song and may God touch you through this.

what a friend i've found
He's closer than a brother
i have felt your touch
more intimate than lovers

Jesus, Jesus
Jesus, you're my friend forever

what a hope i've found
more faithful than a mother
It would break my heart to ever lose each other

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First week in Kampar!

Hey guys!

My first week here in Kampar wasn't much of a fun thing to talk about, considering that there were a few factors that made it UN-fun. omg. where do i start.

yeap......that's how hot Kampar is. You'll be safe as long as you don't cycle under the sun from 11am-3pm.

And the management in UTAR have been giving me and a lot of other students problems regarding the timetable. Got transfered like...3 times to different classes until I got so fed up, i just told them i want to stay put in the tutorial group I choose. And of course, i chose the tutorial group which had the best timetable! LOL. For all the days in the week except Tue and Thurs, I wake up late and come back early. =DDD

earliest class on my timetable is 9.30am and latest is 6pm-8pm(Tuesdays). Thurs no class! wahahahaha. awesome right?

Anyway...this is my long lost friend, Ganesan from Foundation.

Yeap...he likes donating blood.

And here's something interesting I wanna show you guys. I was looking for a place to park my bicycle near the block I was visiting but I couldn't find any of the bicycle bays around. So I stumbled upon this lot of bicycles, thinking that it was a bicycle bay...but NOOO......it wasn't.

At first I was a bit hesitant, but then I thought to myself;

"I'd like to see UTAR chain up all these bicycles!"

And FYI, this is not the whole lot of bicycles. There's a whole lot more on the left side.
So i parked there anyway...for my convenience. =]
You know what they say... "When in Rome, do as Romans do."

Then a good old friend of mine, Daniel Tan, showed me around the whole of Kampar area...like...literally...the whole area of Kampar. (almost all of it to say the least)
Since I'm staying at East lake, he showed me around there first...but there's nothing to see there actually...except Tesco and a lot of buffalo shit and cow shit. (AND I AM NOT KIDDING YOU). *feels the urge to take a documentary and post it up in the next update...*


He then took me to West lake, and everything there was really happening! The pubs, restaurants, Cyber Cafes, boutiques (female fashion only), pool centres....everything is there. West Lake is also known as Kampar New Town. Hence, the happening-ness. It would have cost a lot to live there...and there are a lot of distractions. So i'm pretty glad im staying in East lake. =]

Next was Kampar Old Town. It was a really nice experience going there. Everything seemed very relaxed and very slow. The only modern stuffs there were the banks and telecommunication shops. And the Cendol there costs only RM1.30! But i only like it coz of the green cendol & price...the gula melaka was quite a bit of a letdown.

So after lunch, me and Dan headed back home, but my bicycle chain snapped along the way and I injured my leg, had the paddle swinging hard into the side of my lower calf when the chain snapped. So me and Dan walked for about 20 mins under the hot blazing sun to the nearest bicycle shop to get a replacement chain for my bike. No wonder I got sunburnt...

But anyhoo, thanks Dan for showing me around Kampar! Appreciate it a lot. =)

So my week stretched on all the way until Friday...and I left Kampar to go back to KL! hahaha. A lot of people kept teasing me about the fact that I was already going back home on the first week. But i'm not afraid to admit that I do miss my home, family and my friends...a lot. Although I really love the freedom and independence here...I also miss having my family and close friends around me too.

So yeap! That was pretty much my first week! And i've started my second week already...will update soon about it.

Cya! =]

Oh btw, my internet is working fine already. =D

Monday, May 31, 2010

We said goodbye...but this isn't goodbye forever.

Boy it has been quite a while since i've updated. Anyhoo! It's always the same story over and over again ain't it?

(whispers) You should be used to it already by now... =P

As a lot of you have already known, (or not) I have officially moved up to Kampar, Perak, to further my studies in UTAR. I'm doing my degree in Marketing and it's a 3 years thingy. I arrived in Kampar yesterday night around 10.50pm, and the next day which is TODAY...happens to be the start of my classes. I completely skipped the whole orientation week. Mwahahaha.

SO as i'm typing this post, I'm reminded to revive my blog again to keep my readers and loved ones updated. Because if I don't...I might get a black eye from them the next time I see them again(my loved ones). Alright let me describe to you how my campus looks like...


I had to cycle for 20 minutes from the place I'm staying at just to get to the west gate. (omg...i was dying.) You see, my university has two gates...an east gate, and a west gate. I'm staying near the east gate BUT i took the wrong way and started cycling towards the west gate. I only realized I was cycling the wrong way after I've cycled half of the journey there. So I just continued cycling coz it would have taken more time to go back to the east gate.

And finally I reached UTAR. I was so happy that I don't have to cycle anymore...


I was wrong.

