Thursday, April 22, 2010



My car broke down! *shucks* and I thought new "contact points" could last for at least 3 years!
Changed the spark plugs and plug cables too. SIGH...
The bill came up to about RM140. =(

My poor white Kancil (12 years old going on 13) was unfortunately admitted to the mechanic this morning...glad to say that it has been repaired and is moving well again. =]

BUT, my headlights, hazard lights and highlight isn't working! Man, the problems just keeps coming. More problems = spend more. Spend more = less money...and less money = BROKE!

Damn... that sucks.

I got to spend time reading this book called, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" lately. Interesting book. Big thank you to Jann for lending me the book. =)

It really helps you communicate with the opposite sex better. The general concept that is written in the book is very true...

"Men and Women are from different planets."

But what makes it so interesting, is that...the suggestions that John Gray (the author) provide in the book for the many cases of conflict that men and women experience every now and then really works. Not all...but most of it.

Again, thank you Jann for the book! =]

Okay, im lazy to blog. Gdnite!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Congrats Adrian and Erin!

First of all, I wanna congratulate Mr. & Mrs. Miller for their beautiful marriage.

May God guide the both of you in every word you speak, action you take, and thought that you think.

A big and huge,


to you both. =]

Here are some of the pics from the wedding dinner,

Here comes the bride! All dressed in...

Blueish Green?

The restaurant's name is Imperial Palace...i think.

Daniel Chai, Baby Nathan! =D , Melissa and Celine.

Pompuan-pompuan of the nightz.

Puppy face! haha so cute.

Me & Celine.

Me & Jovenne.

Me & Janning.

Me & Celine again.

Joseph & Jamie!

Jeremy Joseph aka JJ, Jovene &....Celine. <---(again)

Alvin Wong & Davin Wong. Brothers.

And, me and Celine...AGAIN.

Well, that's pretty much it.
Cya! =]

Yours truly.