Monday, May 31, 2010

We said goodbye...but this isn't goodbye forever.

Boy it has been quite a while since i've updated. Anyhoo! It's always the same story over and over again ain't it?

(whispers) You should be used to it already by now... =P

As a lot of you have already known, (or not) I have officially moved up to Kampar, Perak, to further my studies in UTAR. I'm doing my degree in Marketing and it's a 3 years thingy. I arrived in Kampar yesterday night around 10.50pm, and the next day which is TODAY...happens to be the start of my classes. I completely skipped the whole orientation week. Mwahahaha.

SO as i'm typing this post, I'm reminded to revive my blog again to keep my readers and loved ones updated. Because if I don't...I might get a black eye from them the next time I see them again(my loved ones). Alright let me describe to you how my campus looks like...


I had to cycle for 20 minutes from the place I'm staying at just to get to the west gate. (omg...i was dying.) You see, my university has two east gate, and a west gate. I'm staying near the east gate BUT i took the wrong way and started cycling towards the west gate. I only realized I was cycling the wrong way after I've cycled half of the journey there. So I just continued cycling coz it would have taken more time to go back to the east gate.

And finally I reached UTAR. I was so happy that I don't have to cycle anymore...


I was wrong.

My campus as I've mentioned freaking huge and I asked the guard for directions to my faculty. He said "block H". This faculty was on the east side of the campus. And where was i? Haha yes...west... Mmm...use your imagination. It's more enjoyable compared to me typing it all out. =]

By the time I parked my bicycle and locked it I was sweating like a horse. Good thing I brought an extra T-shirt. Then I went to the faculty office to register and to settle my stuff, get timetable, etc etc but it was too crowded because there were a lot of students who didn't settle their bill yet. Hence, I didn't get a chance to do it and now I'm waiting for it to open again at 1.30pm. Sigh. And oh! The library here is really big too! The books they have...OMG. They have almost everything here. I have yet to explore what other books those shelves are holding, maybe when I'm free-er I'd just come here to check it out. =)

Okay here are things I'm currently hatin' on;

1. The internet at my apartment is VERY slow and keep disconnecting!

2. My Maxis line is not working at my apartment.

3. Kampar is very hot...hotter than KL i think.

All in descending order of hate-ness fyi. I really hope the poor internet connection was just last night. Don't wish to suffer with slow internet speed.

Ok, it's 1.30pm. I have to go now. Will promise to update more frequently! Till next time, see ya! =)

P.S: i miss you...