My campus as I've mentioned above...is freaking huge and I asked the guard for directions to my faculty. He said "block H". This faculty was on the east side of the campus. And where was i? Haha yes...west... Mmm...use your imagination. It's more enjoyable compared to me typing it all out. =]

By the time I parked my bicycle and locked it I was sweating like a horse. Good thing I brought an extra T-shirt. Then I went to the faculty office to register and to settle my stuff, get timetable, etc etc but it was too crowded because there were a lot of students who didn't settle their bill yet. Hence, I didn't get a chance to do it and now I'm waiting for it to open again at 1.30pm. Sigh. And oh! The library here is really big too! The books they have...OMG. They have almost everything here. I have yet to explore what other books those shelves are holding, maybe when I'm free-er I'd just come here to check it out. =)

Okay here are things I'm currently hatin' on;

1. The internet at my apartment is VERY slow and keep disconnecting!

2. My Maxis line is not working at my apartment.

3. Kampar is very hot...hotter than KL i think.

All in descending order of hate-ness fyi. I really hope the poor internet connection was just last night. Don't wish to suffer with slow internet speed.

Ok, it's 1.30pm. I have to go now. Will promise to update more frequently! Till next time, see ya! =)

P.S: i miss you...

Thursday, April 22, 2010



My car broke down! *shucks* and I thought new "contact points" could last for at least 3 years!
Changed the spark plugs and plug cables too. SIGH...
The bill came up to about RM140. =(

My poor white Kancil (12 years old going on 13) was unfortunately admitted to the mechanic this morning...glad to say that it has been repaired and is moving well again. =]

BUT, my headlights, hazard lights and highlight isn't working! Man, the problems just keeps coming. More problems = spend more. Spend more = less money...and less money = BROKE!

Damn... that sucks.

I got to spend time reading this book called, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" lately. Interesting book. Big thank you to Jann for lending me the book. =)

It really helps you communicate with the opposite sex better. The general concept that is written in the book is very true...

"Men and Women are from different planets."

But what makes it so interesting, is that...the suggestions that John Gray (the author) provide in the book for the many cases of conflict that men and women experience every now and then really works. Not all...but most of it.

Again, thank you Jann for the book! =]

Okay, im lazy to blog. Gdnite!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Congrats Adrian and Erin!

First of all, I wanna congratulate Mr. & Mrs. Miller for their beautiful marriage.

May God guide the both of you in every word you speak, action you take, and thought that you think.

A big and huge,


to you both. =]

Here are some of the pics from the wedding dinner,

Here comes the bride! All dressed in...

Blueish Green?

The restaurant's name is Imperial Palace...i think.

Daniel Chai, Baby Nathan! =D , Melissa and Celine.

Pompuan-pompuan of the nightz.

Puppy face! haha so cute.

Me & Celine.

Me & Jovenne.

Me & Janning.

Me & Celine again.

Joseph & Jamie!

Jeremy Joseph aka JJ, Jovene &....Celine. <---(again)

Alvin Wong & Davin Wong. Brothers.

And, me and Celine...AGAIN.

Well, that's pretty much it.
Cya! =]

Yours truly.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


After reading so many reviews on malaysian cars (proton, perodua) and foreign cars (suzuki, toyota, honda);

I have decided that IF...i were to buy a car...i'd buy the Suzuki Swift. ^^

Actually, I always have been having an eye on that car ever since it first launched. Credits to the information given by forum members in Motor Trader and also some videos I watched on "youtube.com". Now I am more sure than ever that this would be my first choice for my first car.

However there are a few drawbacks about the Swift;

1. has very little luggage space. Not very good for travelling unless it's just 2-3 people.

2. Some complains about the ceiling of the car not being made with good enough material resulting in loud noise when it rains. (but the current white kancil i'm driving is way worse so I guess I can live with it.)

3. Some Swift users complained that when shifting into reverse gear the car jerks a bit (for auto). But maybe that's because the engine is very powerful?

So far, these are the only drawbacks I've heard/seen/read online.

Now for the good parts...and ONLY...the good parts. =)

1. Very good stability and can take good corners even at high speeds. One of the forum members in Motor Trader said "try driving it down Cameron Highlands, you'll definitely enjoy the ride down."

2. FC (fuel consumption) is around 0.138 cents/km or 13.9km/litre. But i think it's for the 1.3...not the 1.5.

3. Seats are extremely comfortable, and the interior design makes the Swift an even enjoyable ride.

I've got lots more to say, but unfortunately I've gtg. Watching "How to Train A Dragon" with my lil sister.

In conclusion, i'm going to get a Swift. =] (when i get the money)

Ciaoz peeps. =P

Monday, March 29, 2010

For all the stupid things...

I feel sorry for myself.
That i can just take you for granted.
And not bother about how you would feel.
How selfish can i be?
You do not deserve this from me.
Countless times, i have broken your heart.
But still you forgive...even though you were hurt.
Still you cared...even though you weren't cared for.
And still you loved...even though i loved you less.
How could I ever thank you enough for the things that you have done for me?

I'm sorry.

For all the stupid things...
I have said and done.

I never meant to hurt you.
But each time I do, i learn to love & appreciate you more.

Thank you, for everything.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back in JB for the weekend.

