Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back from the dead.

First of all.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2010!

gosh. this blog has been vacant for almost 3 months. come to think of it, i didn't even care or bother to visit my blog.

anyway, a lot of things have been happening. Have been quite busy with the plans that I have every week PLUS things are not going to be the same as it was in 2009 anymore because me and my family are shifting out soon to another house which is..."i don't know where". So new place, new environment, and new everything. (hopefully a better place)

I have to admit, my english sorta rusted when i stopped writing posts ever since. And i've been using the "lah's and ah's and mah's" more often than I should have. and right now i can feel the cina cina benson in me urging to come out. but of course! i'm not gonna let that happen.

Alright since i've got plenty of time...well not really plenty, but sufficient time on my hands...ima take a few paragraphs to reflect on my 2009.

For me, 2009 is neither good nor bad. infact, i don't think any of the years that has passed us by should be seen in that kind of manner. All i can say is, from the good...we learn how to appreciate things more than before, and from the bad...we learn from the mistakes that we have made and move forward to another day. I don't really have much time to explain in detail, but i'll just touch on one topic which happened quite recently.

my house got robbed on the 2nd of january. it was horrible. that day was the first time i woke up to see my house in a mess and most of my precious belongings gone and taken away. I kept telling myself that this can't be happening but...i had to accept the harsh reality sooner of later. Lost my handphone, camera, laptop, wallet and some of my university lab reports. The loss of these items caused me great inconvenience. sigh.

But life goes on! I thought i'd never be able to get over it...but thankfully, God has been gracious and blessed me amazing friends and people. you guys know who you are. =)
Thanks for your support and encouraging words and also for caring for me. Because of you guys, my life doesn't feel like a complete mess anymore.

Before I know it, 15 days have passed since the incident. And i settled all those inconvenient problems one step at a time. It was hard...but nevertheless eye opening and also worth the trouble. Nothing is more precious than an important life lesson...for it will remain with me till the day i die.

Hence, 2009 is just another year of smooth and rough sailing for me. The good and the bad times people...the good and the bad times. =]

On a happier note, I've been hanging out a lot with the AFC group. it's always a roller coaster ride each time we come together/hang out/do stuff. The place where i never thought I would go to, turned out to be the place where I belong. Don't get what I'm talking about? Good. Coz you weren't supposed to. Let me explain. =)

When I came to KL, I was planning to go to another church. But somehow things didn't work out there and it was hard to just get to the place considering the distance. Then my younger sister, Celine, knew these bunch of people from St.Paul's Church ever since..."i don't know when" and she suggested visiting. In the end...we got so involved in the church, we got stuck. Just like the expression;

"yo mother sow fet, dat when sheee jiump fo joy...she got stuck."

So yeah AFC...i'm stuck on you. *grin*

Alright I think that's pretty much all i can say at the moment. So little time but so much to do.
Adios peeps!

ps: I have my final exams coming up at the end of january, please keep me in prayer. thanks.
pss: That means i'm going on a temporary hiatus....again. bye! =D