Tuesday, October 12, 2010


You know, everytime I look at this blog...i just can't find the inspiration to blog about anything. Sigh! It always happens. haha.

So, here's a quick update!

I'm currently on my semester break and I'm back in KL. (yay!) but unfortunately, it is going to end soon. =(
But this is life and we all have to move on so i'm not gonna complain about it. Before I know it, i'll be on my next sem break!

My exam results for my Semester 1 is going to be out anytime now. Not feeling too good about it. I just pray that I pass! If I fail, i'm going to be devasted. Will have to repeat the whole subject. omg.

At the moment, I'm happy...but i'm also not at the same time. It's like a mix of a lot of things actually. sigh...if only things weren't so complicated. But as long as I know I have God guiding me and my loved ones & close friends to encourage/support me, i am contented.

Okay, i've got nothing else to say. and this post is REALLY short... =\


Till the next post,