Celebrating my nephew's first birthday at TGIF in JB.

From left to right: Celine, Joshua (my 1 year old nephew), Me, Jerry, Melissa, Benroy (with eyes closed)

Sorry bout the red eye...& Benroy. Will upload better pics when I get my hands on em. =]

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yo people!

I dunno how many times i've tried to revive this dead blog but to no avail it just dies in the end anyway.

Was forced to live without internet for a painful 1 month, hence the reduced ability to update FB and also my blog. Have been resorting to cyber cafes but didn't go often since i was so damn broke/didn't wanna spend unecessarily.

But thankfully, I have an awesome dad who knows how to get things done. He is a highly-skilled consumer right's negotiater. All i can say is, he really knows how to play the cards in his hands well. =]


It's been a while. A lot of things have been happening. I went to Kuala Terengganu for the first time. And also got to experience what it was like to venture deep down into the interesting parts of the historical city called Melaka. My very first time going to Jonker street too! =D

Other than that, my life in the past few weeks have turned out to be what I would call, "pretty dramatic". It's like a storybook that never has an ending. It just keeps coming and coming. Getting a bit tired of it actually. Can't take it anymore. But i'm glad some of the issues were solved. The remaining ones are just up to the other party to deal with it. I could only do so much, the rest is up to the other side.

Sometimes I wonder why I force myself to hold back to make sure my actions don't affect the people around me. It's not like I'm shootin' at em with a gun or something. It's just something that would make other people feel whatever they wanna feel. (Obviously hurt/offended/uncomfortable)

But i do, in the end. Somehow. Makes me feel so shitty but for the sake of jaga-ing the other person's feelings, i do so. Despite me going thru this, I don't regret. Because I've learnt a lot of things through these tough times. Correction, dramatic times. My dad once told me;

"The best school in the world is experience, but it is also the most expensive one."*so true*

All i can say is, i'm truly blessed. =]

Well, I guess that's all i have to say for now. Take care blog. Don't die again.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back from the dead.

First of all.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2010!

gosh. this blog has been vacant for almost 3 months. come to think of it, i didn't even care or bother to visit my blog.

anyway, a lot of things have been happening. Have been quite busy with the plans that I have every week PLUS things are not going to be the same as it was in 2009 anymore because me and my family are shifting out soon to another house which is..."i don't know where". So new place, new environment, and new everything. (hopefully a better place)

I have to admit, my english sorta rusted when i stopped writing posts ever since. And i've been using the "lah's and ah's and mah's" more often than I should have. and right now i can feel the cina cina benson in me urging to come out. but of course! i'm not gonna let that happen.

Alright since i've got plenty of time...well not really plenty, but sufficient time on my hands...ima take a few paragraphs to reflect on my 2009.

For me, 2009 is neither good nor bad. infact, i don't think any of the years that has passed us by should be seen in that kind of manner. All i can say is, from the good...we learn how to appreciate things more than before, and from the bad...we learn from the mistakes that we have made and move forward to another day. I don't really have much time to explain in detail, but i'll just touch on one topic which happened quite recently.

my house got robbed on the 2nd of january. it was horrible. that day was the first time i woke up to see my house in a mess and most of my precious belongings gone and taken away. I kept telling myself that this can't be happening but...i had to accept the harsh reality sooner of later. Lost my handphone, camera, laptop, wallet and some of my university lab reports. The loss of these items caused me great inconvenience. sigh.

But life goes on! I thought i'd never be able to get over it...but thankfully, God has been gracious and blessed me amazing friends and people. you guys know who you are. =)
Thanks for your support and encouraging words and also for caring for me. Because of you guys, my life doesn't feel like a complete mess anymore.

Before I know it, 15 days have passed since the incident. And i settled all those inconvenient problems one step at a time. It was hard...but nevertheless eye opening and also worth the trouble. Nothing is more precious than an important life lesson...for it will remain with me till the day i die.

Hence, 2009 is just another year of smooth and rough sailing for me. The good and the bad times people...the good and the bad times. =]

On a happier note, I've been hanging out a lot with the AFC group. it's always a roller coaster ride each time we come together/hang out/do stuff. The place where i never thought I would go to, turned out to be the place where I belong. Don't get what I'm talking about? Good. Coz you weren't supposed to. Let me explain. =)

When I came to KL, I was planning to go to another church. But somehow things didn't work out there and it was hard to just get to the place considering the distance. Then my younger sister, Celine, knew these bunch of people from St.Paul's Church ever since..."i don't know when" and she suggested visiting. In the end...we got so involved in the church, we got stuck. Just like the expression;

"yo mother sow fet, dat when sheee jiump fo joy...she got stuck."

So yeah AFC...i'm stuck on you. *grin*

Alright I think that's pretty much all i can say at the moment. So little time but so much to do.
Adios peeps!

ps: I have my final exams coming up at the end of january, please keep me in prayer. thanks.
pss: That means i'm going on a temporary hiatus....again. bye! =D